Pick 2 to protect you, the rest are coming to kill you. Who would you pick ?

  1. Dante and Raiden are the only ones with feats even slightly comparable to Kratos. Doom Marine / Doomslayer is on a different planet compared to the rest. Kratos can die. Raiden can run out of power after using Jack mode. Talion can have his power stripped. Doomguy is literally TOO mad.

  2. Yes you picked the two obvious strongest. Though Corvo Attano pales in power he would definitely kill you without Kratos and doom guy even noticing.

  3. The goal of the 7 isn’t to fight the 2. It’s to kill you. Who stops corvo from killing you the very millisecond the fight starts?

  4. In a 1v1 against a Character others might not have a chance but this post is about killing you so one just has to stop time and they would stand there while you are getting killed

  5. This was my answer. Those guys are powerful and also probably best suited for protecting another player. Plus, let's be real having the rest of the guys after you means that your quality of life isn't going to be great. Imagine the great three-ways before times up. PoP has been my favorite video game since I started playing and I still wish they'd remaster WW

  6. Prince of Persia can rewind it, which is arguably a better power. Corvo can stop time and kill me, but the Prince would just rewind and stop him. His ability to undo any effective actions of the enemy team allows Kratos to whittle them down until only Doom Slayer is left, then those two will just duke it out for the rest of eternity while the Prince and I chill.

  7. Every time one of these questions comes up, controlling time is OP. Corvo can nearly freeze time, and Prince can reverse it. Done. Talion or War will get me given enough time, since they're basically immortal, but I'd die near-immediately with either Corvo or Prince against me.

  8. Yeah people are mad sleeping on Corvo. They haven't seen those highlight videos. Persia is legit but I would swap for a power house in case

  9. This. Corvo has ludicrously broken abilities and a slew of weapons designed around picking people off and since Blink recharges automatically, can force the fight to go where he wants.

  10. Ya my immediate concern way Corvo and his stealth. No one else really has stealth. If his only goal was to kill me no one else could really stop him.

  11. If you really want a long-term survival stratagem, remember they aren’t targeting your protectors, they’re targeting you. If Prince remains passive, you get unlimited retries right?

  12. People trying to out someone above War forget that in his own game, his power was sealed and that in a comic he gets angry and becomes so strong that Death has to cut his hand and nearly kill him to calm him down. And Death can only do it because he is straight up immortal.

  13. Kratos and Dante would 100% my pick, both fucking bad ass, they would be at each others throats which would be entertaining, and if I get devil may cry soundtrack in the background then that's a bonus!

  14. It's honestly absurd. Dante shouldn't be on the list. He would be the only pick you need. The rest would lose hard, and fast.

  15. I would take Dante and Geralt. Dante got enough Power to take Anyone on that List on. Geralt got the Brains to defend you against Dirty Tricks that could slip behind Dante.

  16. People sleeping on Dante on this post to my knowledge it’s only him and Kratos that have killed literal gods on that list like their games mirror each other in how the character’s progress but everyone is just talking about Kratos

  17. How many times has Dante gotten stabbed by swords and gotten back up? And what do ALL of these other guys have???? Easy pickins’ for the Son Of Sparda.

  18. Well, Talion can't be killed, he'll keep coming back. Not to mention he can possess at least one of the enemy, that's an additional guy on my side.

  19. I haven't played the game, but if he goes down how long until he gets back up? This is to protect you. Being able to get back up doesn't mean much if the opponent can just put you back down.

  20. Kratos and Prince of Persia. Kratos does the heavy lifting and the prince reverses time anytime something goes wrong.

  21. THANK YOU!!! I was like why is no one else picking prince of persia with the sands of time?? Him and Kratos win no matter what.

  22. Dante is fucking stupid powerful. Over half this roster is dead by him alone. The only competitors are dante, doom, and kratos. Everyone else are trash mobs in comparison.

  23. Talion and Corvo. Talion to attempt to turn a couple other of these badasses to our side (and he's immortal and a great fighter on top of that), and Corvo just so that he's not after me. Anyone else on this list could kill Corvo in a fight, but if his mission is to kill me I'd be dead before my badass body guards knew he was there.

  24. Corvo is not getting the respect he deserves in this thread. Sure, he's not going to be beat many if any of the other characters if he goes toe to toe - that's not his strength. He's that dude from the "nothing personel kid" meme, coming in with undetected instakills, not raw full frontal assault crushing power like most all the other choices.

  25. My picks too, but there's more to picking Corvo than just removing him from your attackers. His job was the royal protector. He was literally the bodyguard to royalty. Talion has an army, and Corvo can tell them where to be and have plans on plans for getting you out alive.

  26. Guys we're forgetting a major issue. 8 of these guys are all serious powerhouses in their own right that will tackle any problem head on. Corvo Attano is an assassin and can easily sneak past everyone else to still kill you. Not even Doom Slayer with all his speed could defend you properly, but would definitely avenge you.

  27. I’m not familiar with prince of Persia, so I may be wrong here, but I feel that corvo’s time stop would win over reversing time because he can’t reverse time if he’s dead

  28. im sure they probably arent the best direct combatants of the lot (i mean theres not much stopping kratos and doomslayer), but they are the people on this list i would NOT want to come after me. two magic assassins, one of which is literally immortal, sounds like just about the worst combination to defend against.

  29. I'd probably give the best chances to Corvo and The Prince. Corvo stops time and then The Prince rewinds it if something goes wrong. But yeah, this is practically unwinnable.

  30. People are thinking this is a battle royale; NO it's a PROTECTION JOB of you. Corvo could easily sneak pass Kratos and Doom Guy and kill your ass dead. As could the Prince and Talion. Raiden is literally a battle hardened SPY.

  31. Well I agree with you base logic you highly overestimate Raiden’s strength, and seem to have no understanding whatsoever of what Dante is capable of. Simply put he’d plow through Raiden in a heartbeat, lasting only as long as it takes Dante to get bored of fucking with him.

  32. Honestly I agree with your logic but disagree on strategy. I think Dante and Kratos have the best chances of protecting you, just by the fact that you won't be dealing with them. In addition, they're actually possibly the fastest characters in this, as both have potentially light speed capabilities, so if you don't have someone like them on your side, you'll be dead before you can even start blinking. In addition, Dante potentially has equipment which is able to stop time on top of his already insane speed. And both he and Kratos are highly adaptable and well-versed in magic and specifically learning to use magic weapons quickly, so correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Prince's dagger what allows him to turn back time? Because if so, it'd be trivial to steal it from him as long as it's not specifically bound to him, and for either one of your guards, or yourself to use it in the event of an emergency.

  33. Raiden would be dead in about 5 seconds against Dante. People are really not understanding how much faster and stronger Dante is than every other character on this list,

  34. You would die so fuckin' quick with this combo, realistically any combo tbh. If you had Price and Raiden, you'd be max chillaxin hiding somewhere dark and dank, then way off in the distance you would hear the DOOM theme slowly coming closer as he follows Geralt, who is following the yellow path to his quest objective (you) on Roach

  35. realistically you only have to live for as long as an average life span lol. I'd just pick korvo + prince and always be on the run.

  36. People are talking about Kratos just coming back from dead. It doesnt matter how many times Kratos comes back, Dante will send him back every time.

  37. Dante and Kratos. Dante is a 9 dimensional being that decimates demons in his sleep, Kratos supposedly has this thing called "hope" which basically gives him plot armor against his opponent (idk I never played the gow games)

  38. Yeah! We would probably be murdered by doom guy or kratos, but out last hours would be fun, drinking beer, eating pizza, blowing joints and cracking jokes. That would be the best!

  39. If it's Cutscene Dante, then yes. If it's in-game dante, then no. Either way, second pick is doom slayer. If nothing else, because he's got the ranged advantage here.

  40. Kratos and Doom Guy. Doom Guy could be left here to hunt down the people coming after me while Kratos could bring me to another realm entirely (such as Jotunheim), making it difficult if not outright impossible for any of my pursuers to get to me (I feel pretty safe in assuming Kratos is the only one with access to a bifrost). Even if they could travel realms they'd still have to figure out which realm I was hidden in, get past Doom Guy, get to doing some realm travel, find my specific location within that realm, get past Kratos, and only then would they be able to get to me. I feel pretty safe.

  41. Easy dante and kratos. Those other guys don't stand a chance. Plus i get dante, come on now was that even a question?

  42. Kratos and the Doom Marine for me. Not because I'd survive against the rest, but because there's a better chance at a quick, painless death without them on the other side. If I went with the time-controllers, I feel like I'd be stuck in an endless loop of dying and reversal until they ran out of sand/power.

  43. Dante to protect and Doom guy, just to take him off the other team. LOTR guy and Prince of Persia can potential come back from the dead but doesn’t change the opponents just killing them again lol. Geralt isn’t even the strongest person in his own story, more like sole survivor. Kratos and Corvo both famously suck at protecting people. Raiden is already a knock off Dante so no problem.

  44. When you have to pick between a god killer, an imortal and a fucking timestopper, you are mcfucked and the other are just red herrings.

  45. Doom Slayer and Dante. I'm safe. Doom Slayer absolutely wrecks Kratos and everyone so good luck getting past him.

  46. Prince from prince of persia and Kratos! I mean time warp + a dude who kills Zeus! Hell yes, i cant die if i can reset time!

  47. This was my answer too; Prince ensures I stay alive, while Kratos whittles everyone else down to just Doom Slayer, and I die of old age long before that battle ends.

  48. Doomguy and War. If they fuck with War the other three horsemen might come to helpand, yes, my choice is totally an excuse to see the 4 of them unite. And for Doomguy, well, you just gotta pick him.

  49. Kratos and doom guy. Talion would have me worried and so would Dante, but I would be crazy not to pick the god of war and the guy who’s too angry to die

  50. Kratos and Corvo. Corvo stops time and kills off the non-tanks, maybe using possession as well. Kratos takes the tanks like Doom Slayer and if he doesn’t kill them, keeps them busy long enough for Corvo to join him and again, stop time/possess them to kill more of them.

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