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  1. There's no stopping us now, minion! Together, we shall free Pandora! I Will lead you into battle! I will destroy Handsome Jack with my bare hands! I will.... STAIRS?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  2. My brother's name is Steve. For a while I set his text notification in my phone to Steve in Borderlands going "heyo!" And when he would call, it would be him saying "heyo! Heyo!" Until you get Claptrap saying "Shut the FUCK up Steve" from Poker Night 2.

  3. One of my favorite games of all time, and imo one of the few games where all the dlc is worth it. Would highly recommend the Handsome Collection to anyone interested in it.

  4. I loved Borderlands. Played it completely through at least a dozen times. I played Borderlands 2 for about 40 minutes before I was just like, “nah” and turned it off. It was years ago, so I couldn’t even tell you why I wasn’t digging it, but I haven’t picked it back up. Guess I should try it out again.

  5. “So I stopped at a Jack in the Box on the way here, and the girl behind the counter said, "Hiya! Are you having an awesome day?" Not, "How are you doing today?" No. "Are you having an awesome day?" Which is pretty shitty because it puts the onus on me to disagree with her, like if I'm not having an "awesome day," suddenly I'm the negative one. Usually when people ask how I'm doing, the real answer is I'm doing shitty, but I can't say I'm doing shitty, because I don't even have a good reason to be doing shitty. So if I say, "I'm doing shitty," then they say, "Why? What's wrong?" And I have to be like, "I don't know, all of it?" So instead, when people ask me how I'm doing, I usually say, "I am doing so great." But when this girl at the Jack in the Box asked me if I was having an awesome day, I thought, well, today I'm actually allowed to feel shitty, today I have a good reason, so I said to her, "Well, my mom died." And she immediately burst into tears. So now I have to comfort her, which is annoying, and meanwhile, there's a line of people forming behind me, who are all giving me these real judgy looks because I made the Jack in the Box girl cry. And she's bawling, and she's saying, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," and I'm like, "It's fine, it's fine. I mean, it's not fine, but, you know, it's... fine. And I would like to order a Double Jack Meal, and I've kinda got somewhere to be, so maybe less with the crying and more with the frying, huh?" And the girl apologizes, again, and she offers me a free churro with my meal. And as I'm leaving, I think, "I just got a free churro because my mom died." No one ever tells you when your mom dies, you get a free churro.”

  6. It's why I hate when people ask hows it going, like I can only say I'm well because if I say otherwise it becomes a whole other matter and people just immediately assume you're fucking depressed and want to get into it so you can only say "I'm well" and it's just a bit of a pointless question really.

  7. "Usually when people ask me how I'm doing, the real answer is I'm doing shitty. But I can't say I'm doing shitty because I don't even have a good reason to be doing shitty so if I say "I'm doing shitty", then they ask "Why, what's wrong?", and I have to be like "I dunno, all of it?", so instead when people ask me how I'm doing I usually say "I am doing so great."

  8. Because he is so dam memorabele and says everything in the same tone of voice because his programmers made him that way.

  9. The time is coming soon when the majority of people seeing this, will not know what game this is off the bat.

  10. See, this is what I don't get about you gamers. You know the kids are gonna find out, but you never just never tell them the title- like, this one guy in New Haven, right? City's burning, people dying, blah blah blah. This guy rushes me with a spoon. A fricking spoon. And I'm just laughing. So I scoop out his eyeballs with it, he's bumping into stuff and his kids are all, "waahhhhh!,” and, ah... I dunno I guess you had to be there. Anyway, the moral is: you're a bitch.

  11. I’m really sorry to tell you that that time may be now because I only learned this was borderlands 2 from the comments. And I’m a certified gay mergirl

  12. I honestly used to feel like this explained my life. I don't believe in determisism but it felt like I was just a generally depressed person. Then a bunch of shit happened, I went to therapy and got put on meds.

  13. Ah, the nostalgia. First time I heard this I laughed pretty damn hard. I love Claptrap and hate him at the same time.

  14. CL4P-TP or my friends call me Claptrap, or they would if any of them were still ALIVE or existed in the first place!

  15. I enjoyed getting to play as Claptrap in The Presequel. Not having to deal with the oxygen stuff was a nice bonus.

  16. I highly recommend Borderlands 2. I still replay it from time to time, the gameplay is a blast and the villain is top tier, he seriously made the game.

  17. Going on 2 years since my dad passed. I have trouble getting over it. He was only 48. When it was getting close to the 1st year anniversary I was stressed at work. I wanted to be around my friends. One of my best friends now thinks I was stalking her in the mmo ffxiv (only source of contact with her, but known her for like 4 years). Now I lost a friend cause I can't get over my lost of my dad. But can't really talk about with people other then a therapist and that is getting expensive.

  18. My favorite ClapTrap quote isn't even technically a ClapTrap quote but it's by the same voice actor doing the same voice.

  19. Imagine an entire game full of claptraps. Heck, even you play as claptrap, inside a claptrap fighting claptraps.

  20. Love it lol. Replaying through BL2 at the moment (Haven't played it in years) and forgot how good it is. Me and 2 buddies just picked up BL3 on sale and are gonna start a co-op Friday.

  21. Classic claptrap we’ll never get to see in upcoming Borderlands titles ever again. Rip borderlands 1 to presequel claptrap. You will be missed.

  22. You have to have played the game to understand the character. This isn't a one off haha Im depressed joke, his whole character arc is fucking depressing in 2, you feel for the guy, you understand his depression. Spoilers No one comes to his birthday party, he's the last claptrap unit left, he was constantly tortured for awhile by Captain Flynt, people are mean to him But he's a hero, ain't a lock he can't pick. I don't want to give up the whole game and spoil it for whoever hasn't played this masterpiece.

  23. Oh shush, you bumbling buffoon, the nuances of borderlands 2’s incredibly advanced humor is clearly beyond you.

  24. And to think, this was the guy who started a Robot Revolution. Questioned me not being dead, helped Jack become a corporate dictator on Pandora, and told me about new missions on bounty boards.

  25. Working in sales where it definitely helps to be cheerful and upbeat, sometimes I forget to switch gears back to baseline and have definitely encountered this issue, ha.

  26. After playing BL3 a bunch, I went and got the GotY Borderlands for PS4. I remember being told that BL3 was hard, but BL1 seems to blow the other games out of the water in terms of difficulty. Is it just me? I did play the series in order of release, but just don't remember BL1 being this difficult.

  27. This series of games has ALWAYS been the cringiest, neckbeardiest, try hardiest trash of all time. I do not understand the appeal. Never have, never will. It is not even close to approaching funny.

  28. Reminds me of a quote from Azumanga Daioh, “I don’t have any special features or anything, but apparently I’m a robot that can feel pain.”

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