Diablo Immortal brought $100,000,000 to developers in less than two months after release. This is why we will never regain non-toxic game models. Why change when you can make this kind of cash?

  1. The amount of videos people made about "I spent $50,000 to show how shitty it is." Good job? ..I wish people would give me thousands to show how crappy I was.

  2. I don't often get sad about influencers making more than me, it happens. But man, seeing them have enough to blow more than my yearly take-home, to... checks notes... stick it to blizz?

  3. Those people knew exactly what they were doing. Their $50,000 investment brought them much more in return. They act like they’re exposing a problem but they’re just a part of it.

  4. I was in shock how many idiots on Twitch did that ... like 80% of them had a "money spent" counter on their screen and it's at like 25k and they're saying "nobody can actually afford this hurr durr ... blizzard is awful". I stopped watching any stream or YT video of that game because of it

  5. Seriously. People in this sub were defending that. "If he has the money why not spend $50,000 on the game to prove a point?" Uh, how about cuz they're feeding the beast and this will never stop if people keep throwing money at it??

  6. Look at quin69 he streamed spending like 15 thousand dollars as some kind of "fuck you" to blizzard.. he says he was trying to show others how hard it was to actually get a 5 star gem lol

  7. Sad thing is, if you play the game without spending anything, you can complete most of the PvE content and do well as long as you have solid rotations down. You don't NEED the 5 star gems...sure, I wouldn't mind having one or two of them, but I don't NEED them to do well in the game...and I don't feel pressured to buy anything (but I don't have an addiction problem).

  8. I wonder why people even pay for this game when, according to people who play it, the singleplayer story can be enjoyed to the end without spending money.

  9. Not gonna lie guys, if I could make a 100M and the flip side was mild protest and a few of you really hating me, I'd cash the check on the spot.

  10. This. People can hate on Blizzard all they want for exploitative monetization, and it is, but they aren't going to care as long as they keep getting paid.

  11. This is the core of humanity. I know shopping at Walmart hurts my local economy, but the few purchases I need to make are a drop in the bucket, so I put me first… just like everyone else, which results in corporations winning again.

  12. Just wish there wasn't $100,000,000 of proof that it would have been just as meaningful had it been said into an endless void.

  13. I bet that guys repeating that line over and over to himself in his room grinning while the Diablo immortal creators are using 100 dollar bills to wipe their ass on their brand new yacht

  14. They fucked up the PR on it so badly. They kept dancing around making it for PC for no reason when they could have just said plainly that there were no plans at the moment but it was a consideration.

  15. That ship sailed when mobile games were introduced. The business model of microtransactions isn't going away because it proved successful. There is clearly a market for those types of games. Zero you can do to stop it short of inventing the next game genre that millions of players flock to.

  16. You say "we" as if the people in here have any type of effect on an industry giant like Blizzard. Might as well think that when you don't buy the game you opt out of having an opinion they need to care about. These people know how to make money, and that's their job, sadly.

  17. This reminds me when Cyberpunk 2077 got released, everybody was mad as shit, execs split $28mil bonus package between 5 of them, threw disproportionate bonuses at the rest of the team and shrugged it off saying that bonus was in their contracts.

  18. Bang on. Developer salaries are completely unrelated to company profit in most cases. We also do not choose the game model. We are told what to do, how to do it, and how long it will take by people who have no idea whatsoever.

  19. Thankfully governments can make a difference here. Diablo Immortal wasn't released in the Netherlands and Belgium because the type of loot boxes Blizzard insisted on are illegal in those countries in their current form. If larger countries follow that example at any point publishers will have to come up with alternatives for earning money. It's not like they can just ban the entirety of Europe, for instance.

  20. I agree with you but I think the term is thrown around as a catch-all, or meaning "the development company"

  21. they meant developers as in the company that develops the game. not the people who actually MAKE the game. as in Blizzard the game developer

  22. Actually mobile game compensation is among the best in the tech industry and in every company I’ve worked in bonuses have ranged from 10-40% for everyone. It’s a great place to work and I’ve seen hundreds of people receive life changing money from bonuses because of our success.

  23. The crazy thing is they don't want to spend 1000$ on a PC but would rather spend 20,000$ on a single phone game.

  24. As an Indian I can say this. We don't put shit ton of money on a mobile game. Heck we don't even play anything that has a pay wall. At least that's within my friend circle. There are cases where some teens used up their parents savings on games but those are very rare. We, like others, want a game that is paid for once and get 100% of it. Pay for cosmetics is fine but to unlock regular items is a scam.

  25. The solution won't come from the companies, because obviously it's proven that P2W makes money and the executives won't stop. As a mobile developer myself (but also a gamer who hates P2W), there's an insane feedback loop here too: if a company makes a ton of revenue unethically, they get a lot more money to buy ads, and keep on making even more money from the newly acquired users. And repeat.

  26. The biggest problem is the play store, it really sucks at showcasing games. Not enough tags, the categories suck, and the ratings feel meaningless. I go on steam and can look up a plethora of tags I like. If a game is overwhelming positive there is a pretty good chance I won't hate the game unless it is completely in a genre I dislike. Finding a game on the play store sucks.

  27. I agree with you although I also believe the solution must involve government regulation, particularly with regards to predatory monetisation in children's games and gambling aimed at them.

  28. It's really not as much as you'd think, Diablo 3 sold for $60 and sold 6.3 million copies in the first month, meaning the first month they made $387,000,000. Now if Diablo Immortal manages to stay relevant their profit will of course rocket past D3's but that remains to be seen.

  29. I would love to see an alternative universe where they released Immortal without pay-to-win. Either pay for the game, subscription or cosmetic microtransactions. Or a combination of those. Would love to see how much money they would make doing that. I hope in the future that gamers stay away from predatory pay-to-win games and that other types of monetization will prove more profitable for developers.

  30. I feel like diablo 3 might of been more expensive to make than immortal. I might be wrong but from memory diablo immortal uses the same engine/code/mechanics that lots of other top down NetEase games, so it feels like a copy paste with new assets and small adjustments. I feel like cost/profit is going to be in favor to immortal over the next year.

  31. Don’t forget about the early access model, where consumers actually pay money to be free QA—play a buggy game and give the devs feedback.

  32. I didn’t really understand what the game was about, I played Diablo 3 so I was excited. The second I saw the pay to win crap I uninstalled the game and haven’t touched it since.

  33. I played till 60 and did PvP battlegrounds. The game was about who had the biggest whale on their side. One whale could solo 10 other players themselves. I quit the game shortly after.

  34. I'm 41. The whole system has basically drove me out of gaming at this point. I sound like an angry grandpa but games suck nowadays. Even the "good" ones push extra crap.

  35. Same. I was so, so disappointed with Diablo 3. I made it my goal to sell enough items to make my money back that I spent purchasing the game. Made it to $35 when I couldn't stand it anymore, said "meh close enough" and signed out for good.

  36. I play almost exclusively solo, or off-line if possible, and I enjoyed d3. It wasn't fantastic at launch, but it got better. I ended up getting it on Xbox a long while after they released it, and I had a ball.

  37. Plus it helped that a streamer was literally spending money to prove how shitty it was. Like dude, you are the target audience and you gave them 25 grand just to prove your point

  38. The streamers do it on purpose. Tax write-off and attracts an audience. It pays off in the end. Look, you're even talking about it right now, so it's clearly working.

  39. That just proves that gamers cannot self regulate gambling and predatory monetization. We will have to legislate the problem away and that's not happening with our dysfunctional government.

  40. They knew what they did. They used the same methods used against gambling addicts. They took advantage of people with issues.

  41. Yeah seriously who gives a fuck. The market is incredibly saturated with great games that are not predatory. Just don’t play shitty predatory games. Nobody is forcing you to.

  42. D4 isn’t a phone game. It’s also not made by the same company. You can follow monthly updates and vids. They aren’t hiding stuff there

  43. Exactly this. I really don't understand this view that bad monetization schemes are driving out good ones in the gaming world, I think anyone who believes it must be blind.

  44. It's sad I had to scroll so far to find this. There are far more games that don't do this than games that do. OP is just riding that sweet rage-bait train to Karma Town.

  45. The sad part is people playing games with this toxic pay model, who hate the toxic pay model, but still pay for stuff in the game.

  46. That's usually how a gambling/drug addiction works, you engage in a behavior you know is bad and want to stop but can't, while every now and then the "'dealer" comes back and says, "Hey kid, look at what I got. Yeah...you want this don't you. You'll look really cool, and you'll be at peak performance" The makers of the game are the ones who set the player up to make that choice.

  47. Let's be honest. You'll can't even do a simple boycott. You'd think that not buying the game but funding the twitch streamers through donations is gonna kill the blizzard and make them change.

  48. it's a losing battle, a lot of people realize it's shitty and didn't pay for anything but these games are made to manipulate and exploit the people who are willing to pay thousands of dollars on games.

  49. I love the indie scene, but man oh man am I sick to death of the 16-bit tribute graphics trend. Do none of these developers have access to 3D modeling software?

  50. He is 100% correct about mobile games tho. Your mobile phone should be as good as the nintendo switch for big traditionally paid games. But its not because mobile devs raced the market to the bottom and now its impossible for a big traditional game on mobile to exist. Devs who do that business model go out of business.

  51. I have told my friends and I will tell them again. The majority of gamers are stupid. Instead of doing what needs to be done which is have some self control about your money, the majority will complain about something they don’t like but still shell out the cash cuz “well I can’t miss out!” It’s why pre orders no longer come with any REAL perks like they use to back in the day and why AAA games being released half baked is ok so long as they “pull a no man’s sky” as well we why even more game companies will start pulling this Diablo immortal nonsense.

  52. my question is WHO put all that money into the game? just WHO?? if the community was so extremely vocal against the game, who went into it, and worse, spent money on it???

  53. The people who put money into these games don't give a shit about reddit, more so defending these practices.

  54. I finished the main storyline without paying any money. That's a couple of dozen hours of decent/fun gameplay for free, I think that's great value.

  55. None? Developers and artists are ultimately hired help and their salaries would be part of operational expenses.

  56. Compare that amount divided to what a AAA game cost today (60 dollars?) and you get about 1.6 ish million copies sold which isn't that impressive. The information regarding the toxic monetization system should also be widely spread by now and the continuing money making hopefully degrading over time. My guess is they were hoping for a lot more.

  57. Maybe we should address wealth inequality if some people have hundreds of thousands of dollars to drop on a video game before blaming predatory monetization targeting those same people.

  58. Honestly, regular games these days take so much more effort and money compared to 20+ years ago. It almost feels like supporting a mobile game is greatly increasing the chances of a quality game being made for that IP.

  59. I gave the game a shot but the only thing I thought about while playing was that I'd rather just be playing Diablo III.

  60. Doesn't mobile gaming such as this make up like 50% of the gaming revenue?? These games are cash cows especially compared to standard console/PC games. Companies have no incentive to make traditional games over mobile games because the latter can make a much bigger percentage and overall profit.

  61. This number isnt that crazy, Mobile games make absolute bank. Americans number around 350m (It's less, but lets round up). There is 1.38 Billion people in India, That's over 1 Billion more people than we have. Then add China, that's another 1.4 Billion.

  62. I’ve only put about 15 or 20 minutes into it and I thought it was pretty good, the graphics & art direction are a step in the right direction without feeling “mobile”. Can I beat the game with $60-120 and have as good a time as Diablo III? That’s really all I care about until D4 drops.

  63. Regulate the hell out of it. Lots of EU countries have started debating rules/policies for said gambling/gatcha/etc games. And a big majority of voters that game are for bans of malicious design in games (in my country and a few others i know).

  64. Any game company beholden to shareholders will only ever release half baked pay to win microtransaction bullshit games because it is literally the law to make those shareholders as much money as possible.

  65. Nothing short of government regulation is going to stop shit like D:I at this point. A damn shame it’s gotten this bad but I guess that’s capitalism for ya.

  66. Yes. You know who you are in the crowd (the people who buy into this garbage). Good job idiot

  67. I used to go on rants on my fav games about waning quality, micro transactions, and the like- and the communities were always saying shit like "adapt" or "slippery slope fallacy" when predatory or low/shallow quality content would be in a game. Watched my favorite franchises, developers, and communities change for the worse.

  68. this news has been the most depressing thing for me in the gaming industry for a long time. i am not sure why because other games out there have been doing the same thing for years. i just hoped somehow, diablo immortal would be the game where players draw the line. I hate this and i do not use the word hate lightly. 99% of the games are not like this right now and i am hopeful that it will stay like that for a long time, but i don't know, i feel like that number is going to go down.

  69. If anything more games will seek to reproduce Immortal’s monetization scheme. The people who speak out against it are loud, and make good arguments.. but are mostly preaching to the choir.

  70. We already have plenty of games that aren't predatory, play those. If you like Blizzard games you've had like 14 years to see the writing on the wall. You don't even have to look that hard, xbox games pass is the best deal in gaming and costs less than WoW.

  71. I'm really looking forward to starfield. Bethesda always turns out extremely high quality single-player experiences, so for now, at least there are some developers like fromsoftware and Bethesda who are satisfying my market demand.

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