Posted the same thing a few months ago still nothing :(

  1. The mission to start it is in the act 2 area. Can't remember exactly what it is called as has been a while, check your mission log/journal.

  2. Go to the store page and make sure you've actually downloaded the directors cut, then if that doesn't work, try uninstalling and redownloading the entire game/dlc

  3. Like one of the comments said, there is a mission to start it. Somewhere in act 2 I believe. A quick YouTube search should help you If you've already done the mission then a simple uninstall reinstall should work if you haven't done it already.

  4. I’ve checked the mission log etc, not playing on ng+ either, redownloaded too (pretty much everything you said really) a while ago and still no luck

  5. Sorry if this has already been suggested, but after restarting your console, have you tried selecting it and manually telling it to search for updates?

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