Rumor: Google Stadia May Be Getting Shut Down - The rumor mill suggests that Google may be looking to kill off its game streaming platform, Stadia, for good before the end of the year.

  1. I remember that when they launched it nobody wanted to sign up because of fear it will be shut down a year or two later… because that’s what google does.

  2. I mean the biggest fear mostly stemmed from the fact that you didn't OWN any of the games/content. You had to buy the games just to play them on their service but when the service, inevitably, shuts down you would have no access to them again.

  3. No one wants to sign up because Google shuts things down so quickly. They shut things down because no one wants to sign up. I don't know how you would get out of that loop.

  4. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. People won't sign up because it'll shut down, and it shuts down because nobody signed up. Meanwhile Google is so focused on making it a great platform for developers to port to but lacks the players for those developers to sell their games to.

  5. Historically Google has been pretty good with services where the customer bought digital products like movies and tv shows to "own." Purchased movie or TV content is still accessible on YouTube even after they killed off Google Play Movies and TV.

  6. At what point does Google lose all respect and excitement for new products? They have quickly killed dozens of new ideas! Wouldn’t that crush morale for project managers?

  7. I believe if I look through my reddit comment history I'll find quite a few posts of me saying the same exact thing dating back to when it was first announced.

  8. Also 5 gigabit's worth of bandwidth usage for an hour's gaming session was unsustainable, whodathunk it.

  9. How does this have this many upvotes? I get stadia is like… what ever but the article isn’t real, it totally fabricated news that people at google have outright said isn’t real, that it is bullshit

  10. The only Google services that I use anymore are search, YouTube, and gmail. Literally everything else I’ve used from Google has been shutdown or is in the process of shutting down.

  11. Please update the controller so it can be used as a regular Bluetooth controller. It's a nice controller and I'd love to be able to pair it to my switch for when I have multiple friends over

  12. A friend of mine gave me an extra chromecast dongle and controller, and we do the family share thing. I have access to 100s of free monthly games and I still don't touch the stadia. It's weird that the controller can't do anything but play stadia games.

  13. I don't think it has a bluetooth chip since it works via wifi. It will work with a usb-c cable at least.

  14. Yeah I use it for PC games as a wired controller but it would be great if it could just use Bluetooth. It's a really good controller, especially considering it was free.

  15. I know some devs have been keeping it alive for remote work like play testing. Bungie uses it and was at one point rumored to buy it after the news Sony was acquiring them. Now Sony has Haven and they’ve been working developing other cloud tech for dev purposes, so Bungie might implement their tech instead?

  16. I’m still mad at them killing their Travel Trips app. Google Maps is nothing in comparison to Google Travel when planning trips abroad. It was so useful.

  17. quite a few of these have been merged into other things. wished it had that info, how gchat became hangout became chat etc ..

  18. To be fair a lot of these features were incorporated into other apps. I still make custom maps all the time and they are still shareable. Also many apps had a good life and just outlasted their use. Others were likely internal tools that they made a public version of, but didn’t catch on. That’s not to say that google doesn’t kill off good products regularly, but only because they just keep making new stuff but keep it around only if it is game changing

  19. I don't know about other things on the list, but it says AngularJS was killed by Google. That's at most half-true. AngularJS is a front-end (i.e. browser) development framework, and it was completely reworked and improved when it went from version 1 to version 2, thereafter losing the JS suffix and being referred to as just "Angular"

  20. I wonder how many of these died because it just lacks awareness that things like them even existed. If only Google has a way to advertise their own products through advanced algorithm that predicts user preferences on the internet.

  21. I’d genuinely expect you to get some rudimentary $20 play store voucher or something, I would imagine the T&C generally protect them unfortunately.

  22. That is the sole reason I never considered signing up for Stadia. I’m okay with streaming. I’m okay with the quality and latency. I’m even okay with the service shutting down at some point. I actually think it is a good potential business model.

  23. I mean you did sign an agreement explicitly stating you own no part of the games you purchase on stadia. It’s written in bold text.

  24. They will 100% hose you. I spent hundreds on music through Google play and as soon as they decided to close it, and change it to YouTube music, that money was just gone.

  25. Nope. You don’t even own the game. You just pay for the license to play for as long as you’re paying for stadias sub. If you stopped paying for the sub, you can’t access the game.

  26. I doubt they'll do that, really bad press. Google already has the server infrastructure and maybe they can just put it on maintenance and shutter the public facing side of stadia.

  27. Are you guys aware that this entire article is based on a Facebook post where some guy tells a tall tale about how he knows someone at Google who knows something? That's some "my uncle works at Nintendo" kind of shit.

  28. You expect anyone hear to read the article? The guy who spread it is the same dude who made killed by Google, a site that's horribly inaccurate with a lot of the stuff in there like Angular not actually getting killed yet gets quoted all the time. Google has a fucking shit track record already without making this crap up. It's crazy how everyone is eating this news up. I'm sure Stadia will die soon regardless but writing crap articles around someone's tweet of a screenshot of an anonymous Facebook post of "someone they knew" saying this is some real stupid shit

  29. A friend of a friend’s cousin heard from some guy who used to be the janitor at google. It’s pretty legit info.

  30. Seem you are right (for now): [UPDATE: On its official Twitter page, Google Stadia has denied the rumors that it will be shutting down its services. Original story follows.]

  31. Remember when they were going to roll out Google Fiber to almost every home in the US? They could have solved this problem themselves.

  32. The only reason this doesn't work is you have to buy an extra copy of the game you already owned. Like wtf want to do that?

  33. Struggling to understand what the US’s shitty internet has to do with this, many other countries have excellent internet where Stadia works fine

  34. And boy were they salty when you called this shit 2 years ago. People would get so mad about being told the truth about a Google sideshow of a product.

  35. Me and and dozen people who used it to log into destiny to grab item from vendor when we are away from our pc are going to be devastated

  36. There are plenty of families with young kids for who it could be a decent service so they don't have to spend a lot of money to play games. The problem was the types of games they put on stadia did not cater to that audience

  37. I wouldn’t bet on stadia staying around for a long time but this rumor is iffy. A “regional manager” isn’t a thing at Google and people on Blind (which is pretty active with Google employees) never heard anything about this.

  38. It was a good idea for resource intensive games that don't care much about your response time. I am struggling to recall such games though xDDD

  39. I wasn't a fan of the idea. In a lot of ways I'm still not. But, I do like Xcloud on my Series X. But not as the main way to play. If I want to try a game out and see if it's worth downloading I'll do that usually.

  40. That was the whole point. All you have is a Chromecast and a controller. Never have to DL games or updates, never have to upgrade hardware. Great for the casual gamer and portability is 10/10

  41. Well I actually enjoyed playing stadia. I guess I'm one of the dozens of people. Granted I have great internet, but I played Cyberpunk 2077, AC odyssey, ac valhalla, Doom, and Doom eternal and they all ran great. I should also mention I even played it on my iPad air 4 which is pretty freakin' cool in my opinion considering how terrible mobile games are. Why play clash of clans or something when I can play a AAA game.

  42. Ditto. Played Jedi Fallen Order, AC Odyssey, Cyberpunk and Madden. It was so nice to play on my phone or Chromebook while waiting at practices for my daughter

  43. If you read the article, the source is a random Facebook post from someone claiming their 'friend' works at Google, and that stadia will be shut down using the same exit strategy as Google Play Music... which Google didn't exit, but instead rebranded.

  44. With steam link you can play most ganes you own on any device as long as you are networked to the PC that has the game installed. Source: have played rimworld on my phone

  45. Imagine the outrage of anyone who spent money buying games for that platform. I prefer Xbox game pass model where you only pay for the service which provides access to a game library. If they ever shut it down, I don't lose anything of value.

  46. I got a stadia kit for free, and I bought borderlands 3 ultimate for $1. So I'll be out $1. There was no way I was going to invest more than that into a sinking ship.

  47. I’ll never trust google outside of maps and search. They kill off everything. Especially products and platforms from companies they bought out. They buy out competition just to kill it.

  48. Exactly. Maybe if enough people started talking about the HUGE e-waste killing this off before opening the bluetooth (and make no mistake, it HAS bluetooth, so this should be something they can easily update or get drivers for your windows PC for) generates, something can be done?

  49. I use stadia and will be upset if this happens. It's super convenient not having a console. I can play on my computer or fire it up in my living room. It's always been the lack of games that's hurt it.

  50. Bought one and used it when cyberpunk came out. Worked but I always had the idea that google would eventually shut it down preventing me from investing in any games on it so it has been left to gather dust behind the tv. Bought a digital only PS5 instead.

  51. Yeah, back when everyone was complaining about cyberpunk being terrible, and it was running just fine for me on stadia. I should really go back and finish it before it gets shut down

  52. Yeah I really like this idea and even bought a game for it, but I won't buy any more because once they shut it down I'll lose all of them

  53. I have heard this rumor every 6 months, but I think they are just focusing it towards other companies, licensing out the tech. Doubt the service itself ever goes away completely.

  54. Another reason why I have problems investing in any Google products - they deprecate everything. I always remind myself that they are primarily an advertising company.

  55. Hopefully they sell the platform. The product is good, it's just early. If you play on Ethernet with good up/down speeds, it's actually pretty good. The biggest problem I have with it now is that there's limited selection (which is a feedback loop of low users). I'd say this type of platform will be very popular in the near future when WiFi and 5g/6g/whatever latency is lower. The idea is great, I think there's just some tech limitations now.

  56. The platform relies on having an enormous existing cloud infrastructure. The only US companies who could make it work are Amazon and Microsoft, and they both have competing platforms (Luna and Xbox Cloud Gaming respectively)

  57. I presumed it would have a Game Pass model. It didn't and failed. Massive failure for leadership that should have seen this coming.

  58. How is the ten dollar a month tier that gives you access to a game library not the game pass model?

  59. This really should have been a subscription service like Gamepass and Amazon's Luna (I think?). There is not a ton of faith in Google and supporting services to begin with so having a sub model is LESS of a hurdle than saying "buy this game" and believing you would always have access. Plus on the Google side, think of all the analytics they would have on players gaming habits, etc to tailor advertisements to (something they could run for free players that they could provide tastes of the service to).

  60. It'll be awesome if they open source some of the Stadia IP. I'm sure whatever they're doing to overcome streaming latency is far beyond what Steam or Moonlight are currently capable of.

  61. All the data in the world, reasonable amount of funds, lots of good talent in development, and tons of references from an existing industry. And they still manage to fuck it up.

  62. Makes sense. Xbox game streaming is solid and you can stream games from game pass and or games you already own. And your save files carry over.

  63. Stadia really was innovative. But it was never supported like it should have been. Xbox was a success because of Halo. If Stadia had a great 1st party game that people wanted, the service would have had a chance. But Google, despite its near infinite cash, shut down the first party game studio before it had a chance to put out a single game.

  64. well then please open up the controller so that we suckers who get this shitty service can at least get some use out of it instead of tossing it to the garbage bin.

  65. The longest lasting google products/ services that are still relevant in somewhat of an order: google search, google scholar, gmail, Android os, google maps, drive, teams, google phone, and everything else will most likely notoriously be shut down

  66. Not surprised, they rolled it out in the US which is notorious for poor quality internet relative to basically every other developed country. If they released it in a place like South Korea which is known for very fast internet then it probably would've done fine.

  67. This is precisely the reason I don’t fuck with Google products. It’s either their product/strategy team just out in these streets gambling on what people want or they’re woefully incompetent.

  68. [UPDATE: On its official Twitter page, Google Stadia has denied the rumors that it will be shutting down its services. Original story follows.]

  69. Bet part of stadia was when they gave away controllers and chrome cast packs to YouTube premium subscribers including individual family members of said subscription.

  70. We were right all along. Enthusiast gamers already have their own console/PC and want to buy (and own) games. Casual gamers don't want to pay monthly when they'll only play a handful of titles and are happy gaming on their phones.

  71. We need to create a right to ownership when you buy a piece of software to be able to use that software on any device. So when things like this happen, you don't lose your library.

  72. Yup, you are correct. In the article, the Twitter account that’s spreading the rumors (named “Killed by Google”) says “these claims aren't necessarily true and that the source could very well be inaccurate.”

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