She was done so dirty, her development deserved to have been top tier from start to finish

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  2. After seeing HOTD, mad props to Dany for a lot of what she managed to accomplish. She basically learns how to raise, tame and ride a dragon based only on stories and without specialized equipment. She’s not a great queen but she had a natural conqueror’s instinct and talent which she fully utilized, despite having little formal education and certainly no prior military experience or martial training. She becomes fluent in the Dothraki language and a talented rider in just a few months, and she was generally pretty tolerant of all cultural practices except for slavery. This isn’t to say that HOTD is a bad show, it just highlights the resources that the Targs had and Dany accomplished more than most of them with less at her disposal.

  3. I don't think she had a conqueror's instinct. He trusted Tyrion for military advice, when instead she should have appointed a Master of War (General). And that General would have immediately advised her to train two riders for her dragons, burn the walls (and maybe the Red Keep) of KL and taken control of the Seven Kingdoms immediately. Besides taking too long Tyrion's plan to starve out the inhabitants would never work. The elites of a country and the military are always the last to starve and the poor or common people would have been the first to starve. Rightly or wrongly they would have blamed Daenerys. So taking KL through a "peaceful" siege was never ever possible.

  4. I think she observed and listened a lot and paid (edit: thanks bot, had autocorrect in another language) close attention to those around her, which while easy on paper not actually easy in practice and she learned from every mistake she made, until the writers threw it all out the window.

  5. I think you’re talking about different things entirely. Dany was raising armies, getting followers and conquering cities, the HOTD Targs are ruling. Different activities, different skill sets utilized. I don’t remember as clearly but I believe that Dany had the faults that the Targs in history (and HOTD) had. She wasn’t as good as ruling, didn’t listen to her constituents enough.

  6. At least we got to see her go insane finally.. although like everything else in season 8 it could have been handled better. The trigger for he going insane was kind of stupid.

  7. Everything else is pretty awesome, however immersive learning a language in a couple months is pretty typical.

  8. Idk. There was that whole story plot where she wasn't able to control her dragons, so she had them chained up. Then Drogon came to save her, and Tyrion freed the other dragons. After that, the dragons didn't misbehave. Not exactly great writing. The entire story line was tossed away.

  9. I think what I'll appreciate by the end of Hotd well see why Daenerys doesn't have a warm welcome. Between the Dance of Dragons, blackfyre rebellion and the mad king everyone is like fuck this silver haired bitch. The type of bullshit Viserys III and Daenerys were being fed about having support in westeros was BS.

  10. Walter White started out with good intentions but hubris and his love of finally having power got the best of him, just like Dani.

  11. It's the hair and the styling. I know it wasn't quite the right colour in season 1 but her wigs generally seemed to decline in quality. As the styles became more intricate they just looked faker IMO.

  12. While it was rushed and I could barely watch the last 2 seasons. That can be the tragedy of some people. Building up something great for years all for it to come crashing down in the blink of an eye. Felt really bad for her in that moment when she was sitting down and everyone was partying at Winterfell.

  13. How was Daenerys done dirty? In the end, She became a more realized version of exactly who she was in the beginning. She was always pretty cruel. People like to knock on her arc but it made total sense.

  14. It’s like this in the show too. She literally burns a woman in the s1 finale, and her husband in S1 talks about conquering (including raping) Westeros and it’s meant as a happy moment for Daenerys. If you missed the signs, it’s on you, not d&d.

  15. So I’m reading them for the first time. I’ve read fire and blood and a world of ice and fire. I’ve watched the show several times. I just got to the crown of gold part. I’m not really seeing any power hungry characteristics from her yet. Sure she flexed on her bro but who wouldn’t in that situation? Dude was an idiot, arrogant, and stupid af not to mention abusive

  16. sorry but in the books she seems likely to abuse power. she even delayed her return to westeros so as to no abandon the people of Mereen

  17. Meh. She showed you who she was from season 2 on. If you chose not to pay attention that's on you. Targaryens gonna Targaryen.

  18. I can't understand why so many people can't accept her ending. I understand that people can have criticisms of the latter seasons, but to say that her character was "done dirty", "did a 180", "character assassination", etc. I have no idea which show they were watching.

  19. They should have had her raze Meereen, or at least begin to instead of just letting Tyrion say “let’s not” and convince her not to off camera.

  20. oh god stop. i love dany but her character doesn't have enough story and time to be comparable with the Heisenberg

  21. GOT fans in season 1 watching Ned Stark kill a poacher in front of his children because he didn’t want to fight zombies anymore: “This is the sign of a good dad”

  22. She’s not Walter white…. Her motives and circumstances couldn’t have been more different. Walter white ‘broke bad’ intentionally in order to pay for his family after he was dead from cancer. Daenerys ‘broke bad’ unintentionally / unwittingly after becomeing drunk on power, where she would rather see thousands of people die than herself not as queen of the world.

  23. This is the criticism of the last two seasons that makes the least sense. Just because people named their daughters khaleesi and fell in love with this character, now that her story didnt end how they wanted its "bad character development."

  24. Daenerys was always the villain, the show just rushed the last two seasons. Everything about her character in seasons 1-6 was a slow build up to her burning everything.

  25. I mean, they were busy whitewashing her some and eliminating some of the buildup that would’ve helped, especially in Meereen. Pardoning the rebelling slaves who raped women or her slowly starting to identify with her dragons rather than her subjects are both huge, and neither was present

  26. I’m so tired of these whiny posts. It didn’t end happily ever after. It was GoT. If you didn’t understand it, move on.

  27. She was done dirty? Nah, she brought it on herself. Can't compare the two. These posts are getting ridiculous

  28. Daenerys believes in herself, which helped her through the hard time, but pondered her way too long after she fully prepared. She lacks the mindset of a conqueror.

  29. It's not even how her character developed but how they did it. Let's be honest, Dany was making morally questionable decisions throughout the show, even with good intentions. People actively decided to overlook that.

  30. The problem is they did develop the hero and savior of the fucking story. She accomplished more personally, and politically, than anyone, including Sansa and Jon. By the end of the story, Sansa has become a less erratic Cersei, and Jon basically keeps failing upwards because there's no other lords to fill in the power vacuum. So what she killed a couple of turd burglars in King's landing. Stannis' irrational campaign lead to lots of deaths. Jon's obsession with the White Walkers lead to the death of lots of Dany's soldiers, free folk, and other people of the North.

  31. Check out the season 8 redux on Spotify. It’s fan fiction but it’s way fucking better than what hbo released. The acting is great. The music is meh, but I got music is insanely good.

  32. I think this post shows that it kind of was equivalent. Thrones' quality just went to shit, and fans reacted to Daenerys breaking bad pretty negatively (which was silly, IMO) compared to the love that Walter White got from BB fans as an anti-hero

  33. I really feel that if the events played out as they did but her motivations were flipped, it could have worked. From the start of season 6, rather than her descending into forced madness throufh blaming her advisors for their mistakes....she could have gripped her ideals, ignoring her advisors and failing because of it.

  34. It could've been better, but I'm very ok with where she landed. Had to he her or Jon, and Jon's the selfless one.

  35. You ask too much from dumb and dumber. The only reason they got so far was because they had source material to copy from.

  36. Just because she changed a lot as a character over the span of the show does not mean she deserves the same level of recognition as one of the best (if not THE best) character performances ever. Bryan Cranston's performance stands out as one of the best in the era of peak TV. Emilia Clarke was okay in some seasons, worse in others.

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