Is eating too much nuts everyday to reach my calorie goal bad for my health?

  1. Nuts don't boost up testosterone unless you had a hormone problem caused by undereating fats in general for a long period of time. You'd have to get bloodwork to assess your health with your doctor, as just listing an amount of nuts isn't enough info to conclude anything with. But certainly replacing some of those with other foods will provide more opportunities for nutrient variety, yes

  2. You will realize how unsustainable that is after doing it for awhile, 1000 calories of nuts is a lot (especially if you only need like 2500/3000). As I add more variety in my diet I find myself performing better in my experience.

  3. Careful of high oxalate content. Especially chocolate covered almonds, make sure you consume some calcium with any nuts to bind up bioavailable oxalate. You can easily consume way too much oxalate going nuts with nuts

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