what are the most broken over powerful weapons/gadgets/abilities in video games

  1. That weapon was the one weapon that it was preferable to play against real humans with. Bots would shoot it out of the sky at least 50% of the time

  2. I thought possession was pretty good. Sneak in range and possess the npc, walk them to a secluded area and they will collapse. Keep repeating and you can clear out an area pretty quickly.

  3. I need to replay this game. The only time I played it, I was trying to get as many achievements in one run as possible, and I haven’t played it since. I still haven’t used any of the powers. I don’t recommend playing this way

  4. when I was a much younger kid playing ac 2 , I remember the game being absolutely breezy after they teach you to counter attack. I remember while playing ac revelations once, I used the distraction where you throw money to distract crowds to gather them all in one place, I would sprint through the crowd pickpocketing everyone and escape before they could call the guards. Managed to rack up a mean amount of florens with that strat

  5. Shit, like the first 3 AC games were like that. I hardly ever had a weapon out or attacked. I just waited for them to attack me, then I’d counter, take their weapon, and kill them with it.

  6. The first AC has aged terribly because of this, the stealth mechanics and repetitive missions. I tried to play it a few years ago and absolutely hated everything about it, except the graphics.

  7. Spy cards in Witcher 3 Gwent. You get to have like double the cards as your opponent at the expense of losing the first round, then dummy them for the rest of the game

  8. Though a lot harder to pull off, sneak with a dagger is crazy powerful. You can get like 32x damage with the right perks and armor.

  9. START A NEW GAME -- I'm going to play as a heavy armor two handed ... 6 HOURS LATER-- level 80 archer level 75 sneak

  10. In Oblivion you could make your own armor and with the right soul stones create a set of armor that made you completely and permanently invisible. You could hit an npc and they would run around crazy for a while then go back to their spot. You didn’t have to be strong but we’re practically invincible.

  11. It was also possible to wear a setup of armor that would give you 100% magic resistance and 100% reflect damage, rendering you immune to almost all damage while enemies that tried to damage you killed themselves instead.

  12. Invisibility in general felt very overpowered in that game. Permanent invisibility must have made the game trivial.

  13. Bethesda Games are probably cheating though. They mostly have some kind of loop that can be exploited so that you can craft items with almost infinite damage points.

  14. In Skyrim you could start the game off by easily making a ton of iron daggers at the blacksmith. Then take them to the enchanting table to add a minor enchantment of whatever to them. Then disenchant and sell them.

  15. Fun thing about oblivion that still works, was the copy scroll glitch. Playing vanilla was hard for me as a kid trying to rack up all of that gold, but when I learned the copy scroll glitch I was rich af and could finally afford all the houses and gear I wanted haha. You really can become practically invincible in that game in a number of ways lol.

  16. Was it just your copy of the game? I'm trying out what you said by playing an online emulated version of the game on a browser. And there is no barrier to jump over

  17. Definitely the tomahawk from ac3, the chain kills you could get would literally take out a battalion of British soldiers in like 30 seconds

  18. Ye, I remember playing it as a kid and wondering why an axe would be more effective than the famous assassin blade in an ASSASSIN GAME. This is the only thing I remember from this game, aside from the eternal snow.

  19. Bold of you to choose Connor's personal signature weapon over his Brotherhood's own iconic one 😜 but it's a good one. A great one, really. With AC3 pivoting mechanically to more fluid, on the go, "yo grab this musket and stab a guy" assassinations, I also went with Connor's signature tomahawk. It already looks cool, and is just so thematically perfect for an Assassin who definitely walked his own path so to speak, in the eyes of a lot of fans and as compared to other, more popular protagonists in Assassin's Creed. Nice.

  20. I think they are more op in the 2nd game as you can shortcut your squad members powers to buttons and use 3 biotic/tech attacks at once

  21. Which is really dumb since it's supposed to be set in the future but we've already had antibiotics for ages.

  22. Oh man, that brings back memories. I loved playing as a vanguard. Psychic wrecking ball, shotgun, wrecking ball over here, shotgun, wrecking ball over to that guy, shotgun, back again over here, shotgun…

  23. Well it's that ultimative endgame content or do I remember that wrong? Like you had to collect all kind of stuff and unlock it in your house then? Makes sense IMO to give the player something actual useful or OP as reward for something that you can only finish close to when the game is over anyway

  24. I remember unlocking it and thinking I was invincible. Swam towards a legendary ship and got blasted into to the future.

  25. You mean spell shield and summon right? Casting a spell gives magic exp. Having a combat multiplier multiplies any experience gained. Spell shield stops hits from ruining your combat multiplier.

  26. Maybe it’s just nostalgia, but that was easily my most favorite iteration of CoD multiplayer. Sure, everything was busted a’f but it was just so much fun

  27. Do y’all remember the Javelin glitch where you could cook a grenade then switch to the javelin, and if someone killed you it detonated the javelin and killed everyone around you lol

  28. I came here for this. I used that and made a Deadric warhammer that did some ungodly damage and played that runthrough naked with just the warhammer..... was fun at first but got old quickly one tapping everything.

  29. Morrowind is even crazier, you can literally fly faster than light if you keep spamming enough fortify intelligence potions and then craft speed/levitation potions. Or you could build a spell to nuke an entire city.

  30. I created a ring that increases my health so much my health bar wouldn’t even appear if I took damage. Weirdly if I unequipped it in my inventory I would instantly die lol

  31. In Oblivion you could get permanent 100% chameleon enchants on your equipment fairly easily. Sort of like invisibility but it didn't wear off from attacking. Basically guaranteed every hit was a sneak attack if I remember right.

  32. The Chinese Stealth Armour from the same DLC had a glitch that meant you could wear a ridiculous amount of hats.

  33. Yeah the most durable normal items have a few hundred durability, and the WPA has like 65 thousand. You'd have to take enough damage for a regular power armor to break like 32 times over to lose 1% of the durability.

  34. Zantetsuken in Final Fantasy: Stranger of Paradise. Two shot the final boss with this move with no grinding and without being overlevelled in any way.

  35. Symphony of the Night had some busted weapons. The Crissaegrim slashes four times per swing in a wide arc, can be used while walking, and has zero recovery time.

  36. The Crissaegrim made it into Bloodstained too under a different name. Tho it's not quite as strong, it still wrecks.

  37. The fucking time travel glove from Titanfall 2, imagine someone disappearing infront of you just to shoot you from behind

  38. It linked to a specific time period though. In that sense it functioned a lot more like Nightcrawler and his alternate dimension he was actually hopping in and out of.

  39. I always hoped they would make a game just around that mechanic, that whole level was amazing. Puzzles, free running and combat but all with the ability to switch between times.

  40. I'd also say the power armour (don't remember what it's called). It takes a while to get but basically makes you invincible or there abouts

  41. Nooooo the bomb slingshot. If you modded it with explosive damage, it was almost instant kill on even the biggest enemies

  42. Level that up and you can just spend all the combat deking while enemies get stunned and injured hitting you.

  43. Any of the endgame stuff in Terraria, especially if you're doing calamity mod. You're fighting and damaging gods and demigods while flying around like a goddamn superhero.

  44. In FF15 I found out that there is a FF14xFF15 crossover quest that rewards you with a summon that appears when your health is low enough. I managed to get the summon before the endgame and the summon almost one shot the final boss

  45. All summons appear when your health is low, it's the only way to summon a deity to one shot almost any foes.

  46. Upgraded pistols in just about any game that let's you upgrade them. Semi auto, but can fire as fast as you can click, high accuracy like a sniper rifle, high damage like a sniper rifle, headshot bonuses cause it's a pistol, aim button usually zooms in a bit, common abundant ammo, large magazines, quick reload, sometimes even akimbo, etc. Deus Ex series, Mass Effect series, CS, so many others... pistols get all of the perks but hardly any downsides, if any.

  47. Combine that spear dual wielded with Gungnir and you could literally obliterate everything in the game and never get hit. Group of 20 enemies? 3 seconds. Lol in the face of the fiercest legendary animal. Insane

  48. Combat focus power in Prey. Wth full upgrades and the shotgun, and on nightmare difficulty, trigger combat focus and watch the nightmare enemy melt in a fraction of a second.

  49. Just out of curiosity I ran Prey first with only human mods, then with only typhon mods to see which extreme is better.

  50. ME3 DLC Citadel, the M7 Lancer. If you have high grade barrel and thermal clips too. It will make the blackstar and m920 cain outdated

  51. Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The laser rifle on PC. There is a bug where if your game runs at over 100fps you get infinite ammo.

  52. Gravity gun upgraded in HL2 was seriously overpowered. As well as this the Portal gun. Valve really know how to mess with physics.

  53. I don't think this is overpowered. You have to be skilled enough to get the parry timing correct, and it rewards you for that.

  54. Ye, master perfect parry, and the game becomes too easy. Just waiting for the perfect parry opportunity and just destroying the whole group of enemies with that was overpowered and boring

  55. It's not so bad, it's just bad when paired with star scourge spamming mages and then usually a sweatlord with radahns swords or some other AOE ash of war they spam relentlessly

  56. The invincibility armour in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Luckily, you can't really get your hands on it until way late in the game, but still. It makes you virtually impossible to defeat so there's no challenge.

  57. Comrades Hammer in Cyberpunk 2077. Handguns with shrapnel rounds. It’s an easy button for handgun builds.

  58. Gas grenades im Xcom apocalypse. One little slot, available at start of gam as cheap starter grenades. 90's AI fish flop footsteps into gas while you wait on react outside its border. Easy bodies and intact equipment.

  59. Shock Gloves aren't broken or OP though ? They're more or less a staple of beat em up combat systems and they are just WB Montreal's answer to that question.

  60. Nioh: Sloth Talisman. Never saw a game where consumables worked on bosses as well as they do on mobs. Sloth would make a fast animating boss move in slow motion so you could just whomp it and dodge easily.

  61. Poison kit in AC:Odyssey. Especially with the poison bow that made your normal arrows into poison arrows so even the crafting wasn't using much of your resources. Doing bow damage with that kit was more efficient than actually using the Artemis bow kit.

  62. Halo CE magnum pistol. Ridiculously high damage with a 3 shot kill for any player without over shield - 2 shots anywhere in the body and 1 in the head.

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