First time playing Conker's Bad Fur Day, got to this part and I can't stop laughing!

  1. The sunflower and the bee were hilarious. You know where I am stuck in. The lava pit with the creatures that you have to chase down at high speeds on a hover board and pray not to crash and do it all again 😡😡😡

  2. It’s multi player was already of it’s time, many many hours enjoyed playing split screen. Storey mode was great fun. Probably the most enjoyment I have ever gotten out of a game.

  3. Bought this as a birthday present for my roommate in college. I was broke but man that $70 cartridge was worth the good times. Miss you bro, sorry I’m so shitty at keeping up

  4. I want to know how the pitch meeting went with rare/nintendo. Rare - "We want to make a raunchy mature game with an obscure character from Diddy Kong racing, it's ok if you say no since it's so mature. Nintendo - "This is a great idea! Go all out."

  5. Rare were using their own characters, they didn't need to talk to Nintendo until later in development. They did include some Nintendo characters that had to be removed.

  6. Rare - “OK yeah and we want to offer a collectors edition where u can win a day pass to the playboy mansion too” Nintendo - “sure the rated M is enough to keep this out of kids hands, I don’t see how this can go wrong”.

  7. This game took me forever to complete. Primarily because I would get in about 5 minutes of gameplay and then need another ten minutes to stop laughing long enough to get the tears out of my eyes enough to see to keep playing. Love CBFD!!

  8. This game would be perfection if it weren't for that stupid ass lava surfing part. I still haven't been able to beat that. Never gonna see the end of that game.

  9. I can mentally hear the lively little jaunty tune of this game like I played it yesterday. So many fond, funny memories of my siblings and I playing the mini games for hours on end... man, they really don't make platformers like this anymore. (Don't even try to bring up YL and its janky ass control issues)

  10. expect the war sections is basically unplayable on the n64 version... and you can put in a cheat code to turn it on.

  11. My parents divorced when I was 4 and they made me choose. My brother chose my dad because that side had an N64 - Yes, really.

  12. I’m truly sorry for your parents doing that to you both. Forgive me if this post brought up bad memories for you. This game is funny if u can manage to play it again sometime.

  13. I wish I could play that game for the first time again. But I don’t think I would find it as funny now that I’m old

  14. It is not worth it. You get better controls and graphics but ton of cut content due to heavy censorship in that version. Play the N64 version. I’m not advocating emulation.

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