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  1. Literally all but one of the new faces is derived from the original wojack if you trace it back... Clearly a real winner of the battle royale of early modern meme culture.

  2. Honestly, these new wojack faces are way better than the original rage comics. They’re less ugly and they convey more realistic emotions than rage comics did.

  3. I'm really glad I got the basis of ragecomics and all of those reaction images. With how fast meme culture develops its really cool to have witnessed this evolution over time and see how those older memes have influenced what we have now.

  4. For real, I almost forget about the older memes and then something like this comes along and it’s just a neat blast from the past. It’s going to make a fascinating field of study for anthropologists someday (or maybe it already is?) and I cannot wait to read that paper.

  5. I did a presentation on memes once. The goal was to practice presenting, I felt as if I was set on this and treated it like a joke. I actually got really into it! It truly is amazing to see how our humor has evolved over time, and how the internet has led to pathways of large communities having their own form of inside jokes. Memes can be categorized too, and it's fun jumping in and figuring out what a meme is considered. Especially now where some memes have fallen towards the political comic route while other memes just make no sense unless you KNOW what is up. It's all really neat.

  6. Looking at rage memes was my first experience thinking, "what the hell is this uncreative bullshit, this is so much stupider than what I did when I was their age," and realizing that I had officially become a boring adult.

  7. And they're fucking annoying, it wrecks my neurons to see yet another post of some dumbass who thinks he is better for whatever subjective think and so he has to make whoever is the opposite of what he enjoys le soy wojak

  8. I never much cared for either. But it's awesome so many people have found seemingly universal formats to convey creativity that are enjoyed by so many people.

  9. What I don't like about the newer memes is the lack of variety and the way stronger connections to evil shit. Sure the Rage Comics had their fair share of questionable sources (troll face came from pedophiles) but almost every one of the new ones is directly linked to either nazism, (trad wife) terrorism, (swedish gamer) or Doomerism (wojack)

  10. Most people have some degree of nostalgia for what they grew up with. We miss a world that held good memories and a time of innocence but that world no longer exists.

  11. Ok so not very gates open of me but hear me out, what if they were both bad/meh? Food for thought

  12. kind of sucks its all stemming from 4chan but im glad people are putting good twists on this shitty-origined material :)

  13. I miss rage comics... it was a simpler time, the world didn’t seem like such an awful place. Or maybe it always was, and I was too naive to see it.

  14. I'm rolling every time I see the new faces, there's just something extra about the expressions that gets a huge smirk out of me for the next few minutes each time I witness one.

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