All this for 40$ at a yard sale

  1. FF9 is actually the game I most associate with the PS1. I think it might have been the first true RPG I ever played and I absolutely loved it. Played the whole thing four or five times as a kid.

  2. Best soundtrack Capcom ever pumped out for an rpg in my opinion! Love this game and all the memories I carried from it.

  3. I made it to the desert in that game and couldn't get any further. Years later I find out that the directions they tell you to go are correct the first time they tell them to you. But after that when you check the directions they are completely wrong. But there are a lot of great games there and you got an amazing deal, OP!

  4. My favorite game of all time. I go back every now and then and play through it. An unpopular opinion tho I loved Chrono cross.

  5. It's absolutely fantastic, but don't go in expecting a direct sequel to Chrono Trigger. It is a sequel, albeit more thematically and in a somewhat complicated fashion. It is still a great game on its own, and the soundtrack is one of the best RPGs OSTs.

  6. Chrono Cross isn't Chrono Trigger, but that's way too high a bar. Still a good JRPG, just not the gold standard Trigger set.

  7. No matter how many people I ask they always say the one they played first was the better one, but hands down both are amazing. I personally played CC first and it's still one of my all time fav RPGs.

  8. I would say Chrono Trigger is the better game, having all those characters in Chrono Cross, to me, felt like the characters weren’t as fleshed out and the story didn’t gel as well because of it.

  9. The battle system takes some getting used to. It was pretty experimental at the time but overall it is a fun game with a large cast of recruitable characters. There's a remaster out on steam but it was a little janky at launch I dunno if they've fixed it yet.

  10. Objectively, it is not as good. Chrono Cross is a very different game, not just from Trigger, but from a lot of JRPGs of the time. Instead of a small cast of party members you get to know quite well it has a vast array, some of whom have very interesting stories while others literally see your party, declare that you're a bunch of weirdos, and come along for the ride. The battle system is pretty unusual and in many ways it's less of a sequel and more of a side story.

  11. I do feel like this was parents selling their kids old stuff that they never use anymore without asking them about it.

  12. My younger brother sold all my ps1 n64 games and X-men and spawn action figures when I left to the ARMY. I knew he was going on a wrong path in life. He is currently in prison serving 20 years of 25 years stint that little shit.

  13. I know the sequel was criticized at the time for not being survival horror enough but I absolutely loved it. Real shame the franchise hasn’t been revived.

  14. They did just announce a new game recently. Dino extinction or something, it's like dino crisis and lost planet hooked up and made a awesome bastard child.

  15. That's the first game that caught my eye, I wish someone would remake this one so much. The sequels were cool too, but I loved the original story.

  16. Nice score. Castlevania SOTN, bushido blade 2, RE2, tenchu, siphon filler, twisted metal 2, FF7….hell I bet SOTN is $40 by itself.

  17. The Deadliest Warrior games on Xbox are the closest I've played to Bushido. They were for 360, but they're backwards compatible so you can play them on all the newer ones too!

  18. Absolute steal. Each of the games worth easily 10-25 bucks conservatively, with the more expensive one at around 30-40$ easily. The PS1 can go for about 30-40 alone in this market.

  19. Where do people find these supposed yard sales? Everytime I go to one the person 'did their research on ebay' and is asking me 50 bucks for junk without realizing that the game they saw was an unopened mint condition version, not a 15 year old used CD

  20. I tried pulling out my old PS1. I bought an upscaler so I could connect to HDTV. I could not do it. My brain has been trained on analog stick for too long.

  21. I’m assuming they must have died or something because no one with taste this good would sell all this for just $40.

  22. Dam my buddy has been asking where his copy of Syphon Filter has been for at least 15 years. Time to hit some yard sales.

  23. Damn! I have basically all of this in a box in my basement, and wouldn't part with it for 10 times what you paid.

  24. For $40 that's nice. Symphony of the Night even as it is in the picture with just the game is worth more then that on its own.

  25. Syphon Filter 1 will still remain one of my favorite 3rd person stealth shooters of all time. Nothing like tasing terrorists in the nuts until they catch fire.

  26. Oh wow- one of my best gaming memories was using the taser for too long and setting dudes on fire in Siphon Filter. Great times.

  27. Wow an original copy of RE2. I had it at launch but it eventually broke. I can’t find video of the uncensored deaths anywhere and would really like to track a copy down myself.

  28. Vagrant story will be one of the best stories you have ever played. I am jealous that you get to play it for the first time.

  29. Damn, I remember playing syphon filter with my cousin before he got killed in iraq. I forgot all about those memories. Thanks man

  30. I had a buddy who would always take my games booklets. I would always ask for them back and he would say he lost them. One day i drove to his house and found all of them in a desk drawer and the look in in eyes was more of why you looking through my stuff dude.

  31. Tenchu is a good game. The cheat code for the debug menu is really cool. You can make controller 2 control a cat that shoots arrows from its tail!

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