I am so getting myself an Oculus or Vive

  1. Second chapter? Does the game just end on a cliffhanger or something? Am I going to have to buy this, or is it free DLC? Or do you just mean a sequel?

  2. Bought one and while i love it the most fun i get now is watching friends and family experience it for the first time. Its mindblowing but im a sit down ps gen kinda person not trying to stop you getting one just giving my two cents.

  3. Brian Menard, a YouTube streamer, streams this game on his channel. Check him out. I'm in no way affiliated with him, he's just a good dude, and my wife and I watched him a ton while she was pregnant and we were quarantined. The game looks like a ton or fun.

  4. Oh many I wish I can play horror games. Tried it once and I probably lasted like 10 seconds. That's at least 7 seconds longer than in bed.

  5. Wait is that the fucking boneworks sequel?!?!?! Boneworks is my favourite VR game ever for a longshot, omg I need to book time off work now...

  6. Really hyped for it. Boneworks was absolutely amazing, then I saw a trailer for bonelab and it looks like major improvement

  7. At its best, VR is a gaming experience hard to match. Even just for things like racing games it immediately makes the biggest difference imaginable.

  8. For me it's 100% worth it and almost surreal. Like I'm playing through Half-Life 1 rn (while somewhat stoned as well) on my Quest 2 and all I can think is how amazing it is that I'm actually inside this game that I used to play on a shitty pixelated CRT monitor back when I was like 8 years old.

  9. Alyx is great and all but I'm not gunna lie, I don't like Half-Life's puzzles. And having to do them in VR is a fucking nightmare for me.

  10. Just an FYI, the Vive is a pretty ancient headset at this point. Go for a Vive Pro 2 with wireless and Index controllers or get a Quest 2. They're much better options.

  11. VR is incredible, I thought it was going to be gimmicky and I got an HP Reverb G2 on sale for $350 and it is absolutely mind blowing. Like you entirely forget where you are, you are legit in a video game at it is absolutely realistic and fantastic.

  12. Which honestly blows my mind. Anybody I know who actually tries VR jaw drops saying they didn't realize this kind of technology exists and is actually relatively accessible now. Why wouldn't want anyone who likes video games want to at least give being IN the game a try? Or do they just think it's like Google Cardboard or Wiimote waggling or something?

  13. I love VR and particularly the game in the gif, but what about the video convinced you that it’s a fun time? It’s just some guy wiggling around.

  14. I think VR is at a point where it's definitely worth getting a headset if you're interested. There are a lot of really good games, with more on the way.

  15. just a word of advice, don't get a vive. it's not that they are super bad it's just there are better pne for the price

  16. "Index" really was the worst name for the device. People only know Vive and Oculus, name recognition for the Index is just trash and they should have done better to connect back to Valve/Steam.

  17. Sadly I can't afford to get a gaming pc and a pcvr headset so I got an oculus quest 2 just to experience vr even if it's downgraded and I haven't looked back since I very rarely play any flat screen games anymore.

  18. Vader Immortal gave me that feeling, something about lobbing lightsabers and throwing around stormtroopers with the force is just EPIC

  19. VR is finally getting to it's rightfull place. With bonelab coming out today we will see a true revolution of VR gaming. It's the half life 2 of VR.

  20. Honestly super bummed it's not backwards compatible. Launching with an existing library would've been a good selling point (especially an existing library running better than they did on PS4)

  21. Oculus go hard for people who dont know if theyd like it, plus they can give it to a friend or family member if they dont.

  22. The .gif does have sound, I didn't realize the Reddit app can't play it, but if you view this on the browser version you'll hear the guy singing 'Tequila'

  23. If you're on mobile, next to the title, there will be an option for gyfcat. Click it and it'll take you to the video with sound

  24. It's sounds dumb but solely in vr environment Zuck is advancing the industry the most, in a epic game store way.

  25. Who cares?? No matter what when you’re on social media, enjoying any type of entertainment, buying food, you’re supporting a piece of shit in some type of way. The fact that you’re on Reddit saying this shit is hilarious.

  26. You can play this game chapter 1-2 on oculus. Bonelab, Boneworks sequel is also coming to quest 2. Pavlov has Pavlov: shack, both contractors and onward are on quest. Beat saber is also on quest. Quest has a good selection of games, but the graphics arent the best, so PC is the way to go if you have the moolah.

  27. As someone who owns an oculus headset, I’d steer away from them entirely. Software is janky at best and have a common problem I’ve personally experienced and have seen many threads on where the external cameras just stop working.

  28. VR is fantastic, just be aware that even now it's still very much an enthusiast thing. Quest devices at least make it convenient, but there's a lack of quality gaming content even on PCVR, much less Quest 2 native. It's *great* for experience based stuff though - some of the history and travel apps out are fantastic.

  29. What is this "lack" of quality content people keep whinging about? 2 years in I still haven't even had time to start Skyrim, No Mans Sky or Saints And Sinners because I have too much other stuff to play in my free time to be starting a huge campaign like that.

  30. I've had the PSVR since it released and tried tried a Vive and have tried a number of games and "experiences" and allot of it can be gimmicky.

  31. I hate all the reposts of the same “quirky” VR vids with people dancing around flailing their hands around and shit doing things they literally never do irl, when meanwhile, the Real Experience is just nausea in any game that’s worth playing.

  32. These types of videos are omega cringe yes. But the nausea is something you stop experiencing after spending a bit of time in VR. Virtually every person I know, both in person and online, all get used to it and stop getting sick… the only tough part is actually getting there…

  33. I just want to point out that if you are still calling it oculus and think the vive is relevant ur gonna wanna do some research before you pull the trigger on something lol.

  34. Take this all you want but Oculus is by far the best VR headset on the market. It doesn't have the highest FOV but the resolution plus cordless PC gaming is simply amazing!

  35. The quest feels cheap to me, and the controllers are too small. Base station tracking is also really nice. Imo, the only thing the quest has over something like the index is price and portability

  36. Don't get an oculus, it's owned by meta. Or if you do, make a new FB account you don't care about because if you ever wanna delete the FB that's forcibly linked to your oculus, all your games you paid for will be permanently deleted from your acc lol

  37. I bought my son the Vive Pro for Christmas, and it is a riot to play on. I get motion sick, even with the higher resolution models, but it's still fun for the time I can play.

  38. VR is amazing, if you have the room for full-scale VR. It still isn't bad for just sitting around though. Playing Elite Dangerous with a full HOTAS setup and a Vive is amazing but you lose quite a bit of the fun that VR provides if you can't move around a decent amount while playing it and do it safely without breaking something in the room that you can't see.

  39. Stopped by the comments to say this too. Not a lot of people are mentioning it here but the G2 is great if you have a good PC. To be fair, its my first headset but I'm still finding myself really impressed with it.

  40. Get something that runs off Windows Mixed Reality (WMR). Same quality, and arguably better compatibility, as major brand headsets but a fraction of the cost.

  41. It’s possible that the frame rate is inconsistent causing nausea, if that’s the case get a better pc. Some people get motion sickness from vr. You can mitigate it by using teleport movement instead of regular walking, similar for turning. The best way to get over motion sickness is simply to get more experience in vr

  42. The gimmick wears out real fast. Only spend the money on it if you have it to spare and you don't care if it'll collect dust after a month of having it.

  43. Beware tho, vr can get you DIZZY and sick. I thought I could handle it, but moving in blade and sorcery makes me almost puke

  44. I got a bit dizzy flying the spaceship in No Man’s Sky, but the more I played it I got used to it and now don’t get dizzy. Just something to overcome I guess.

  45. It looks cool, but gives me motion sickness looking at it on a phone, much less imagining it on lenses stuck to my face

  46. That's always fun. Wait until you have a game when you can see yourself in a mirror. You just spend time dancing in front of a mirror and laughing.

  47. That’s an impressive knife throw. I haven’t played whatever this game is, but I’m other games throwing things is pretty difficult

  48. In half life alyx I spent a fair amount of time drawing on walls and tossing objects in the sky for target practice in the first part of the game

  49. Reminds me of the guy who slo-mo slapped his enemies on their face, crotch and butt before givibg them a quick poke with his samurai sword.

  50. I was playing on my headset earlier, but I wasn't singing "Tequila" while jabbing the occasional zombie. I had my eyes peeled right back and my mouth in massive "ARRRGH" as I battled through the hordes of hell, in Doom VFR

  51. Looked like at first the zombie was like maybe I'll give this guy some space, something's wrong with him and I don't wanna get sick

  52. RE 4. Backed into a corner of a bedroom on the second floor of a dilapidated farmhouse. Two infected are bearing down on me and more are coming up the stairs. My pistol swings back and forth between targets, trying to keep them beyond lunging distance. I feel like I'm just keeping my head above water when the window next to me breaks and more infected start climbing through. I hadn't done this before. No where in the game did it say you could. But instinctively I tossed the pistol to my left hand and kept firing, pulled the shotgun out with my right and blasted the infected at the window back down to the ground.

  53. Go vive, anything but oculus. It seems like a good deal but it's not, especially if you plan on using your quest for PCVR. The cable connection is unreliable and even the smallest disturbance in your internet will cause a huge lag spike if you use airlink. It may seem worth it at first, but it's worth the extra money to go for something like an HP Reverb G2.

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