This image is 4 years old, but it will be 10 years old when the game finally releases

  1. It realistically could be one of the last Elder Scrolls we get before retirement. They'll release the bug-ridden mess in a few years, then lazily re-release it on every platform for the next 4 generations.

  2. It’s sad to see how developers have fallen. Rockstar with GTA 5, Bethesda with Skyrim… Remaster, Enhanced, Next gen… 😕

  3. They have big shoes to fill purely because they've been taking entirely too long to release the game, everyone who loved the previous game now has the biggest rose tinted glasses in the galaxy, making them the new installment's biggest critics.

  4. Thing is with Bethesda, is that everyone loves the first Bethesda game they play to death. Then the next one comes out and its a disappointment to them, but is again loved to death by new players. By now I just expect disappointment. But Starfield will show us what to expect. I have heard a few things that make me optimistic, but well see...

  5. it'll be fine if they use a new stable engine that doesn't require 3 days to set up properly for mods and isn't prone to crashing and script bugs, and not that bullshit they've been patch working together for 20 years

  6. It will play exactly like Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, etc. with slightly better graphics, yet still graphically 5 years behind games from other studios.

  7. So long as I can ignore the main quest right out of the gate after the first major checkpoint in the game and spend my days crouch hopping around exploring every cage, dungeon, and cranny finding and discovering spells and weapons.

  8. I'm taking it optimistically, they're taking so much time with the game to make sure it's absolutely amazing. People Theorize over what Province it'll take place in, i'm thinking it'll span accross multiple. (My theory being that it's Hammerfell, High Rock and Cyrodill.) With other provinces as dlc. With the main conflict initially being the second great war between humans and elves, and a later conflict involving the Aedra and Daedra.

  9. With all the time they have on development I really hope this one doesn’t disappoint. I am still in love with Skyrim and I hope this one goes beyond with gameplay mechs and graphics. If it comes to release day and this game bombs I’m gonna be so disappointed:(

  10. Watch them spend this much time on it just for it to end up like Fallout 4. Not a bad game, but severely lacking.

  11. I mean they haven't even really started development. The announcement was more or less "yes we are planning on developing this, but won't start fully till starfield launches"

  12. People were saying that Bethesda will never develop another elder scrolls game because of a couple fallout games getting announced, which is why they made this announcement, saying that they will make the game. They also said they won't start development until after Starfield launches

  13. We're really at the point where we are now not only counting the number of years between Skyrim and TES6 release, but also the number of years between the very short tease of TES6 and TES6 release itself. This is going to become as big of a meme as Skyrim being released on every platform eventually

  14. Little did 2018 me know that 4 years after the tease the game still wouldn’t be close to release, and that it’s probably another half decade after those 4 years again before release. I still remember everyone celebrating and being hyped when they saw the teaser come up on screen..

  15. I played Arena at 11: didn't like it. Daggerfall at 13: didn't like it. Morrowind at 18: loved it, played it until Oblivion came out when I was 22; loved it a little less, but still played it until I was about 26.

  16. I mean, unless it comes out next year, you'll 100% be over 30, and there's no way it comes out next year.

  17. Starfield won't come out until next year (at the earliest) and they've already said there will be some time between the two. So at least two years after Starfield. At a minimum, that's three years from now and 6 is easily within the range of possibility. So you might be closer to 40 than 30 when you get to play it.

  18. You will definitely be 30 at least since you're probably damn near 30 now. I was 20 when it got released and am 31 now.

  19. I was upset at first when I found out it was probably going to be Xbox exclusive so I couldn’t play it. Then I realized I’m going to be in a totally different phase in my life and probably wouldn’t have enough time to play it anyway when it finally drops lol.

  20. If their trend continues I have zero hope the game will be an RPG and probably just another open world action game with a linear skill tree. Not like it matters since it doesn’t exit yet and won’t for another decade.

  21. The game industry is fucking ridiculous. I’m sure it was just jokingly addressing the meme, but did we really need this? Did we really need it to be confirmed that one of a studios two most lucrative, well-established franchises was getting a sequel?

  22. They didn’t bait us though. This was announced to tell the fans they WILL be working on it, but after Starfield. It’s in their sights, but it’s not like they said “yup watch out soon!”.

  23. Hopefully the game will look at least as good as HZD. The character models in that game (and FW) are stunning. The terrain and environment is great, too. So I am hoping that ES:6 will look at least that good.

  24. If Starfield is set for 2023, and their games take 5-6 years on average to make, TES6 will be a 2028-2029 game and I wouldn't be satisfied with just HZD (2022) visuals, not to mention the controls and responsiveness would have to be perfect after such a long wait, the floatiness of Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim would be unacceptable. I mean I'm going to get it anyway, but I'll be mad about it.

  25. Seriously. By the time they release it the people who fell in love with Skyrim will mostly be out of the gaming scene anyway….if they’re even still alive.

  26. You guys always complain about this like there aren’t a hundred other games to play, right now I got games Ive bought I just don’t have time to play lmao and whenever this elder scrolls game comes out I’m sure it’ll get added to the list of games I want to play but don’t have time to play

  27. Meh I’ve been done with Bethesda after fallout 4. They seem to just make their games prettier but remove all the awesome mechanics that made the previous release great. Skyrim had one main improvement on the two handed combat system but neutered the magic system, created a bland and uninteresting main story, and watered down quests to almost MMO levels of redundancy. Fallout 4’s quests were basically a bunch of fetch quests. I’m expecting starfield to be a buggy contest less fishbowl of a game albeit pretty…

  28. My mindset is, there's so many other games to play that when ES6 comes it comes and ill be happy whenever that may be. Weather if its next week or in 6 years.

  29. All of the elder scrolls games are good, well, i’ve never played Arena. But played the rest a shitload. I hope 6 is worth the wait. 10+ years between games is ridiculous and runs the risk of losing fans.

  30. Blizcon 2018 had just happened with "do you not have phones" and they realized they had to announce an elderscrolls game if they were going to showcase their shitty new mobile game (that no one ended up playing).

  31. Four years?! Fuck you Bethesda, you scumbags. Stop porting Skyrim everywhere. Yes I know I just bought the Skyrim Special Edition for my PC last month, don't look at me with your accusing eyes.

  32. Pff, Gabe hasn't driven that bus for years. We got Half Life and Half Life 2, and then HL2: Episode 1 and Episode 2. We're not going to get Half Life 3. They just don't want to go above 2.

  33. MMOs are a different animal, and they released FFXV a few years ago and are actively developing FFXVI. If you're going tp use that one for an example, why not use WoW (2004- present) since they haven't released a warcraft sequel in 20 years because of it

  34. It’s good they are taking the time for the development maybe it won’t be filled with bugs, but it’s Bethesda so maybe it’s their tradition to release trash and make customers pay for fixes and dlcs, so maybe we will get the game in 6 years but with a 10 year old graphic engine

  35. I'm hoping by the time elder scrolls releases you'll be able to have real sex in game. Wanna get down with them orcs and khajits. I wouldn't kick some of those elder horrors out of bed either, if you know what I'm saying.

  36. It's going to be dog shit, they aren't actually working on it atm. they are focusing on other things then will rush the fuck out of it and say "we done our best" and the fans will call it "the best ever" cause they have waited so long for it they are in denial.

  37. When they finally get around to giving us real news about release dates and such. I hope they have Todd on stage saying he’s proud to show the newest product for Bethesda soft works.

  38. I feel like people are miffed more because they announced TES6 a fairly long time ago whilst also re-releasing TES5 even more times after people asked for a new game instead of the same thing over and over again.

  39. I just started a new game of Skyrim the other day. I only play on my lunch break at work on my laptop lol. Level 6, here I come!

  40. It will be at least 3-4 more years, hopefully better tech will allow them for a better/long lasting game (because we know it will be re-re-re-re-released for at minimum a decade

  41. Bethesda needs to revive the Adventures series in the meantime, starting with a remake of Redguard. Make them small-scale games, each with a pre-built character, a narrower set of skills that are more refined, experimental mechanics, and a linear but more detailed story. They could probably make the games on an annual release schedule to hold people over while waiting a decade and a half for the next core release. A lot of the features and assets would just be copied into the core release as well.

  42. I remember where I was when this image launched, I looked at it so much. These last 4 years were one hell of A ride. Hope they release a sequel to this image.

  43. Man this blows me away especially when every once in a while we get these announcements for triple a games and they’re like.. yea it’ll be out in a few months.. and you’re like really?? We don’t have to wait a decade?

  44. People can’t make games anymore. All this “announcement” and putting dates out. Then they don’t meet those dates. Just stfu about your game until it’s ready.

  45. Ah yes, just in time for PlayStation 7 and XBox One XX One Box X Series XX. They will probably delay it anyway because of "unexpected upgrades for the new-gens"

  46. and from what I remember, thats not even ES6, it was just randomly created to make a title screen and get people excited

  47. Nah. Delayed. It'll be pushing 25 when microbethesoftda releases it in its rushed, unfinished state.

  48. This is the time a game announcement will work like it did. I can't image any other game showing a sweeping landscape followed up with a title card will catch praise.

  49. I've played bethesda games for 15 years and i cant bring myself to be excited for starfield or this. They're just all the same really, they also have the same problems while the creation engine is still being used.

  50. It rarely took 10 years to develop a game like this prior to elder scrolls 5 or gta 5 milking the ever loving shit out of the current games. I’m sorry but I’m not buying the same game 15 times over, I’m not buying your micro transaction mobile game. Give us the fucking 6th game in the series already.

  51. Make the game convoluted, difficult and enormous. Make my brain swim with possibility like Morrowind did after only playing Daggerfall before it.

  52. I can't wait to introduce my kids to this (hopefully) masterpiece. But then I'll have to get them monstrous PCs... Fuck. Oh well, it'll be fulfilling :P

  53. I really don't want a cyberpunk story again. The game is hyper for almost a decade but when it comes it our it's an utter disaster

  54. Good thing I don't just sit around waiting for a specific game to come out, then. I've got a lot of other stuff to do in the meantime.

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