What’s your favorite video game city?

  1. I can hear the music already. Also all the little details you can find, books and notes, conversation between NPC's, context clues and other stuff makes the city (and the rest of the world) feel so alive.

  2. I’m so sad I had to scroll so far to find Dunwall. Fuck the immersion was unreal. One of those games where you are absolutely in no hurry to beat any level. I think my favorite level was the Boyal’s party in the mansion. Ugh I could go on forever about that game. Best of all time!

  3. God i spent so much time in Fable 2 in the blacksmith shop doing that minigame to grind for weapons and listening to the Town Crier shout the shops were open or closed

  4. I loved the imperial city in oblivion. I felt like I always had something different to do there. Tasks to pick up, someone to rob, stores to rob, guards to rob, barrels to rob. Good times.

  5. I still think the imperial city feels the most like an actual functioning city in any video game I've ever played. I think it hit kind of a sweet spot where it was just big enough to give it that sense of grand scale, while still being small enough that it didn't have to lean on having a bunch of bland, nameless filler NPCs running to make it feel populated, everything was there for a reason.

  6. Agree, and something I really thought was lacking in Skyrim. The individual cities were cool and everything, but I missed that massive central hub city.

  7. Holy shit I completely forgot about these games! I remember playing one of them, but I don't remember which it was. Probably the last one on PS2... What a brainwave

  8. So atmospheric. The whole below/above the plate thing, the dystopia of the main highlight of the city being a corporate entity, what a game and what a city

  9. I liked the citadel from ME1 the best. It felt so huge and open. The other 2 games looked cool but never captured the awe I felt wandering around in the first game.

  10. GTA 4 version of liberty city always a special place in my heart. Flying a helicopter at night with Queen or kanye west flashing lights just hit different

  11. That is one of my favorite "eye candy" cities in video game history. The ads, the vibe, the gangs, the layout. It's all so perfect. Just wish it had more things to do that's why i didn't pick it. Going to Honkers by subway from Niko's apartment will always have a place in my heart tho. Only game i legit WALKED around. So immersive

  12. Idk man, Columbus has been taking my breath away recently... Just started playing infinite and am a good ways through now.

  13. Balmora easily tops every other settlement in the game with Suran and Sadrith Mora coming close for similar reasons. They're nice peaceful towns. Not too complicated while still having everything you need.

  14. I remain convinced that Balmora is based on some middle eastern aesthetic because of a single picture from an Iranian home I saw a while back.

  15. Balmora is such a comfy town. It's the first real town you're likely to stumble upon and it always feels like home. I always try to live in other towns and nothing feels quite like Balmora.

  16. I agree. Yharnam is not a place I would like to live but the beauty, detail and lore tied up in that city is unparalleled

  17. Thunder Bluff in World of Warcraft. The music and visuals of that place will always be ingrained in my mind.

  18. I'll never forget when 11 year old me walked through Durotar with my lvl 5 orc warlock and saw the gates of Orgrimmar approaching in the background. When I entered the city I couldn't believe all those people running around.

  19. When i started playing WOW i went into it blindly and had no idea where any of the major cities were. Discovering thunder bluff is still at the top for gaming moments in my life.

  20. First time I waddled into Ironforge as a new player dwarf hunter, all I saw were skeletons and a big ass demon shooting shadowbolts and stuff. Was awesome

  21. Lindblum. Love everything about it: the architecture, the music, the infamous Festival Of The Hunt, the (often funny) NPC dialogue, the shops (especially the synthesist), and, of course, the castle.

  22. Arriving at City of Tears for the first time, sitting on that bench and watching the rain fall on the window as the piano starts... Just amazing. It's basically the equivalent of the 'arriving in Anor Londo' cutscene from Dark Souls 1 in terms of wow factor and the whole game has been leading to that point so far. The aesthetic of the city of tears is also great.

  23. Bullworth is such a great map. The detail is great, there’s so much to do, and it doesn’t take long to travel around and find new things. The world is quite small (especially compared to what we’ve become accustomed to with later generation gameworlds) but it feels so richly designed that it just invites exploration.

  24. I'm from Tuscany, Florence is so accurate it's astonishing! It was great fun to know how to get to places without needing to navigate on the map

  25. Plus, I've never been so immersed in a game than after his family (spoilered). I was out for fucking BLOOD.

  26. Honestly i prefer Irithyll of the boreal valley, pretty nice weather whole year. And it is said that there is a church pretty similar to the one from anor londo, why would that be?🤔

  27. Back when I used to Play World of Warcraft I really enjoyed exploring Booty bay in stranglethorn vale (pre-cata). I know it’s not the most popular and frankly they made it much more of an eyesore after cata with the world revamp, but i loved the compact intricacy of navigating the buildings, though I admit it was a bit confusing at first. I just also generally enjoy the “hidden pirate cove” type of aesthetic it had going for it. But most of my fond feelings for it are fueled by that good ol’ drug; nostalgia.

  28. So tough to pick between the 2. For me, I prefer Novigrad. Beauclair is so beautiful but I think it’s a bit more of a pain to get around

  29. That is a very memorable city really. And important within the game. Of all the Pokémon cities that is definitely at the top for me

  30. The atmosphere of Rapture alone is honestly one of the major things that made that game for me.

  31. So my cousin went to Italy for his honeymoon. I was looking at his pictures and there was one with the skyline of a city in the background. I immediately recognized it as Florence thanks to the Ezio trilogy of Assassin's Creed. They really did the landmarks well. Sorry if we were going for fictional here. Night city is cool too.

  32. Amn is great too, in it's own sense. The music in Waukeen's Promenade is fantastic. Not many games compare to Shadows of Amn/Throne of Bhaal.

  33. There were a few neochronisms e.g. the spire on Notre Dame, but it's an exceptionally accurate representation of historical late 18th century Paris, and still by far the best city in the AC series. With the addition of St. Denis in the Dead Kings add on, it's even better.

  34. It’s got to be Boston in Fallout 4. It’s absolutely huge, with many, many playable indoor areas, it’s 3 dimensional, with skyscrapers that interconnect with each other, even links up to the overhead freeway, then there’s sewers and train systems underground. You can play the game for years and still find areas you’ve never seen before. The complexity and the details are incredible.

  35. Still been playing Fallout 4 since it came out (here and there of course). I really do always find something new.

  36. Yes. I enjoyed many of the main cities in WoW, but something about Stormwind always felt extra special to me.

  37. Whiterun, Skyrim. I know there's like 20 NPCs that live there. But it'll always be my comfort zone, there's a reason why I buy Breezehome everytime xD. And I am a sucker for TES lore so I just vividly hallucinate whiterun to be the city I imagine it to be in my mind while I play xD

  38. Traverse Town from the Kingdom Hearts series. It's not that special and there actually isn't that much in it, I just love it for all the nostalgia it gives me. The theme song for Traverse Town is always going through my head.

  39. Oh yeah Meridian slapped hard. Can’t wait to see wait they do in the next game for a social hub. Hope it’s even more in depth with details.

  40. I really enjoyed Meridian but I just wish it was more dense with places to visit and things to do. Really hope that's improved on in Forbidden West

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