Halfway through season 2 and I just gotta say, fuck this little bastard

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  2. I also recently watched the whole show and I don’t want to spoil anything but you know. If you’ve seen it you just know.

  3. I’ve heard he has a nice arc and is a very good character in season 8 and if he got nominated for an Emmy for his performance I’m very hopeful to see more of him

  4. His sacrifice was so cheesy. He literally just dove solo into a group of white walkers. That would’ve accomplished nothing……and did accomplish nothing. Night king still would’ve walked over to bran with or without Theon. Arya would still be waiting. I don’t take s8 seriously so I know the book will be better if someone writes for that lazy fatass

  5. Still pisses me off that Arya could have done her flying ninja stab a few minutes earlier to prevent his death

  6. 80% of his struggles is finding his identity he seems to come off like a punk and a spoiled brat but he’s just a just a scared little boy underneath it all he goes obnoxiously out of his way to be an arrogant macho tough guy it always seemed so extra. I felt that he only finally became the most true version of himself once he was done wrestling with his identity crisis

  7. I love how his character changes and evolves throughout the show. Him and Jamie might have my favorite character arcs in the show!

  8. He has the most robust arc figured out that really just continues delivering the entire time without feeling trope-y (minus one last part). The rest devolve once D&D break free of the sourced arcs…

  9. I mean…until Jaime’s whole arc is shit on in the last couple of episodes and they just reverse every single thing they did to redeem him. But sure. Jaime too, I guess.

  10. 8.5 mil views - as a millennial you think you’ve seen every meme since the dawn of time and then this gem from 13 years ago shatters your whole worldview.

  11. I feel like you gotta put yourself in his shoes to understand this character's motivations or else it's really hard. A fake family in which you are a hostage vs your real family who doesn't give a shit about you... I think Theon's decisions would be "wrong" no matter what he chooses. Quite a sad situation, but he's one of my favorites because of that.

  12. Well said. I never could decide how to feel about him. Basically saw him as an immature kid trying to earn the love and respect of his people, instead of honoring the friendship bond he had built with the sons of his captor. Then his people reveal that he doesn't matter to them, and then along comes Ramsay and things truly go off the rails. I'll always feel sorry for Theon.

  13. I love describing when people / characters make the wrong choice as them going to "The Theon Greyjoy School of Decision Making"

  14. I really disliked him the entire show until the very end, and even then it’s like the writing of S8 forced us into liking Theon so we would feel something when it was over. He had some good moments but they were too sparse for me to say he was a well rounded character.

  15. The thing about me starting the show so late, I know so many spoilers like major ones that I don’t get to enjoy the suspense and shock of those events. And I know about his death and at this point I’m thinking hey maybe he deserves it, but no matter how many major spoilers I know, I know absolutely fuck all about the buildup on any of those events. The Red Wedding, The Battle of the Bastards, the fight against the night king, etc. I’m hoping to see some character development and progression with him so I can change my mind. I already know a bunch of the ups and downs that Jaime goes through, but I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for this young lad

  16. He's my favorite character. By the end of the show, he is probably one of the only good characters left. Hes the best boi

  17. Theon is my favorite character development, not only in game of thrones but possibly any show I’ve ever watched. “Every choice he makes takes him where he belongs , home”. It might be a unpopular opinion but I don’t really care 😂 every deep dive podcast I’ve listened to agrees so at least I’m not completely alone lol easily in my top ten favorite characters.

  18. The best part of this show is that you find someone to hate, they absolutely FUCK them over, and you just pick someone else next. There’s never a shortage 😂

  19. I went through Joffrey, Cersei, Littlefinger, and now I’m on Theon. For some reason, Tywin is growing on me cuz the way he treats Arya just seems so genuine for some reason. I have a lot hate relationship with him, cuz the way he treats Tyrion is shitty asf, but then the way he treats Arya is very calming and gentle. Such an up and down experience

  20. In amongst the hate, make sure to appreciate what an absolutely stunning job Alfie Allen did portraying Theon. What a brilliant actor.

  21. He paid for what he's done. And get better than himself later on. So don't hate him just yet.

  22. I never hated Theon, from the jump you can tell he loves Robb, but like Snow he’s not a Stark, being raised among them isn’t the same as being raised as one of them. I disliked his choices but can’t blame him, he started out with a bad deck of cards like Snow. The only difference Snow chose to take a more selfless road even when it was the hard choice to make.

  23. He will be your favorite character soon. Just wait. I’m willing to put money on it. He’s one of those characters that has a flawless character archs. For how much they butcher the show, he is one of the best from start to finish. The breaker becomes the broken becomes redeemed. Chefs kiss. What is dead can never die

  24. It’s actually great to be reminded what an ass Theon was in those seasons. You’re going to see a lot go down.

  25. I resonate so much with Theon. To be nurtured in a different country instead of where your parents are from. You might trigger this identity crisis. You neither feel Stark nor Greyjoy. You don't really have a home. I feel for Theon, even if he can be so full of himself.

  26. You go from not really caring about him, to hating him, to starting to feel sorry for him, to rooting for him. By the end you will consider him a hero.

  27. It’s a good redemption arc though, and probably one of the only examples of a characters story making any bit of sense in the whole franchise

  28. Ahhh the days when it was good. You may hate him but you hate him for all the good reasons. Cherish it while you can.

  29. Theon is complicated. His father tried to rebel against King Robert and got crushed. As punishment his first born son (Theon) was taken from him and raised by Ned Stark. He’s basically a hostage. Ned Stark is obviously an honourable man and treats Theon with kindness. Raises him alongside his own children. But Theon always knew he wasn’t truly part of their family. I’m sure he had jealousy towards the Stark children since they grew up with their father. Theon’s father never really checked on him, he seemingly wrote him off. I believe Theon ached for his father… however his father was nothing like Ned.

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