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  1. The target 47 is none other than Paul Hollywood. This patissier has been targeting his customers by poisoning them due to their gluttonous sweet tooth and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The client is none other than Mary Berry who wants this competition removed from the spotlight for good. Happy hunting, 47.

  2. You know that episode of Justice League Unlimited where time is fucked up, and Green Lantern keeps changing between Jon Stewart and Hal Jordan?

  3. Is that show worth watching? I've been thinking about it for the past few weeks, but I haven't really gotten around to it. Should I make an effort to watch it?

  4. J.D. would want to play Atreus, and make Turk Kratos, he would want Perry to be the talking head, so he could carry him wherever he went. Kelso would like be Odin, Jordan would be Freya, and Elliot and Carla would like be Valkyrie’s. Which JD would then fall in love with the Elliot Valkyrie. The Janitor would be Baldur. I could only fear for my life if Neil Flynn was an immortal….. as it would turn out though Perry would refuse to be the head, and it would turn out to be Ted, and Perry Cox would end up being Thor.

  5. I don’t think I’m ever gonna be able to reply to all these lol…so I’ll just say these are all worth abominations

  6. I honestly would love to have the old trio back with a grand tour expansion for Horizon 5. I miss Clarkson epicly narrating over cars I owned.

  7. Komi can't Communicate x Out of the Park Baseball. I feel like not too far-fetched but there would be a LOT more Baseball involved.

  8. I must say you’ve actually put the most effort into this lol. Wish I had the money to get u an award for this. This is quality…upvote away

  9. That would make a great watch/game. More so a show. Bob and his family in a burger can just tryna make it to Canada so they can sell their burgers there

  10. Gang, our target is the legendary Yellowstone Ranch. The Dutton family likes to play humble but the cattle business is bustling. Due to a less than reputable deal with a local politician, the Dutton's are sitting on a fortune that could shake the landscape for decades to come. We're going to make sure it gets into our hands instead.

  11. Spiderman and Lucifer Morningstar. This shit would be gold. Friendly neighborhood spiderman solving crimes with the devil

  12. Monk and Gotham Knights. The Bat Family must be getting a nervous new member who would be very good at cleaning the Belfry.

  13. Mabel has been kidnapped. And your out of time dipper. It’s time to get your sister back in the wastes of gravity falls Oregon from the mysterious boogeymen of the falls…The C.Y.P.H.E.R. Group

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