Any Controversial GD Opinions?

  1. People call a level good purely based off of deco rather than gameplay, for example sedulous has awful gameplay yet because it had good deco, everyone says the level is fun.

  2. Sedulous is just hella learny. Once I learned the click pattern, all that would kill me is me being stupid and forgetting about one blind click. Every other time, I would get to the end extremely consistently

  3. Personally I found it pretty fun but I see your point.It keeps getting overhyped as "the level that took 3 years to make" and therefore you expect perfect gameplay made with remarkable precision that functions as intended in all refresh rates and aspect ratios.

  4. I found it fun when i learned since it’s actually pretty simple to get the hang of bc it’s mostly hold clicks, the only part I didn’t like was the ending cube since it was basically just spamming

  5. I never played sedulous so I can't speak on that, but imo the best way to judge a level is to use a mix of both sides, both deco and gp are equally important, not just one or the other

  6. The deco is not good either imo. Well that's not accurate, objectively the deco is very good but I don't like it.

  7. I think it's because deco quality is much more visible than gameplay quality. You can judge deco quality just by seeing the level, but to judge gameplay quality, you often have to play the level.

  8. YES. I can't believe this is actually an unpopular opinion. SWI's deco and end screen are amazing. Unfortunately its true quality is undermined from the fact that it's a SW remake.

  9. Idk about the insane because skill issue, but I 100% agree with eletroman adventures. That is my most played main level

  10. First off, Scarlet surge is the best gauntlet level maybe other than Anubis. Second off, electrodynamix is good for two reasons. One, it has the best main level song. Second, the gameplay cant be compared to Killbot.

  11. Why can’t a level just have both for once. Like it’s impossible to have amazing deco AND gameplay for some reason

  12. True, so far I found one though - Neon Planet by SH0ES. The level has low gravity! How did it go under the radar? That is so good thumbnail material.

  13. Change my mind but if a mostly bad level has one good part then that level is infinitely better than a good level with one bad part. I just don't know why but I can appreciate good parts in a "bad" level much more than a bad part in a good level.

  14. AOD is the worst "top 1" of all time. The gameplay is just ass, it tries to be a creative and good level but the only thing good about it is the deco and parts of the song

  15. Nhelv, White Space, DeCode, and Future Funk are all severely overrated. Nine Circles levels are far from the worst GD trend, the Slaughterhouse-style impossible layout trend is infinitely worse. They all have nothing unique about them and nothing to care about. This one will ruffle some feathers, but the Apocalyptic Trilogy isn’t that good. Yes, they’re historic and were incredible feats for the time, but they blend in way too much and just aren’t anything to rave about.

  16. Tried it, dropped it. One of the most unfun horrendous insane demons ever especially after like 60 percent and the last drop overall a shit level

  17. While gameplay is important i think decoration has nearly as much if not as much importance for enjoyment of a level in my opinion

  18. To that I'll add that high-effort layout creators make better things than your average Featured 4 Stars level

  19. Jumping is fine, but the issue with it is that you miss out on a bunch of really fun levels that you could’ve played to get better while also having fun instead of jumping to some random level 2 difficulties higher. I also find it really satisfying to slowly climb the ladder of skill instead of just jumping.

  20. Its so fun. One of the only XL levels Ive played that never bored me. And I love the aesthetics, makes me feel as if Im travelling through an 80s city despite there being no deco. Very solid easy demon, and the bugs can get consistent if you learn what to do.

  21. I find newer levels too learny and confusing to my taste, the newer demons feel like you have to waste hundreds of attempts just to memorize them even if they're not memory based.

  22. I’m also a noob and Back on Track is my favorite. I’ve 100 % it many times but I still have one coin left to get so I continue playing it. I love the music and it’s easy but fun. I haven’t beaten anything higher than Normal yet. I play very casually because I’m just so busy with three kids lol

  23. Levels are too hard. And tons of them are poorly designed, because there’s too much decoration. You can’t focus on the game.

  24. Electrodynamix should be a demon if we're going off the average of the top 10 easiest demons. Most pre-2017 demons should be one to two ratings below.

  25. Just because Bloodlust took a year or so to verify, it doesn't mean it's a good level, same could apply to other top 1's, like Slaughterhouse and Grains of Sand

  26. nine circles levels are absulutely the worst levels you can't see anything everytime you play them + you get a seizure + it makes you hate wave

  27. As someone who knows what they’re talking about, “generic” glow levels, if you wanna call them that, generally have the best gameplay

  28. is bloodbath being the worst level ever created controversial or has this community gotten past fanboying over levels they cant play

  29. I think either Hard Machine or Silent Clubstep is the best top 10 and SWI is overrated and the worst top 10

  30. Deadlocked was my favorite level back when doing demons for the first time. Did it as my 2nd demon and I still love the level. Getting past the hard wave parts feels so good.

  31. A lot of people no longer understand what makes a level good. Look at the top comments of a recently rated demon level. Most of them are positive purely based in the decoration, but give it a play yourself and it’s probably either bad or cancerous (I’m not saying all modern demons are bad. I personally find levels like BRB and Maniac super fun, but the average quality of gameplay has just plummeted).

  32. Agreed, everything up until the first ball is just ass to me, from then on it’s pretty good but before the ball it sucks

  33. White Space is a 9*, ACU is a terrible level, Astral Divinity is also a bad level(gameplay wise)with mid deco and old AOD looks better then the re-deco

  34. Theres the part in AoD at the redeco drop that makes me squeal at how bad it looks. Its like something from a 2016 glow megacollab. However the hell it made its way into the redeco beats me.

  35. I agree with the first, fourth, and fifth one. I can’t say anything about bloodbath or slaughterhouse bc I’m bad. And for the NC level thing, they range in quality, some suck, while others are fantastic.

  36. I won't lie to you ToE 2 is the hardest depending on your style of play. If you're good at ship and ball rather than wave and robot.

  37. It's probably the most annoying and petty but at least it's balanced.(Cough, Cough). Still probably one of the worst, though.

  38. Tbh I'm not good enough to even try extreme demons, but when I rank them I base it on whether I'm interested in continuing watching the video, so mainly ranking by deco and music, but also if the gameplay looks interesting.

  39. Bruh,I defenently hated can't let go. It took me 5 fricken months to beat that level and when I finally beat it,it only took me 20 minutes to beat jumper.

  40. I've talked about Verdant Landscape being overrated many times so I will go with this - Congregation has bad deco

  41. alkali does not make good levels. most of the time his gameplay is boring and unfun, and has some of the most generic mid 2.1 decoration (mid as in middle of 2.1). i know a lot of people like his levels, i just don't.

  42. Even if I can beat harder levels, I think it’s more fun to do easier ones that you can beat in 30 minutes to 2 hours

  43. Cursed, spaceuk and all of those new gen kids will never compare to the old school pros , even if they “beat harder levels whilst playing for a year”

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