After 2 years, I finally found a PS5! I didnt feel like buying it.

  1. How can you tell this was Canadian? Probably a stupid question but is it because the money sign is smaller? Lol i cant find anything that shows its Canadian. Haha

  2. I bought my first Playstation OG for $200. I had saved every dime cutting grass, delivering papers and cleaning pools. That thing was still working in 2009. At the risk of sounding old, they really have priced these so the average person can't afford them anymore and the average industrious scamp can't possibly work towards it.

  3. LMFAO, My reaction, followed by your comment being the first thing I see, read me like book

  4. My lilttle cousins wanted a ps5 or xbox 2 years ago but i couldn’t find one. And now they don’t want one anymore they want tablets and PCs. Win-wins

  5. Haha. Yeah i really wanted one… but the nonsense involved in getting one was a major turn off. I still haven’t bought one and i’m guessing i won’t.

  6. This is what happened with me too. I stood in front of the counter trying to think of 3 good reasons I needed a PS5. I just couldn't do it- especially with a lot of Sony's exclusives coming to PC, I'll play it eventually if I really want to.

  7. Returnal looks pretty interesting.. but not enough to buy an exclusive system for me. I just like buying PC games now.. console games are kind of a rip off when they pretty much die when your console is retired.

  8. I wish I had the foresight you have. I got caught up in the rush to grab one last year, and finally had a chance to buy one via an expensive bundle with games I didn't even want.

  9. I bought a Series S back when buying a PS5 from anywhere but Ebay scalpers was next to impossible. Now, about 8 months later, I'm deep in Doom Eternal, Plague Tale, and many of the older games that have received FPS Boosts or updates on the console, like Assassin's Creed Unity and Skyrim. Now, I understand the the PS5 is the superior console, but there are genuinely FPS Boosted games that will run 60 FPS on Series S and not on PS5. I still want to replay some of the PS4's best games on the PS5 - and experience Horizon, God of War and future games at their best. But until I see a game that really pushes the system and interests me at the same time, while not being a remake of an older game, I will be happy exploring the Series S's extensive library.

  10. Most of the good PS5 games are actually PS4 games. Not worth it. Wait for the next version of the PS5.

  11. I've actually ignored two emails from Sony now with an invitation to buy one direct from them. The first one came about a week after I got my Steam Deck. I can't justify $500 or whatever to play Demon's Souls.

  12. I feel like scalpers killed the hype since no one could get new consoles for the first 2 years and now I'm just gonna wait for the next console and buy old one on sale. I'm having a blast still playing through my Xbox 360 game library

  13. I feel this. Finally got the invite to buy one on Amazon but now I’m not sure I should pay full price for a two year old electronic anything. The hype and excitement is totally gone.

  14. Useless fantasy, but imagine if gamers around the world acted as one at launch to say no to scalpers and didn't buy a single one. I'd read that novel.

  15. Indeed. Hell I even pre-ordered Demon's Souls because I also had a PS5 pre-ordered. My PS5 order "got lost" at the local shop so I bought an RTX 3080 instead. I look at the PS5 games available now and I want to play 2? Maybe 3? I might be done with consoles all together.

  16. I managed to get a cheap Xbox one second hand a few months ago that still works perfect! Couldn’t afford the newer ones but looking forward to getting the game pass and stuff on it instead of filling my pc storage up with the games

  17. Also no new games came out. COVID delayed everything indefinitely and so the next gen has barely had any features. So far all next gen has is a few major story based games that last gen can technically run but they run like garbage.

  18. I figured I'd just keep playing my ps4 until it dies and then I'll look at a PS5, maybe. It's not just the scalpers. I haven't really seen a great gen exclusive game that makes me even want to play the ps5.

  19. For real. Bought a cheap used PS4 Pro right when PS5 came out. More amazing games than I could play in a lifetime, all for like $15 a piece or cheaper. I'm having a blast over here.

  20. I’d been feeling this way over the last two years, however I bought this bundle since I’m a GoW fanboy and I gotta say that I’m legitimately impressed with its performance and graphics. Still totally get where you’re coming from though; there’s still very little in the way of “must play” titles.

  21. I meant to thank a scalper. Couldn’t get a ps5. Bought a switch instead and now I play WITH my family and friends. Truly, was a better choice and I never knew it.

  22. Yeah I feel the same. I was super excited to get one to take to my apartment and now I'm already adapted and I just feel like I don't need it. Scalpers are definitely a problem because by nature I don't get my hopes up so that the disappointment is less and let me tell you why. About a year ago I was frantically searching for PS5's, anytime I went to a superstore or GameStop, I'd always go straight to the register and ask if they had any. One day I was at the mall buying shoes and I had to scratch that itch, I would constantly convince myself that this was going to be the store that had it like a gamblers fallacy. They didn't have it, so I went back to the shoe store and I was just having some idle chitchat with one of the employees. I mention that I've been looking for a PS5, my man says he knows a guy (I am visibly excited, I was willing to buy from a scalper but the most I was paying was 600, no more no less). Mans tells me that his friend can't go under 700, and THAT was the end of my dream to get a PS5. I started questioning what was the point of me constantly going around in circles just to get a game console when I already had many in my life. It pretty much killed my hype for gaming overall, only a few games from certain franchises can bring back that hype but beyond that I stopped trying new things, it makes me sad but everytime I look at a PS5, as soon as the excitement kicks in, I remember the 700$ price tag and I deflate.

  23. It was also because GPUs were priced through the roof and impossible to get. If someone could build a half decent computer and not have to spend a bunch for a less powerful console, they'd be less likely to buy consoles from scalpers. I have a good PC now, so I'm not interested in a PS5 or XBOX whatever series it is these days. I do have a Switch, though, because Nintendo games are never going to PC.

  24. This was me last week. Honestly, the scalping and ridiculousness surrounding getting a next gen console wore me down to the point I don’t care to buy one anymore.

  25. There was a point where I was obssesed with the notion I needed a PS5 - I hadn't owned a Sony console since the PS2, and I had a list of games I needed to play as long as my arm. I signed up for all kinds of notifications and draws to get one, had the money put aside, and was ready to go at a seconds notice.

  26. Yeah, FOMO is pretty insidious. Obvious why it worked as an evolutionary advantage but dang, can make peoples' minds easily fall prey to unscrupulous jerkass companies.

  27. My desire to buy a PS5 has long passed. Couldn’t find one for a long time, now it’s just not worth that kind of money. Still have a PS2 and PS3 that still work.

  28. I've had one since launch and I only like 4 games (GoW isn't one of them). These new systems don't have that fun pizazz like the PSX and Ps2 had.

  29. Same for me. Hard to get excited and justify a console purchase when PS exclusives now have a chance to be ported into PC eventually. And xbox exclusives are nonexistent since they're all on PC but instead a glorified game pass console. It's also hard to enjoy games as a regular adult now compared to my younger days.

  30. I bought one when they came out last January. Definitely a pricey investment but if you play lots of games the faster speed and 120hz is pretty nice .

  31. Yeah I upgraded to a 4k 144hz monitor and damn the games look great on it. Both Spiderman games especially look and feel super smooth

  32. Still half the price of a decent computer. I'm sure it's worth the cost if you don't want to fork over 1500 for a PC setup.

  33. So much this. I managed to get a ps5 not to long ago but it's also my first playstation since the original. So waiting was fine for me. Now i can play all the ps4 stuff and ps5 as it comes out.

  34. 2 years? Yikes. Someone broke into our house during the hurricane and stole everything. My gf found one for under cost three days later

  35. I stopped in game stop a few weeks ago. The guy at the counter told me as soon as I walked in the door that they had 4 PS5s on stock. I said that’s cool didn’t figure I’d ever hear that. He asked me if I wanted one. I said 2 years ago I did. Now I couldn’t care less about a PS5. He was shocked.

  36. I saved up some money and was bummed out af when PS5s were sold out constantly for a year straight. Used the money to buy RTX 3070 instead and i'm not turning back.

  37. I finally got mine this week - also the bundle - direct from Sony for $459. I’m currently playing Forbidden West on it and loving it!

  38. I got mine last Friday. Fired it up on Monday and the disc drive doesn't work. Have to send it in for repair and wait 15-30 days. Woohoo

  39. Silent Hill 2 remake release date has not yet been announced, but when it does, for me it will be a countdown until I basically have no choice.

  40. I did that waitlist on Amazon two weeks ago and got my invite. Decided to not get it though. I guess if I can wait two years, I didn’t really need it

  41. Can't say I blame you. If it's anything like my Xbox Series X, the only real thing it brings to the table is 4k, and you need a massive TV to notice the difference.

  42. It's so ridiculous the ways people try to downplay the PS5. People try to knock it for not having many next gen only games but it still plays all new games much better than the PS4 does with tons of improvements.

  43. i always wondered what i would do if i seen one in the wild, haven’t played my ps4 in years so not sure if its worth my money and time at this point

  44. i bought one when amazon finally let me order it after 2 years of trying. seems like its way easier to buy nowadays.

  45. Picked up this same bundle last week (in Canada as well) and love it! Was able to sell my ps4 and use some gift cards. I’m a big GOW fan and this did not disappoint. The sting of the price is worn off and I am happy :)

  46. Bought the same box yesterday from target 888 aud. It’s not bad considering a gaming pc is at least 1k for something comparable. Primarily bought it for GoW, resident evil 4 and FF16. Probably collect dust for a good while after that though.

  47. FOMO and hunger marketing are killer at making you spend money on something you don't need. Soon as those end because stock is available you can think more rationally.

  48. I don't plan on buying current gen until next gen comes out, if that. I still have so many games I haven't even touched for ps4 and steam. And what do I choose to play? Skyrim on switch lol

  49. Same. I’ve seen them available in a couple of places but the long wait has buried my interest in one.

  50. Yeah I saw a cart full of them at target last week. Just kinda went “meh” and kept walking. I put in one of those Amazon requests to get one a while back.

  51. Can someone explain why he/she don't buy it? Is it because of God of war Theme? Is it that bad or what's wrong? Don't get it, sorry 😅

  52. I think I'm missing something, why has the hype died down? I've been looking for a PS5 since their release but don't feel the same need to buy one now, could be because it's not the new shiny toy anymore. But it seems like a lot of people won't buy now even though their in stock, Is it that the hype has died down, did scalpers kill the PS5, is it the lack of games, the price or is it Sony itself?

  53. I think I'm going to skip this console generation. It will be the first playstation I haven't owned. The PS4 still looks incredible and there is so much to play on it.

  54. Honestly some of the people Playstation lost they have themselves to blame. I played console my entire life but my PS4 was getting older. I had a kinda shitty gaming pc I bought on a payment plan years ago from Amazon, and got a friend to suggest some upgrades. Ones that would cost less than a ps5.

  55. This is how you achieve enlightenment and peace of mind, you might think you want something, but in reality you don’t need it. Holding off is good

  56. If there is a hot new product, whether it’s a phone, game, or toy that is constantly unavailable due to high demand, I get over buying it. I’m not going to jump through hoops to give you my hard-earned money.

  57. The retail arbitrage for this, the newer XBox, and the switch (at various points) made me feel very weird. I got a local alert for PS5 at my local target too and I just shrugged. Am I really missing something important? Or is it just hype upon hype?

  58. They are hard to come by especially in ON, CA. I've been wanting one but everywhere I look they're all sold out or need restocking. The cheapest here is the digital version 500$ disc version 800$ not including tax

  59. I'll wait for an updated version, I never buy the first iterations of consoles.. This model is already out for 2 years....

  60. I don't have the ps5 yet but the new God of war from the gameplay I've seen looks nice, I hope that at Christmas when I go to my friend he'll let me try it

  61. I had time to take 3 months to bitch and complain about how there’s no ps5s then take another year and a half to slowly buy parts to build a nice gaming pc before I even saw one myself lol.

  62. After trying to get one for so long initially, and I realize they can be had now with just a little effort... I'm more or less all Office Space about it: "It's not that I'm lazy, Bob, it's that I just don't care."

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