Upcoming CDPR plans have just been announced! 5 new Witcher games!

  1. It's quite often to improve stakeholder/investor confidence. This is some kind of roadmap that says, these are where your money is going/going to

  2. I agree that it seems wildly unrealistic, but according to CDPR this is meant to be just the next 6 years of releases, starting from the release of Polaris.

  3. They did same thing with cyberpunk, they announced too much in advance which most of it didn't made into final product

  4. It's only going to be like 2 years of game development. They are going to just toss more flaming shit out for sale like last time and you will get the same fan boys jerking each other off over it defending it even with the massive scandal that came with it pretending like its not a big deal and nothing is wrong with it.

  5. CDPR lost 1000 developers since The launch of Cyberpunk. They had over 1200 before Cyberpunk. Now they have only 200

  6. Do you guys know anything about the release of Witcher3 remastered? They said q4 some time ago, but sure if there has been an update on the release date

  7. Does the game even need a remaster ? I played it on base PS4 and it still looks great, people that played it on PC probably don't need a remaster at all.

  8. I'm in the same boat, can't wait, really looking forward to replaying. Currently still looks to be scheduled for this year, having googled it. I'm gonna keep googling but I see no mention of any delays to it.

  9. Still coming Q4 this year apparently, so any time in the next 3 months. Likely not october since they would've said something by now, probably not november because games like god of war will take up headlines for like 2 weeks. My guess is maybe december when the new witcher netflix show comes out, good time to capitalize on new sales.

  10. Yeah it’s weird. I don’t think they want to put a lot more time into improving the RED engine. They are going to switch completely to Unreal Engine 5.

  11. Now that they switched to Unreal 5. I feel like most games development are gonna be a lot easier to make and quicker to produce.

  12. Also that means core developers left the team, which forced to switch engine. I'm expecting a huge quality drop instead. RedEngine was mastered during a long time (The Witcher 1-3). Now they're just dropping thousands of working hours and nice piece of software that allowed to create such great games (The Witcher 3 was really breakthrough on release, despite some bugs). That's really sad, I'm saying this as SE.

  13. Eeexactly. People underestimate how ridiculously fast U5 game development is. A ridiculous amount of stuff is very easy and fast to make.

  14. In the long term maybe, in the short term this is actually a bad thing. They had a strong proprietary engine that they spent years fine tuning and working in. Now, they have to learn a completely different engine that they don't have as much control over.

  15. The death threats from angry fans continue as the devs try to do what they can within the timeframe given by the higher-ups

  16. Hopefully people don’t confuse this with actual Game Announcements. As none of these probably come out anywhere in the next 3-4 years

  17. Witcher 1 in its current state would be an absolute nightmare to port. It needs a from-scratch remake that rehauls the entire combat system.

  18. lets hope they make the combat fun. tried the witcher 3 on pc but never could get over the clunky combat sadly :/

  19. Yes. CDPR are inexperienced amateurs and scammers now. Just Like EA, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, etc.

  20. Settling on a provisional name that identifies the project across multiple areas while in pre-production and the final name is decided?

  21. It's not because they're supposed to be secret. At least not in development. It's because marketing will go through tonnes of iterations of the game's name right up until release (and in some cases even post-release), but developers need to know which product they're working on. It's much easier to say, internally, that you're working on Project Northrend than to constantly remember whether it's "Wrath of the Lich King", "Lich King's Wrath", "Let's Get Utgarded" or whatever else marketing have decided it's now called

  22. They will run sUrPRiSingLy wELl on base PS5, 6, 7, 8 and Infinity, the codename for the unreleased PS10 that is cancelled in favour of Stadia II.

  23. Considering their next game is only in pre-production, who knows. Could easily be into the next console generation before the first of these announced games release.

  24. What's up with people being "Quantity over Quality eh CDPR?" y'all are aware that they won't release these games like it's FIFA right? that these projects will take YEARS plural that it'll be at least 2025 when we get to play (this a generous ballpark estimate btw) the CP2077 sequel let alone the other Witcher universe games.

  25. Perhaps you’re familiar with Cyberpunk 2077, a game that took more than half a decade* to make and which was a complete and utter failure bordering on fraudulent misrepresentation when it finally released. I think it’s pretty reasonable for folks to be apprehensive and even annoyed about this announcement.

  26. It'll probably be closer to 2030 for the Cyberpunk sequel tbh. I'm pretty sure they will release the first game in the new Witcher trilogy first. That may be 2025-2026.

  27. Wow. I read this and thought... Lol 2025. That's like 15 years away! Then I realized that it was not.... Getting old sucks.

  28. I love The Witcher story but I just can not get into the gameplay. The controls are so bad and clunky that I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

  29. Nah, you're not doing anything wrong, the game handles like crap and is very janky. The gameplay does not get any better, the oils, bombs and most potions you can ignore as mechanics if you want to, but if you don't like the story I would drop it. The game is too long for you to "wait" for it to get good

  30. Slow down just a little bit, controls are factually clunky. No argument from basically anyone who’s played the game on that front lol.

  31. This is so bizarre. From what I understand projects very early in development can be scrapped at any moment. It’s interesting that they’d put these out there, especially considering 2 of them are being developed by other studios.

  32. If you're wondering why they did this, it's to scout talent for their new and expanded studios. No one is currently working on anything other than the Liberty DLC for Cyberpunk and the new Witcher game. Clearly they don't currently have the manpower to pull this off.

  33. That's apparently what they are doing, I forgot where I saw it but there was an article about them deciding that the RED engine isn't viable for their future projects and that UE5 was the engine they were looking at to use.

  34. I think Cyberpunk is still great ! Even when it was released with shit ton of bugs ! It was still a good game. For some reason when I first played cyberpunk I finished it and didn’t notice any bugs, until I saw tons of people complaining and actually “looked” for bugs my 2nd time playing. I got to say though Witcher 3 was so beautiful and it’s a 2015 release game !!!! Says a lot about CDPR!!! Witcher 3 was beautiful and the way it played and the way the story and how you could chose how the story would go and how you wanted to play was all beautiful !!! I really hope the new Witcher game gives the same vibe ! Which I’m sure it will but I can’t imagine how it’s gonna look and play since 2015 Witcher 3 how it played and looked seems like a 2022 release. Which is insane !

  35. Let’s remaster the first two witchers! I can’t stand the way they play but really like to play games in order

  36. I just hope that the higher-ups learned to give their devs the needed time to polish the games properly and dont release it just to hit windows for their stakeholders. teach them to have trust and make good games and it will pay off longterm, but I also understand it isnt that easy cause if they arent happy with you and have reason to believe that you arent doing the best job to make them money then they could vote you out of the company. being a publicly traded company can be quite rough at times and force you into decisions you dont want to do.

  37. Like, this is cool. But I can't help but be sceptical based on the quality of Cyberpunk? I know the game is getting "better" but, well, we'll see

  38. Right boys and girls. See you in 5 years, so we can collectively shit on CDR for pushing out unfinished work.

  39. Fantastic news for any fans of this studio. Cyberpunk was the first game I preordered and while they definitely flubbed the release, their continued support for that game has really been a turn around story for me. I think there is even more they can do, and I will likely be buying the dlc for that provided it gets well reviewed.

  40. I too cannot wait to preorder more CDPR games and tell more redemption stories about them fellow human. What’s that you say? Direct deposit or check? Check is fine thank you.

  41. Not sure why people are so excited. FIVE new Witcher games screams quantity over quality. While GWENT and Thronebreaker were definitely okay games, let's be real here: CDPR have only delivered one true blockbuster as of today. That's Witcher 3. Although CP2077 is getting there, I think. I'm happy for them, but I'll remain cautious.

  42. Jesus this thread is miserable.. Why all negativity and moaning? I can only imagine the pathetic misery in your heads. Be happy about this!

  43. That's just the nature of publicly traded companies, they must show growth. Not only that, they must show growth of growth. Once you run out of increases in sales of the base game you must devise a way to sell people some other things. If the CEO fails to do this, he will be replaced with somebody that will do it.

  44. How dare the studio that released like 5 games in the last 10 years, release like 5 games within the next 10 years. Unacceptable.

  45. Because CDPR are inexperienced amateurs and scammers. Just like EA, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Take Two BioWare DICE, Bethesda, etc

  46. I like how CD project released 3 very good Witcher games, dropped the ball on their first forray into FPS at launch and now they are the Omega villain of

  47. So they worked on CP2077 for like 8 years, it launches terribly, so their follow up is to work on more games at once, and release them faster? Pffft. Good luck.

  48. cant wait for 5 half baked unfinished dogshit games with subpar gameplay, that has to be fixed over the course of years after "release"

  49. As happy I am that there are more Witcher games, the number of witcher games in a row is kinda concerning. I hope CDPR gives enough time for development for each game and this isnt CDPR going cash grab mode milking the franchise while doing the bare minimum.

  50. They're taking that Ubisoft AC approach, which I'm really not excited about. I'd rather see one game every few years instead of a bunch announced all at the same time, it really takes away from the excitement. I hope this turns out OK for both franchises, though.

  51. What about new ips. New ideas. Just rehashing the same stuff. All new upcoming ps5 are sequels. Gow2 spiderman assassins creed, gotham.

  52. Don't get too excited. Notice that only one of those Witcher games is a "fully-fledged Witcher game", and CDPR isn't even the one developing it.

  53. I understand people are worried, but CDPR is a huge company and they have different departments that can work in different games; also they are probably gonna outsource most of the work to smaller studios. Pretty sure half those games are just gonna be "smaller" games, maybe even for mobile or handheld consoles. Also, they abandoned RED Engine in favor of UE5, which means they are not gonna waste so much time of development fixing bugs and building up engine features. I'm more worried about the fact they are not planning on creating any new IP on the following years.

  54. they couldn't get their whole company to make ONE non broken game after 10 years of development and 3 delays. how are they gonna manage making multiple?

  55. They can't. CDPR are inexperienced amateurs and scammers. They can't Finish a Game. They only care about money

  56. Welp I guess the "new CDPR" is fine wearing a badge of shame instead of trying to deliver the full experience they marketed/sold customers. That's fine hope they can succeed as a company when they are no longer the "sweethearts" of the gaming community.

  57. So The Witcher MmORPG is kinda what I'm reading on the multi-player? Also just want to point out no mention of plans on The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt upgrade or Dlc

  58. And still no news on when theyre releasing the next gen versions of witcher 3 a year after it was supposed to be released but got delayed. We currently have 3 months left of the year and no gameplay or release date despite them saying last year it would come out winter 2022.

  59. As long as they takes their time to develop a complete game with just a few minor bugs because is inevitable we are good, if the investors wants a quick cash grab and forces to rush a game that clearly is not ready then better do nothing.

  60. There's 5 photos there max, 2 are not Witcher so very confused by OPs caption. 2nd 3 witchers just means a mobile game a freemium game, and possibly a new Witcher.

  61. As a huge fan of them and the witcher games, I wish them the best. However, the next 5 years for CDPR are more stacked than full blown AAA publishers. LOL!

  62. I suspect some of these will be less than A grade, I'm guessing smaller scale games like Thronebreaker etc. also some projects are farmed off to other developers

  63. Wtf happened to the witchery 3 remaster ? I've never played it but I really want to, but I don5 want to play through it, then have the remaster come out

  64. Will they continue Geralt's storyline in the new witchers series? or will they explore what the world was when witchers were kinda prevalent?

  65. I'm keeping my expectations low. But since they actually managed to fix cyberpunk I'm giving them more benefit. Ig we'll wait and see.

  66. When are the modding tools for Cyberpunk being released? I want to buy Cyberpunk when I upgrade my rig sometime next year but also want to wait a couple years for modding community to develop cool stuff for it.

  67. This is how you should do gaming proyects. IMO if you give regular updates, could be how we continue forward.

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