So which franchise do we want Netflix to do next?

  1. I am ABSOLUTELY up for that. An ace attorney anime that would actually have budget! God damn its making me jealous of something but i don$t know what.

  2. CD projekt red produced this show, hired Trigger to make it, and sold it, as a fully funded project, to Netflix. If Netflix hadn't bought it, CD projekt red would have released it to YouTube.

  3. Pretty sure Paramount is doing something about Mass Effect now, but then again Paramount has been struggling with what to do with ME IP for a decade and a half, while when they finally got around to doing Halo( a similar production hell story) final result was... at best mixed.

  4. You know as much Blizzard is hated today, they could have made a killing if they made animated shows of their franchise. I was always blown away by their CG cinematics.

  5. A starcraft anime would have been fkin mint. As much as I like fantasy like war craft and diablo, I thunk anime lends itself so well to big guns, mechanical and monsters that little bit more.

  6. Still waiting for the Overwatch anime they announced (?? Can't really remember if this was officially announced)

  7. I played wow for 15 years and my wife never likes the game, but she absolutely loved the the trailers. I showed her the YouTube video of all the cinematics and she was en”Thrall”ed. she also loves the Warcraft movie and hopes they make a new one. There is definitely potential with all of their franchises. If they could only get their storylines straight.

  8. They made world of warcraft the movie. Was ok at best. Would love something in the Diablo universe though.

  9. Hey, I worked at ATVI when they made that game, and tested a couple of the patches before they dropped support like a bunch of bitches. That could have been an amazing franchise (as it was supposed to be) if they didn’t let it fail.

  10. Netflix didn't "do" these. Just distributed them. Most of the stuff Netflix actually makes on their own isn't very good as far as game or anime adaptations.

  11. They announced a collaboration show with Netflix on the 15th anniversary show, although I dont think we know much about it yet

  12. It'd be pretty cool to see a point of view from a locust processing camp, perhaps the one Dom's wife was at or even at learan prison

  13. Eh this would be better as a movie. Hear me out, you couldn’t do one based on Doom guy because that gets into weird backstory where you have to explain the rage machine that is Doom guy. This isn’t exactly a compelling story and would detract from the badassery. So the option would be the story revolves around another character that is caught in the devastation.

  14. Cyberpunk broke me, I don’t know if I’ll ever feel the same, I never thought I’d fall in love with a group of characters faster, and only 10 episodes it saddens me, I hope there’s a future for this amazing show, the animation is gorgeous, all the characters feed and build off each other so well, 10/10 would watch while sobbing again, do highly recommend if you haven’t seen it already, amazing work by the studio

  15. I literally binge watched all ten episodes and then made this post. It's way better than I expected. I was put off initially because the poster looked kinda dull but holy shit was I wrong

  16. A sequel to the cyberpunk game got revealed yesterday which is really great, in terms of the anime there won’t be a second season or anything similar

  17. For the record Netflix didn’t “do Arcane.” Riot in collaboration with the studio Fortiche did. Netflix was just published it.

  18. Netflix published all these, I'm aware, this post is more if a, 'What games would work best as shows' kinda deal. It just tied it to Netflix because these three shows were all on Netflix and are, in my opinion, very good.

  19. I have an idea. From watching the small cinematic shorts, Overwatch is primed for an extended series. Honorable mention is Infamous. Especially If done in the animated comic book style of the cutscenes in the first game.

  20. Jak and daxter but not anime, just animated but I doubt they would be able to make a good show out of it. Would love for them to prove me wrong

  21. I'd love to see an Elden Ring or Bloodborne show but it just seems like it goes against FromSoftware's whole vague and cryptic storytelling style.

  22. There was supposed to be an animated Devil May Cry on the way. Still waiting for it. DMC is peak anime to begin with.

  23. I started watching Castlevania the other day just because I had no idea what to watch on Netflix and I am currently playing Symphony of the Night out of nostalgia. I had no expectations, but boy, I was so amazed in the end. Really damn good. Almost finishing season 4.

  24. If it’s on Disney+, Kingdom Hearts. Specifically the mobile games. The biggest appeal of those games is the story anyways, and currently they only exist in chibi art mode.

  25. I remember they wanted to do a Final Fantasy XIV series. I forgot about what but I think it was about Ardbert?

  26. Man. Netflix either has bangers or busts. And at least 2 of these three (I haven't seen the 3rd one cause I don't play League) are amazing.

  27. I don't play league either, it's in no way required to watch Arcane. Every episode is movie quality in terms of animation and story.

  28. Reminder that 2/3 of these were not actually done by Netflix but was just given to them. Most Netflix funded animes are trash...

  29. I'm still waiting on for Netflix to actually film and release their The Division movie. It has been at least 4 years since they announced they were doing out.

  30. A Splatoon or Animal Crossing Anime would be nice but I know that is unlikely to happen since you know how stingy Nintendo are with their Ip

  31. I think Animal Crossing does have an anime adaptation but no one ever tried to distribute it outside of Japan

  32. I hate to be the "UH Akchally 🤓" guy but Netflix is just the publisher for the 3 of them, netflix itself had little to no say in the creative process.

  33. The anime adaptation of their live action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. A twist so awful, it just might happen and/or work!

  34. None, idk about Castlevania, but Cyberpunk & Arcane are not made by Netflix and i don't want Witcher situation again.

  35. Imagine a Halo show, live actors and all the cool locations, great dialogue, good acting and parts of the cannon storyline they could explore, can’t wait to see them do that lol

  36. Netflix did Jack shit in at least 2 of those(Arcane and Cyberpunk). They only distributed the finished product, had nothing to do with the production whatsoever. I don't want animated shows Netflix produced because it will end up as an agenda fillng half assed show good for nothing

  37. Fallout, but more like the Cyberpunk anime. New Characters in the world and setting to not make anyone upset that THEIR protag with their choices wasn‘t portrayed.

  38. I don't think people would be too upset watching the courier rise to power in New Vegas, but I get what you mean. There's so much lore it'd be a great setting

  39. Look, if Studio Trigger makes it, I'm watching it. I know they only did one of the three shown here, but everything they do is gold.

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