Frost tonight so my very late tomatoes had to be picked green

  1. Good news! Tomatoes are what's called 'climacteric', which means that even after they've been picked, as long as they've passed a critical threshold in fruit development, you can get them to ripen off the plant.

  2. I have A LOT of unripe peppers and I’m going to try covering them with a tarp tonight unless strangers on reddit tell me that’s stupid and I should just pick all of them.

  3. It was a rough spring, and it got hot early so I had no tomatoes at all until August and they haven't been able to ripen. It's going to frost tonight so I just picked them all. Overall it's been a pretty disappointing gardening year. No fall garden planted since the tomatoes were taking up all the space.

  4. Fried Green Tomatoes! I didn't grow any large enough to fry this year, but I didn't really have time to do much prep work for beds we moved in January and I want FGT so badly.

  5. It's too late now, but in the future, you can uproot them and hang the plants upside down, allowing them to ripen on the vine indoors.

  6. How cold of a temperature can tomatoes tolerate? They talked about a frost tonight but I don't think it's a hard frost and not likely to be that low, 36 degrees. What say you all?

  7. Probably also need to take consideration the health of the plants. I have struggling plants on a trellis that broke so they aren't well supported. And you know, didn't bother to fruit at all till mid August.

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