Kensei [Video]

  1. Dude your videos are legendary! I’ve been loving your stuff on Twitter for a while now. Great to see it posted here too!

  2. Wait, was that jump a perfect dodge? Or did you just slow down the video? If that’s a perfect dodge then holy shit

  3. It was a jump, slowed down in game by holding down R2 to simulate a perfect dodge, and to show off some nice hitboxes.

  4. You know, it is actually very hard to play while matching the camera so the gameplay looks very cinematic...

  5. Dude. Holy shit. I go for flawless victories but this was a whole new level! Consider me inspired! How did you edit this so well? It’s gorgeous!

  6. Thanks! I'm always down to improving the videos so this is really helpful. I pick up on a lot of these details to when it comes to editing and even capturing it too, so nice to see someone being more critical too.

  7. Dude sick. I got my platinum but it's been a while. Is that built in, that it slow-mo's when you jump over enemy attack?

  8. Man every time I see footage of this game I wanna start a new game plus file again lol. That's how you know it's a good game.

  9. You're a master at this and I'm only a viewer but here's a small tip: Perfect parry is the perfect time to do a matrix bullet time style camera panning cinematic effect. Looks super cool 😁

  10. Wind and moon stance have built in kicks. But the one you see here is jumping then hitting triangle. So there are multiple ways to kick, yeah.

  11. It's a move called Dance of Wrath. You get it when you beat the The Spirit of Yarikawa's Vengeance mythic tale.

  12. 10/10 swordplay. I would have loved to have seen some ghost weapons being worked in though, considering it is the Kensei armor being used.

  13. I still wonder why it's not possible to hit after that footsweep. It just looks like you are abIe to do a move after it. I keep trying pushing different buttons in hope it will end this combo with an epic finisher.

  14. Holy crap.. Great job recording this. Finally someone who is doing something different with their videos, and actually put some work into it.. This game is absolutely phenomenal!

  15. Noob question how are you locking your camera on the enemy you’re attacking, if there’s a criticism of this game is that I just can never get good continuous view of the action, and I don’t have two right thumbs to move the camera while I’m attacking

  16. Fucking shit this is cool! This really makes me want to play this game again! I love the diversity of moves. Also, when you forewent the perfect parry counter in the end to hit em with that dance of wrath...whew! Love it!

  17. That's clean. You do things in this game that I've never successfully done. Like that jumping over knife or a spear thing. They always hit me in the feet. Or that jump kick. How do you even do that??

  18. Hey dude, awesome video, really inspired me to try my hand at it. The camera angles in this video, are those entirely just positioning with your stick, or did you modify it with a video editor (the slight zooming and positioning). I am not able to get the same quality with my ps4 controller alone. Would love some tips on how you got that dramatic camera work.

  19. Most of the camera work is handled in-game, but also in-post by editing software. So it's a combo of both!

  20. Did you get the aspect ratio to look like a movie by messing with your monitor settings or did you edit that in? (Whole thing looks great btw)

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