Woke up from a nap on the couch to a surprise from my wife

  1. Really nice sound setup. Haven't seen an amp in some time. Everyone uses sound bars if that. What happened to all the audiophiles?

  2. Rarely do I see pictures of setups with LS50s outside of the various audiophile subs. That ps5 will be a nice addition to the setup.

  3. I'm a little confused by it. Do people regularly put LS50s where a passive speaker would normally go? Wouldn't an R3 be a better fit there? Not judging, I'm sure it sounds great. I'm just really curious.

  4. So played out. I can't tell if they're fake or people really living a scene from a romantic comedy. Waking up from a mid-day nap on a week day to see your wife casually drop a PS5 bundle in front of your big fucking TV and stereo set probably inside the house you own.

  5. Some people have a wife, and money, and a ps5, and some sick ass expensive audio equipment. I just have a wife. 🤷‍♂️

  6. I have been so lucky with my wife. There’s definitely not a day that goes by where I take her for granted.

  7. A bit off topic- The setup looks amazing for movies and tv. And maybe I’m just blind, but I could never sit that far back and see any of the HUD, text, or prompts comfortably. Idk maybe it’s just me but I would be pulling up a chair 😂

  8. Did you instinctively take a picture of it when waking up? If you're farming karma then you're better off dickwaving your sound system. Don't need to tack on a fake story for that.

  9. He cant thank what doesnt exist. Why would anyone believe this dudes wife just left a PS5 randomly. He bought a PS5 and posted it in front of his set up as a humble brag.

  10. That Ps5 already looks at home amongst that set up. Gotta ask, how long is the "honey, can you please" list? Lol

  11. I like your tv cabinet. I have had a hard time finding a cabinet that can fit the KEF center channel.

  12. Respect your choice of speakers! Are those the metas? I have a lot of kef in my house too. I have a pair of lsx in the bedroom. R3's with a ma5200 and kf92, and a full q series atmos setup in the bonus room with another kf92 and marantz separates. It's rare to see kef on reddit so I just wanted to give you a shout out!

  13. That’s a really nice thoughtful thing to do. It sounds cliche but it does restore my faith in humanity a bit to hear that people do things like this. Enjoy the console!

  14. This is like an alternate reality version of my setup lol. R7s instead of LS50 and a different SVS but we have the same media cabinet.

  15. Unbeatable for the price. I’ve auditioned potential replacements and never had the urge to upgrade. Love them.

  16. Came drunk home with the ps5, was so drunk he didn’t remember he fall asleep on the couch and woke up with that sight 😂

  17. From the pic it's appears you have it all. Don't fucking squander that shit! Please. And sorry for the profanity. You lucky fucker

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