Looks like Overwatch has regained its popularity all over again

  1. I was IN A GAME! It kicked me out just as the match started, says something about disconnected. 300 people ahead of me. Gets down to about 50 or so and bam 20k people ahead of me

  2. This is only on the american servers. I have this issue but I just have been getting on the european server. Also a much shorter queue

  3. I’d say it’s more like tons of people wanting to try the game and it’s free. Now it might be good idk but the numbers aren’t too surprising

  4. It's Overwatch. It's literally the same, but with a few new heroes, new modes and some tweaks to old heroes.

  5. We can check back in with Overwatch 2 once a month or two passes. It should fare better since it's free game, but I doubt it'll keep hold of a ton of new players.

  6. Overwatch is definitely different though, overwatch 1 had close to a 700k daily peak average in September. That would be the second most played game on Steam

  7. Pffft. A month if it's lucky. Multiplayer games die out within a few weeks now. I remember when multiplayer games were populated for 5 years after release. The market is simply too saturated now and can barely hold people's attention.

  8. Blizzard has been doing the same thing forever. I remember the WoW launch and the weeks/months after being a nightmare. Servers would go down for a day or more at a time because they massively underestimate what they need.

  9. I don’t think any game can handle the insane amount of players coming in. A lot of the players will dissipate or play less. Everyone wants to get in. Why waste millions when you can wait a week and everything is ok.

  10. I had a 30k queue then after about 45 minutes to an hour it said entering game amd then I got a server error and got put back at the line

  11. If you are an experienced ow1 player you would notice the differences. Even in beta 1 it’s hugely different. 5v5, less shields, hero reworks, 2cp removed thankfully, insane balance changes. 3 new heroes, new ui, new graphics if that’s what your into. The list goes on. While it’s not as full as a new game should be. It’s free. Not like your paying 60$ for the same thing aka. FIFA.

  12. 3 characters tied in with the battle pass. So you can't even use them without grinding for a while right?

  13. My partner's queue was 40k. She managed to get in game for long enough to see that a lot of her stuff from OW1 had not carried over properly.

  14. so disappointing to see. Pretty clear people just do not care how devs are treated.. so long as they get their game.

  15. People are so quick to forgive them for shutting down a paid game just to release a content patched game with a new title.

  16. Shame to see. Everyone's forgotten about boycotting Blizzard over shilling to China, sex abuse scandals, diablo immortal, lootbox controversy etc etc etc

  17. I've watched pros play it and nothing has changes apart from battle pass and 5v5 instead of 6v6. It the same old cancer game that ow 1 was.

  18. It's going to lose that popularity if they can't get their shit right. They shouldn't require a phone number just to play their dam game. It's absolutely ridiculous and until they get rid of that shit I'll play something else

  19. I don't know, seems the same to me as Overwatch 1. It's just people want to see what they did to Overwatch 2 plus player base from Overwatch 1, since they shut it down. I don't see much difference, it-s the same game. They might as well just updated Overwatch with new skins, some characters didn't even get a new skin like Echo. 3 new characters, at least for me they are new. Same game, just some balance change. I honestly expected some campaign, either solo or not, just some lore stuff, not the same thing that I bored myself to death. Doesn't feel like a comeback, let's wait till they implement PvE campaign

  20. I didn’t have to wait. Cuz I’m not dumb enough to play that trash game from trash Blizzard.

  21. My girlfriend was just trying to play and had a queue of 30,000 ahead of her. I'm beginning to doubt the accuracy of the reported queue.

  22. They just updated it. If you had overwatch installed it updated, changed to 2, and launched from the same location

  23. Funny that the game is actually downgraded from overwatch 1 too. The one tank bruiser think is so stupid so it's just sylas and junkrat destroying every game it's so unbalanced it's insane

  24. Free games tend to get popular after release. Staying power is what they want. I still havent loaded in so idk how itll go

  25. Def won’t last. Blizzard is gonna starve the game of content and everyone’s gonna move on to something better.

  26. It will last a week, maybe. Everyone will realize it's just the same game with a new label slapped on it, and leave.

  27. Its free what is this, the game plays so much better with one tank. Yes the monetization is terrible, but my god this subreddit is such a circlejerk sometimes. (Downvote away i know its true that more than half the people in the comments have yet to even try it or played the first for more than a year and just watched a dunkey video)

  28. Blizzard always claims whatever they can to not take responsibility for themselves. This is not the first time they claimed DDoS on launch, and it doesn't even make sense. Ping packets don't take up space in queue.

  29. Make sure you buy those $30-$40 skins to support this small studio who didn’t re-release their game from 2016 with minor changes, and zero innovation except for a Battle Pass to unlock characters. Worth the wait!

  30. Welp took like 30 minutes to make it to menu. Looked at all the new overwatch 2 skins. Got into quick play foe 2 minutes and game froze... Gonna wait a bit on this I guess

  31. I posted something like this and it was removed. But yep, all those haters are back and clogging up our game

  32. A little too soon to say for sure. I'm willing to guess a lot of people will be like me, jump on and check out the changesz play a round or two, than back to my other games and such.

  33. Ive seen queues 60K … just haven’t seen the damn game yet … I get a waiting time but this bs is just blood boiling stupidity … fucking Blizzard man … how do they fuck this one up this badly after all this overwatch 2 bullshit for years now.

  34. I am always very confused by people who trumpet that a game has popularity during its launch window. It is because it is the new thing on the block. Of course it is going to draw the eyeballs of everyone. A new multiplayer game that doesn't have a huge player count is a dead game. A free game made by one of the biggest gaming giants in the world (in spite of how you or I may feel about them)? Of course everyone will be trying to play it the day it comes out. I am not surprised that Blizzard has launch issues, because every major multiplayer game has launch issues. Square Enix's FF14 had four hours long queues to get in for weeks after Endwalker released.

  35. Yes it’s got hype around it, but the focus should be on the ridiculous queues. For me, it’s enough to keep me from trying to play it in the crucial early days of the launch

  36. Why release a sequel nowadays when you could just keep the name and update the game. Especially when it isn't going to offer anything very new. Wierd move. Siege still going strong. Only 1 version.

  37. The real question is why the largest gaming company in the world can’t afford enough servers to avoid a giant queue

  38. So, they took down OW and people are in awe that OW2 is getting flooded? It's literally the same game and the only one.

  39. No it has not this is blizzards attempt at rebranding their fifa marketing strategy. There is no new player base it’s an update nothing more. This is how people and the community will base it as it’s something spectacular, it’s nothing more than an update to an already decent game

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