Kensei [GIF]

  1. It’s this dude’s camera angles, he’s good at capturing these moments so well. Check out his other videos on his account he’s freaking awesome.

  2. Shoulder charge to ghost attack that leads to instant death: it was at that moment I realized I had been playing the game wrong for a very long time.

  3. Very impressive vidmaking! Two questions: I’ve always wondered how you get the shots and animations to allign so perfectly: is it like try and try for hours to get it absolutely right? And do you play on regular ps4 or pro, because damn but that shiz looks smooth and sharp as hell...

  4. Thank you. Most of it comes from understanding animations in the game. So, it becomes a matter of lining up the camera angle from the previous shot but using the same animation to transition to a different scene. I'm playing on a base launch model of the PS4, recording from a 1080p30fps capture card.

  5. That was so badass and well done🔥👏🏼 encouraging me to work more on my vids 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Great job bro

  6. I wish I knew when Legends drops....I feel like I should be fucking practicing on GOT right now everytime I see these amazing players make these gifs.

  7. Damn Someone with way more skill and patience than I could easily edit the gameplay into a full length film

  8. I wish more games had a lethal mode. Enemies do crazy damage to you, but they also aren’t just a block of meat you need to cut 5 times. Makes the game feel more smooth.

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