Spearmen are a poorly designed enemy type, and make lethal mode very frustrating.

  1. I stopped playing for a month and just started again and I was thinking that move don't work as well as before. It might just be me but it's the only problem I had yesterday for some reason

  2. That's true, but my point still stands. You shouldn't have to acquire an upgrade to deal with an enemy's bullshit animations and mechanics. The devs probably added this move for the same reasons I stated in this post imo, it's such an arbitrary move to implement otherwise.

  3. As far as I could tell they did not have a parryable attack, and they were also extremely hard to dodge. I tried and tried to figure out how to counter those dudes but they wasted me every single time.

  4. These guys were the worst on lethal, in the end these guys were getting the ol ghost smoke bomb and one hit assassinate from me. That or I'd empty my resolve on those bitches

  5. I think there's a problem with enemy readability in general, as well as dropped inputs. Especially evident in the case of spearmen and duels on Lethal.

  6. I'm not saying it's hard and I keep dying, because it isn't and I don't. I'm saying certain attacks are weirdly animated so the player struggles to read what's going on when there's a lot happening on screen.

  7. What bothers me is the amount of distance enemies cover in their attacks. It’s almost comical just how far they can slide across the ground with these one shot attacks and kinda kills the immersion.

  8. Eh they're very simple here and the oni dogs in legends are even easier. Just attack once, dodge, attack, dead. In legends you can just mash before they explode.

  9. Iaijutsu/Battojutsu isn’t that hard to deal with. It’s only when you face more than 2 ronin readying the attack. When they do battojutsu stance moon kick/typhoon kick or water stance flurry will guranteee a hit when they do that. Because they can’t react to those attacks. The only real bullshit is the Darth maul guys from Iki Island and the spear users

  10. If you have to rely on something to auto do everything for you. Imao. Like you still have to fight things other than spear users. And they’re so aggressive it’s not easy to just switch stances.

  11. I agree with you. Just upgrade your spear stance as soon as possible. It’ll automatically parry any incoming spear attack while doing heavy attack.

  12. Hardly poorly designed. Take them out first if their a problem. If you know there's enemies off screen, run for a bit then turn around to make them all on one side.

  13. Lot of enemy has boosted leap capabilities in Legends mode, especially red labeled attacks which are frustrating as hell to dodge.

  14. Agreed, the spearmen are the bane of my existence for everything you just said. The timing required to parry them is the tiniest of windows, I'm literally playing Dark Souls 3 to train how to parry just to deal with those spearmen

  15. Lol, don't practice playing dark souls, the timing of attacks are so completely different. Dark souls enemies all have big wind ups whereas it is the opposite in GOT. In dark souls, the hollows completely throw off your timing because they attack too slow while ronins, spearmen and the eagle warriors are quick and subtle.

  16. I mean, keeping enemies on screen is a 'you' problem. Just keep backing up and use space, until you get a good opportunity to attack 1-on-1/1-on-2. As for the long lunges... I've never seen them slide like you're saying so that seems like an exaggeration, but otherwise they're spearmen so what are you expecting, short range attacks? Lol, just dodge them rather than parry if you have trouble with the attack telegraph

  17. Tip: don't let them surround you, because that's when they can stab you in the back. You can't see everywhere at once, so that's why you should try and position yourself so that you can see all of your attackers ate once, including those spearmen.

  18. That’s weird, I’m here thinking that the spearmen enemies are the easiest ones cause of the stance. They almost never touch me, except only for those enemies on Iki Island that keeps changing weapon types.

  19. Spears in real life have a lot of range, they're long, sounds like you're bad at situational awareness cus I've never had an issue with this enemy type in my hundreds of hours on lethal. They're attacks are well scripted like all others.

  20. (a bit late i know) I've been playing now, and they're really getting on my nerves. Everything's perfect, but the last few deaths I've had have been so goddamn stupid. It's not a case of "get good" even, it's just horribly done animations. Idk if it's a glitch, and if it isn't then it's an absolutely horrible design choice, but sometimes the spear enemies put back their spears starting up the animation to attack. Because it's fast your instinct is to press L1, and you assume that you'll parry it. but even though they put their weapon back, their attack registers after they already lunges forward giving you literally a split second to react and to press L1 once more. Sometimes it works normally, sometimes that aggravating belated attack registration thing happens. Pisses me off even more when there are 3 spear men just stun locking the shit out of you, shafting you right up the arse. Like sometimes they have that animation where they put their hand back a bit and attack, other times they do that animation, but it's sped up to such a degree which you just can't process it when there's like 30 enemies on the screen.

  21. Dude they play the long run stab animation when you’re in their face it’s so hard to tell what attack they use. Also try doing stand-off with spear users. You’ll never win.

  22. The issue with them is the RNG range they can lunge from. When you fight groups one or a few will just randomly come in with attacks from super far away from the engagement. With different ranges, random lunges etc. it’s the same for Kotunn and The Eagle and even Kuhnbish. Half the time their spear attacks do nothing. The other half they cross the entire ring. They are beatable but are by far the most inconsistent weapons and attacks in combat.

  23. A lot of comments here are missing the point, especially the "git gud" type. Yes, there are things you can do to minimize the pain of spearmen, especially wind stance, but the point is the animations are not as well designed and telegraphed as other enemies. They have 3 lunges - the quick jab, the normal jab, and the long run jab. And like you describe, the issue is that you can't tell which they are using well enough or often enough to get reliable parries. There are even times when they will use the long run jab when they are already in your face and it causes this weird jank where they slide around your character model while maintaining collision with it, and since it is both visually hard to track and a mix-up delay, it makes it very hard to counter.

  24. What's interesting is that you can jump over their attacks but I don't think too many people utilize that, including me. Spearman are a pain in the ass early game but become much easier to deal with after you get the parry upgrade.

  25. The attacks bouncing off them in the startup animation depends on the spear user. Bandits and unarmoured act 1 mongol spearman. You can damage them.

  26. I agree, but we have access to ghost weapons so I guess it balances out, I almost never use them in the story mode but if I see that there are spearmen I'll approach combat very differently, don't get surrounded until spearmen are dead.

  27. Yeah I like to get into the character a bit and use ghost weapons sparingly, don't wanna completely forsake my honour yet, I'm only in act 2.

  28. I don't mind the spearmen so much and I think Lethal is the perfect difficulty for me in the open world. I have to drop it down a few notches during duels though...

  29. I wouldn't say poorly designed, more like poorly executed because on paper their attacks, moves, and weaknesses make sense, but they feel like they were the last enemy type to be added and were thrown in without proper polishing.

  30. Yeah, you articulated the points I was trying to convey really well. Totally agree with you, they can be made short work of with ghost weapons and various upgrades, but they should function well and be consistent in fights like the other classes from the get-go.

  31. You get used to it. Pick your enemies carefully. Maybe poison dart one spearman so there’s not multiple. Run to get distance. I play with no charms and muscle memory will kick in to dodge their red and blue attacks. Wind stance triangle makes it easier too. Or if overwhelmed then heavenly strike the problematic attackers.

  32. Yeah like I've said in other comments, I make it pretty rough for myself by not using ghost weapons much, enjoy role-playing and using them as a last resort because they're "dishonourable".

  33. I agree. This is actually what made me stop playing lethal as well. It's not the thrust attacks that bother me. It's that... How you say it in english? Side of the staff push?

  34. That's what I've been saying alone a lot of times in front of my screen but I'm getting better. Now what kills me are the brutes in Iki, can't parry, can't roll or you'll get hit for their second attack, you have to dodge twice at precise moments to not get hit.

  35. First of all, don’t fight huge groups on lethal lmfao. Second, make sure your perfect parry has much love added to it to make it easier.

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