Foolishness, Blizzard. Foolishness

  1. Im terrible at fps too , never played them before OW and borderlands 2. I still had lots of fun playing "agressive Hanzo" as I called it with friends. I'd just climb around hide then jump off building on people and use the multishot on their feet which for some reason shotgunned and instakilled people. Was hilarious

  2. Don't worry in a few years they will probably bring back Overwatch 1 and call it Overwatch Classic and somehow overcharge for it.

  3. Still cracks me.up to this day that Blizzard's most popular decision in the last 10 years (within my circle anyway) is just walking it back to WoW's 3 best expansions

  4. I haven't really been following this too closely... Overwatch 2 is basically overwatch 1, but 2?

  5. Yeah, it's false advertising to call it a sequel, it's more like a compulsory expansion. If you played OW1, all your skins, cosmetics etc. get transferred over automatically which is good at least

  6. Everyone gets it for free. But you get more stuff along with it because you had #1. Like getting the new hero for season 1 immediately rather than having to slave away for it in the BP.

  7. Isn’t it crazy that nobody knows the game is free? Everyone I mention it to says they don’t want to buy it again, Blizzard shit the bed with marketing this game.

  8. "Overwatch 1 and 2 are totally different games, if you don't like 2 just play the other one"

  9. To be fair, that actually was the original statement the game director said, verbatim. Overwatch 2 was primarily supposed to be their PvE game. Ever since the announcement a few years ago, a LOT has changed. I’ve noticed that often times people just don’t follow really stay up-to-date with their info.

  10. Its going to be free to play where people who dont own overwatch 1 will have to unlock the characters. Haaarrrrd skip

  11. To be fair, what Blizzard is doing here is fucking moronic and basically unheard of. I don't blame people for not really believing they're doing this shit.

  12. I played my last batch of Overwatch 1 matches yesterday and I genuinely ran into multiple players in-game who had no clue that the game was shutting down.

  13. if you bought overwatch 1 you get overwatch 2 deluxe or some shit and you get all the heroes i think?

  14. Chess hasn't been updated in centuries. Playerbase determines if a game is alive or not. Not updates. And overwatch 1 has zero players now.

  15. I played my last game on Hanamura, my last death was as Moira trying to fade to point 2 from the left side. That's gonna be very memorable

  16. Blizzard deserves all of the criticism that they're getting for Overwatch 2, this was never a pro-consumer move. Buuuutt I don't see how Team Fortress 2 is any better. TF2 was a game that I paid for, and then later got turned into a F2P game with tons of microtransactions. It's basically what initially made loot boxes so damn popular.

  17. TF2's microtransactions are practically hidden by the standards of modern gaming, and it's completely free of the fomo bullshit that modern live services thrive on. Its lootboxes aren't healthy, but they are far healthier than every other big-budget team shooter on the market. And, even though it is true that TF2's f2p shift paved the way for the degeneration of the medium, I wouldn't blame it entirely; the devs were just experimenting with a new way to get their game in more peoples' hands. It's their responsibility, but not their fault, if that makes any sense?

  18. The meme isn't about which game is better, it's just poking fun at the fact that Overwatch was claimed as the TF2 killer, and now it died.

  19. Oh cool another “game as a service” that I will never get to enjoy because I work full time and have other responsibilities that stop me from grinding 24/7 to get to earn the privilege of not having the bare ass minimum in the game. fuck this micro transaction infinite money cheat bullshit. greed has destroyed the gaming industry. it killed halo and now it’s killing over watch. (I’m just ranting and venting I’m sure it’s not that bad but I still fucking hate it)

  20. They lose people like you and me as customers, but they are replaced with thousands of kids who don't give two shits about any of that.

  21. The thing that makes me mad about Halo is simply that the devs did such a good job on this, but the greedy corpos switched it all last minute. You can tell just by how the skin system in Infinite is structured that it was meant to be a fully customizable colourway. They even stated a few months before release that it was going to be the most customizable Halo game yet.

  22. Please don't spread misinformation. You don't need to grind at all to get "the bare minimum". You only need to grind (or pay) if you want some of the cosmetic items. Base game is free for all. All maps, modes and all old (+2 new) heroes. All there for free. All new heroes will also be free if you have time to grind. If not, then just pay 10€ every second battle pass (that's every 4 months) to get new hero instantly. I think 30€/year is a pretty decent deal for a F2P game and this gives you also access to all the cosmetic items on premium battle passes.

  23. It used to be $60 for a game. And then you had to buy dlc if they had it. Not really so different for a game as a service. I personally like the constant new content.

  24. I enjoyed overwatch the first few months it came out. But agreed after a few patches it got ruined pretty quickly. It wont be missed

  25. Same thing happened to HoTS. Man I loved that game. They wanted it to really be an esports thing and when it wasn't they said ah fuck it.

  26. I watched a video that explained why this is also the biggest reason upcoming RTS games don't get popular; contrary to popular belief it's not necessarily because RTS is a dying genre, but companies put too much prio into appeasing the esports audience that they forget that there's a bigger, much more casual-oriented portion of players that just play the campaign, player-made maps, mods, etc.

  27. I always scratch my head when people say this. Like genuinely what do you miss? I'll admit I myself have some nostalgia for the days of stacking 6 Winstons. But by the same token I enjoy having a role queue that ensures I won't get 5 DPS players on my team again.

  28. I don't know how you interpret Blizzard releasing brain-dead but OP heroes like Brig, Moira, Bap, etc. and think it's them listening to the pros. Where did this rhetoric come from??

  29. Old Overwatch was ass though. It was fun in the beginning cause it was new but I definitely did not miss having 4 dps and no support, Torb on attack, Brig shield bash through shields, nano Genji with speed boost, getting killed by dva bombs through walls but a fire hydrant half my size helped someone else live, mass rez Mercy, Hook 1.0 Hog, Rein shatter being inconsistent as hell, pirate ship comp, etc etc.

  30. Overwatch is incredibly balanced though? Like, remarkably for how competitive it is. I would also much rather listen to top level players about hero balance than silver-ranked casuals who are all one tricks and couldn't scrape together a decent comp.

  31. It's more like making a delicious soul fried chicken and invite top Michelin chefs to shit on you for not making tempura chicken, or curry, or chicken broth, etc and you try to appease everyone until you end up with just an overcooked chicken breast seasoned with nothing but some vegetable oil and nothing else

  32. Everything, because it's not actually a new game, just an "expansion" that they are calling "2" for some odd reason.

  33. I've bought 4 games now that have turned into Free 2 play.....I guess the lesson here is don't pay for games anymore?!?

  34. I remember getting Overwatch back in 2018. I was in HARD LOVE with this game. It was all I would play for a long time. I had so much fun with it and it helped me be social. I had hiccups with annoying comp people at the start but I mostly had fun. Ever since Brigette (it's been a long time since I played) came out, it's just not been fun. They focused on Esports and streaming too much and a lot of things. I'm honestly excited for Overwatch 2, but I don't think it'll last long. We need to wait for story and PvE Edit: Shouldn't have to clarify this but I got the game 2 years after it came out because I wasn't interested in it until like early 2018. I got it during the Christmas event in 2018

  35. Just the other day I was trying to explain to my girlfriend how cool the first 6-8 month of Overwatch was to play. You'd jump into a match and find yourself against a full team of Bastions (or whatever). Sometimes you'd power through with your original lineup, and sometimes you'd mix it up, but it was this really cool mix of Street Fighter + Unreal Tournament.

  36. This company is bold as hell lately. You would think they would back off passing everyone off for like a couple months at least. Bold move.

  37. I get the disdain for what they did to it. But, and call it unpopular, I enjoyed the game. From launch to now, I still love the game. I don’t play anymore, but don’t harbor resentment for it. The game was great, overbalanced and adjusted yeah, but for what the game was, I thought was great. Great stories if you followed them, fun characters, weird matchups, and the ability to be competitive or social.

  38. Same, man. I had a lot more free time in college and my friend and I would play Overwatch all the time. I loved the Deathwatch event, it was so secretive and cool, you know?

  39. Agreed. I absolutely loved Overwatch back in the day but don't really play anymore. Installed and played a little again recently and was still having a good time. OW1 will be missed but I'm excited to give OW2 a shot.

  40. TF2 came about before overwatch 1 though. I don't support ragging on OW it was a good game but your point makes no sense because it was TF2 vs OW1 TF1 had nothing to do with it.

  41. I remember playing Overwatch on ps4 and having a blast! I think after they added that one healer with the shield is when I started to leave. It was just a more complex game of rock, paper scissors, I had to constantly switch characters to squeeze out a win. I miss being able to just mess around with a team loaded with hanzos

  42. One advantage of ow2, in a sea of greedy disadvantages, is that they are retuning the game so that there is less hard counter picking. So picking one character and sticking to them should be much more viable now.

  43. This gives me heavy "Reddit fights Tiktok vibes." Not everything needs to be a competition, TF2 has nothing to do with Overwatch and didn't "defeat" them.

  44. They don’t want to split the fan base. It would look really bad if more people played overwatch 1 than 2

  45. They're trying to pull a Valve and boost flagging new player counts by going free to play, but they are doing so in a way that is way more predatory in chasing your money than valve ever was. Anyone who is genuinely serious about the game will be forced to buy the new characters because trying to earn them for free will take feckin ages and you'll always be behind everyone who is paying for them. Everyone who isn't super serious will likely find the game much less fun going forward because they have such slow access to the new characters. All the people who pay for access will be enjoying the new characters during the very likely "oops we made them op" phase of a new release, and by the time free players unlock them, they'll have been nerfed and won't be as strong.

  46. That's the very cynical take, but yes OW2 is replacing OW1. All the OW1 stuff you had carries over, but you wont' be able to play the old 6v6 game with the same hero builds that OW1 ends with. Everything goes to new balance, 5v5, hero redesigns.

  47. Can we stop calling them Blizzard and just acknowledge most of the core group that actually created WoW, StarCraft, Overwatch, Diablo, etc. has been replaced by Activision suits?

  48. Hi I'm completely uninformed and would like to make assertive statements that are inaccurate about something I've taken no effort to understand. Time to get my lawyer to get a refund.

  49. Why do people think a game whose servers are still online only because Valve forgot they existed won against a much more popular game that's being taken offline for 30 hours for a huge update?

  50. You get all progress and skins transferred over as well as if you logged on a little before the shutdown, or if you log on day 1 of ow2 (only if you played ow1 )then you get 2 free skins and a couple of player icons. It’s not much but it’s sometjing

  51. I’ve been way out of the loop with OW for awhile now but still follow the sub Reddit. Is OW1 really shutting down today? Is OW2 even out yet? Seems shitty to shut down OW1 so early. What was their reasoning?

  52. Well there goes my entire reason to even have blizzard on my pc. Fuck you blizzard, you greedy stupid cunts.

  53. I mean, it is essentially the same game. More like a large update and overhaul rather than a sequel. Everything carries over as well, I believe

  54. Overwatch 2 is so much more fun idc what y'all have to say. All the bullshit that slowed the game to a rock-paper-scissors crawl is gone and it's finally back to its 2016 roots as a hero shooter.

  55. Nah it’s basically just a big update. They want to get the f2p Fortnite market so they’re rebranding it as « Overwatch 2 » while it’s really just Overwatch made free to play and the UI has been tweaked a bit

  56. Iono I’m kind of excited for the new overwatch. Never paid for any lootboxes in the first and don’t plan on spending on the new as well. I’m a grinder

  57. Gosh, I remember when I first played it and it was fun, I was a D.Va main and and switched to Mercy when I wanted to play support.

  58. TF classic imo is not even remotely close to TF2 in terms of game design, art design, enjoyability, etc. plus the original was a mod, so really its the first original team fortress game

  59. "Defeating" my fucking ass. It's like everyone conveniently forgot Valve let their game be entirely unplayable and INFESTED with bots for 3 years.

  60. I have such happy memories of the early days overwatch. It got harder for me to enjoy playing later on as it got more and more esporty and eventually moved on... Seems like only yesterday it launched

  61. Yeah - I just uninstalled and all blizzard games. Played way more Hearthstone than Overwatch, but as a matter of principle I'm not going to do business with someone I feel stole from me. Not NEARLY left the game running for long enough with the price tag it had, and turning it off so the successor gets better player numbers... Bad move, blizzard. Look at GuildWars for how to do it right.

  62. Why are people annoyed by this exactly? It's basically a patch. All current content transfers over, you get the "sequel" for free if you owned the original, and all skins and stuff do too. I'm by no means a Blizzard fan anymore and I won't be touching it, but this isn't a point to be annoyed by.

  63. TF2 doesn't even remotely have the amount of players that overwatch still does lol... on top of that tf2 is riddled with hackers and afkers in every other game not sure how anyone even finds that enjoyable even if comp mode is better in tf2 a new player is going to run into hackers 1/2 their game that are unkickable.

  64. Bots are a lot more undercontrol now. Think I played 3hrs or so yesterday and only one Vinesauce joined. Bot got kicked by the team within the minute.

  65. no, OP's post is misleading. Basically an outright lie, honestly, Overwatch is down for 24 hours for a software update. It will be back online tomorrow as Overwatch 2

  66. Please shut the fuck up and have some fucking respect. I know who you are and i fucking hate every single person who is apart of the Team Fortress community. I love the game but God damn it makes me ashamed that the amount of toxicity and respectless reeks from the molding community. Blizzard is a shit company and Overwatch DID not deserve their fate. Alot of passion went into the game and its legacy was destroyed by an abusive company

  67. It's literally just going down for one day for an update. Player count was fine. Original post is very misleading

  68. After they suspended blitzchung for siding with Hong Kong, I perma-deleted all my accounts. I had 100s of hours invested into Diablo 3, and was a WoW subscriber. I never looked back, and every time I see some lolcow moment like this I'm reminded that it was the best decision I've ever made. The Blizzard that made WarCraft, WarCraft 2 ToD, StarCraft, Diablo I and II, and original WoW is dead and gone. I should have cancelled after the Blizzcon when the big Diablo announcement was their contracted pay-to-win mobile game.

  69. There has never been a bigger fall from grace as a company. Blizzard were so widely respected, every game they made was extremely fine tuned and popular. Just wild in a few years how things can change so dramatically

  70. Unlike a lot of people I'm super excited for Overwatch 2. OW1 was always a fun game but they really couldn't get a grasp on hero design or balance patching which eventually turned the game into a mess.

  71. It's such a shame what has become of blizzard. There was a time that I used to joking say "that blizzard could shit in a box, and tell me that I would enjoy it.. and I'd buy it cause I figured they were right."

  72. I think most people are missing the point of the meme. It wasn’t that TF2 “won” due to it outliving OW1 on pure merit. It has only “won” because OW1 was shot by its own maker. The victory holds no meaning since without the intervention of corporate greed, both would have lasted for so long that no one would have even given a shit when the last server died.

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