Have I wasted my “noobie gains”? Been training for years , and got stronger, but never gained a lot of size as much as my peers have

  1. Why, as a 5'11" man, are you so obsessed with staying under 140? You are going to limit all your progress with this mindset

  2. Honestly, being 135 lbs and saying you are strong for your weight is a doubtful statement. Unless you are less than 150 cm, i doubt anybody who weighs 135 lbs is strong

  3. What exactly are your lifts at the moment? This is the same mentality of wanting to get big fast. Noobie gains are a benefit, not a crutch. 135lb at 5'11" I would think you still have a lot to improve on.

  4. Sounds like your fear of getting fat is killing your gains. If you bulked for a good 4-6 months you would have no problem trimming the extra fluff off after making some gains if you've been skinny like that all your life.

  5. You should bulk to 170-180 then you can cut down to like 150-160 I think that would be a good target for you. 140 is way too skinny for your height. I know because I was 6’ 140 and looked like an absolute twig.

  6. at the end of the day there’s no such thing as noobie gains. think about like this - the further you are from your natural potential, the faster you move towards it (all things being equal). you can’t ‘waste’ or ‘max out’ noobie gains

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