After half a decade of homelessness I finally get to play GTA V. I’m a bit behind.

  1. I have not played any game online for like... years. And it shows. I have watched Arthur Morgan redeem himself like... five times.

  2. Also he could have played the first remaster before he became homeless on what was then a "next gen" console.

  3. Great job dude! I wasnt out there for a decade but I slept at the valley vista park for 2 years. Showered at a 24 hour fitness, worked as a porter in a casino, I now live in a 5 bedroom house with my wife and 2 kids. You can do it bro! Its never too late.

  4. Bro. I am a math tutor for K-12 Students. If you have anyone who needs a tutor can I ask for your recommendation?

  5. That's awesome, how did you get out of a decade of homelessness? Was housing offered? Seems like an impossible spiral to remove yourself from so congrats man!

  6. It's a breath of fresh air tbh after 5 years of "I quit my job/dropped out of school/sold my family to the cartel to work on this pixel art side scroller for 10 years and it's finally ready!" with botted upvotes, awards and comments.

  7. Personally I think it's perfectly fine for someone to want to share with others that they pulled themselves out of a shitty situation. I mean, I talk about going to school all the time, because I have a mental illness and for years we thought I would just end up jobless and homeless once my parents died. I don't do it for attention, I'm just really happy about it.

  8. For me homelessness was kind of.. traumatic? Maybe that isn’t the right word but even after it was done with I had these residual feelings about it that could be hard to get a chance to talk about in normal day life.

  9. Despite having lived on my own for 4 years and never been homeless before that, as a young guy I own so little furniture I could probably post a pic of my living room and say “I was homeless until last month” and have it be believable.

  10. Title sounds like another BS headline designed to get upvotes for an uterly banal picture.

  11. Welcome to gta5, enjoy and just sit back and relax. It's still one of the best single player games out there. You'll crack up with Trevor.

  12. I reccomend not spending a single cent on Shark Cards as those are the cancer that stole any prospects of singleplayer DLC and are the very thing corroding the online games on both V and Red Dead 2.

  13. Red Dead 2 also! Need to play, I just got it on steam for $29.99 after a year without my Xbox and I would get lost in this game. No online needed to enjoy the story, scenery, I love to go hunting. They’re both great! And hey you have GTA6 to look forward to as well. Congratulations and hope life keeps going up for you friend!

  14. If you play online be aware of how many modders you will interact with and PLENTY OF PEOPLE WHO WILL GRIEF YOU

  15. dude i just started this game as well. so far Its amazing. Similarly only playing for the story, as you get older its like reading a book.

  16. You know, games these days aren't developing as quickly as 15 years ago. 10 year old games hold up amazingly well

  17. My favorite part is using drunk guy on a scooter and following an npc on a scooter. It's an Easter egg. I'll let you figure it out.

  18. Nope -- we saved you a seat. There are plenty of great games out there. Let us know if you need some recommendations. Never know when a key might fall out of someone's pocket.

  19. Congratulations! Enjoy yourself! Trevor is my favourite for random character switch situations. Steven Ogg (Trevor) is a great actor.

  20. I know this is a bit in jest, but you do have A LOT of amazing gaming experiences waiting for you and for very cheap. So many amazing games that are all gonna be $5-15 bucks each by now. Hope you have a great time!

  21. Given the title, I'd agree. I went through his comment history though and it sounds like he spent those 5 years of homelessness super effectively (assuming this isn't all karma farming fiction). Earned a degree remotely from the shelter and now has an apartment, car and a job in the medical field. Sounds like he's gotten his priorities together fine, nows a good a time to play some video games imo.

  22. And well done on getting your shit together, takes guts a lot of people don’t have enjoy the rest of your life bud

  23. Out of curiosity, how were you able to get out of homelessness? I’ve heard that it can be a really difficult cycle, since to get a job you need things like a bank account, car/transportation, etc, which can be hard to acquire without a home address, which requires a job, and so on

  24. So proud of you man i have never been homeless but the ppl who fall down and get back up stronger than ever rly amaze me

  25. I too spent some time homeless and unable to even think about hobbies or leisure activities. I'm happy you made it.

  26. Congratulations but I'd like to know how you managed to get out. I imagine it's damn near impossible to do if you live in the US

  27. Awesome! I fucking love you, man! I had gta on ps3 but I was on bond for two years before trial and then in prison for another three so I didn't want to waste the money on a ps4 until it was all behind me. Anyway, I got out Xmas '20 and my gf gave me my ps4 for my bd November of '21. I ordered gta online a few days later and I been cranking it out ever since!

  28. I'm happy that you are not homeless anymore. Really happy for you. But now I'm sad that you're going to play gtav online :(

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