A Reckoning in Blood [Video]

  1. This was a quick attempt at a short trailer on the PS5 for Ghost. I'd done a similar edit on PS4, but thought to recapture it at 60fps with a few changes this time.

  2. You dont need to go into great detail...but how did you make this? Must of used other software right?

  3. THE TRANSITIONS ARE AMAZING! THE CAMERA WORK IS AMAZING! I honestly can’t believe what I just saw, this is right up there with the official trailers dude! I got chills! Keep up the good work :D

  4. Wish I could experience this game for the first time again. Truly a masterpiece, hopefully a second is in development currently.

  5. Awesome editing! Damn! I just platinumed this game 2 days ago and I said, "finally. I am not playing this game again." Well this video made me want to play it again. Lol

  6. I still don't understand how this wasn't goty. So beautiful in every way! This video is very well made

  7. This is amazing work! Nice job! I'm curious tho, I'm a veteran motion designer but new to the ps5 world. How did you get your recorded footage from the ps5 to your editing rig? There doesn't seem to really be an elegant, at least wireless, solution. Other than using a USB drive or something. Let me know when you can please! Thanks 😊

  8. I used to use a capture card, but this was all done via USB. It's just that much more convenient, despite a small drop in video quality. I'd still put 4K video on the USB from recorded footage on the PS5, but only if I was being commissioned or doing some sort of commercial work since the quality really matters there.

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