Apple's "game-changing" VR headset coming out in January, says analyst

  1. No, no, they've done AirPods so now they have to do WaterPods, EarthPods, FirePods, and maybe EtherPods.

  2. feels like this will be much more work oriented a la project cambria than something meant for average consumers like the quest 2, curious to see what they have up their sleeve

  3. Ya I think the big trick is to find a market that is ok with a smaller custom ecosystem ie a specific business application. Home Consumer adoption needs to cover a large base of applications, and they all need to be ok paying for cutting edge tech, and the applications. It is totally doable, it will just take time and refinement.

  4. Just want to clarify Ming is not saying it will be available in Jan: “Apple AR/MR, which will likely be announced in January 2023”

  5. It’s going to need to be announced a year before release to get dev kits out and get enough apps to support itself similar to what they did with apple silicon.

  6. Ugh. This article completely misquotes the analyst. Ming’s tweet says the headsets will hit stores in Q2 2023.

  7. Hmmm.....all I want is MR glasses which look sleek enough & just allow me to watch content without fidgeting with a device in my hand, yet not have to sweat or look stupid in public

  8. All I want is a headset system that connects to my TV or computer as a replacement for my monitor and/or sound system.

  9. Same! Just want normal glasses that will replace all screens. Imagine when anywhere you could have any screen setup.

  10. Wouldn’t those be dangerous? Even people just crossing the street will be totally distracted. I would prefer a competitor to the current oculus.

  11. Game-changing doesn’t mean made for games. I think a lot of people are missing the capabilities of AR/VR especially if it’s designed to be grossly more advanced than what is currently out. You don’t need a digital device anymore if you have the goggles. You don’t need a tv. You don’t need a phone. You have the goggles. You can either project a digital TV or watch it directly on your face. That’s just an example, and that was from 20 seconds of me thinking “what could they do?”, im sure the people developing them will have many many more ideas.

  12. I have played games on iPad, iPhone, and the Mac platforms, and tbh it’s more than fine between all of them. That being said, this product is supposed to be a combination of VR & AR, so I have a feeling that this is going to be for more than just video games.

  13. It’s not a game changer unless they spend 10 minutes explaining how complex it was to make it simple and how hard it was to round the corners on a rectangle

  14. Apple has been rumored to be in a bid to buy EA. If they do, expect many AAA titles to be ported natively to M1 Macs.

  15. I swear, when it comes to this subreddit, you can predict the comments before clicking on any Apple related post.

  16. It’s honestly annoying. I completely understand preferred os from person to person, if Apple doesn’t meet your needs in that way, I’m glad something else does. But ffs, the downright anger some people feel is just… unhealthy. Apple always releases amazing products, and it shows with their market dominance. Consumers are putting money where their mouth is, it’s not like Apple is preventing companies from putting out equally as good or better products. There are plenty of gaps in the market where Apple doesn’t have a good foothold (gaming computers is the only thing I can really truly think of), but that’s because they won’t release a product to that target demographic until it’s perfect.

  17. Like it or not, Apple have a habit of adding to the quality of tech rather than making it worse so I'll be keen to see if they've managed that with VR as the market seems to be getting on just fine without them so far.

  18. That’s just the way Apple is. They’ve known extremely well when to release a product so the tech is already ripe enough for the broad masses. Couple this with the accessibility Apple is known for and you’re almost set for a good product.

  19. Ehh apple should stay out of trying to make anything but mobile games. None there computers under 3k can run normal triple a games.

  20. What a stupid article. Not one concrete thing said in there. It’s basically a bunch of hype like BIG HINT HERE click bait and underlined in annoying attention stealing yellow.

  21. while just like any unannounced thing it is a bit of hype, Ming Chi Kuo is a very reputable analyst and is stacked with apple connections, especially supply chain connections in china. so if he makes a hardware related prediction about apple that’s not more than a few years in advance, it’s important shit.

  22. The game changer I'm waiting for us when they are standardised like a monitor and if you want to play any vr game you take out your 'any brand' headset and open the game and it plays or you download any VR app from the internet, install it, open it and it works.

  23. well too bad buddy, a sega game doesn’t work on an N64, it’s just the nature of software. if you want cross comparability be patient like a big boy.

  24. If it works better (UI and bug wise) then I’d pay it. The amount of bugs I get with a Oculus Quest or a HP Reverb G2 is stupid and makes me hate VR. Apple has a tendency to be slow but everything they come out with works amazing.

  25. Considering the expected price tag and hype, it will probably be good product and impressive tech demo, but it won't change the market unless the tech can be delivered for around Quest 2 price level.

  26. Idunno. The Quest 2 is hampered by being attached to Facebook. People not only tend to trust Apple more, but Apple has a pretty stellar track record at getting developers to build out an app store. The Quest 2 has to be physically plugged into a PC to play most good VR games. The fact that you can’t even play something like Minecraft untethered at this point is crazy to me.

  27. It will cost way more and people will buy like hotcakes. This is definitely not the first time they're entering a new market. Ipad, watch, phone, pencil, airpods... Competitors had already launched versions of those devices for years yet apple always entered at premium and is pretty much the leader in all those markets.

  28. It will certainly interesting to see what they bring, and at what price point. Apple have the luxury of being able to ask a premium for their products, and classically have defined what a sector of tech should offer thanks to their branding and solid execution.

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  30. They are just guessing. Don’t believe anything about Apple that they didn’t announce themselves. You must be gullible if you believe otherwise.

  31. Ming-chi has insider knowledge on Apple's supply chain in Asia so it's more like an educated prediction than something he pulled out of his ass.

  32. No matter how good the tech may or may not be, Apple will need to make a case for using this for it to be "game-changing". AR/VR/MR so far is pretty niche.

  33. If I call something that Samsung may or may not be making “game changing” does that mean Samsung needs to make a case for me saying that?

  34. If I know apple they’ll just have a bunch of features other companies have been using for a decade and call them revolutionary. Only thing game-changing will be the price

  35. "Game changing" but reveals nothing. Maybe it is an AR headset, incompatible with current VR and pricey. I'll stick with Vive and possibly Oculus for now.

  36. The eventual AR version have to be named 'i-glasses'. Right? I mean the entire history of Apple branding leads to that.

  37. It’s only as game changing as its library. If you can’t play the biggest games on it / it doesn’t have anything special, there’s no point.

  38. Well I doubt any current VR games or software will work on it likely because it’s running ARM based apple silicon.

  39. Apple has a long history of not embracing gaming. They literally don't even bother to compete with PCs as far as gaming is concerned.

  40. Apple doesn’t have a track record of doing things poorly. They are slow to get stuff out, but the stuff they do sell is usually top of the line.

  41. I had huge trust in apple making an amazing phone when it was just a rumour. I don’t feel anywhere close to the same level of confidence in them doing anything nice with VR or gaming.

  42. Ahh, finally. A VR system that will cost 3xs as much as the nearest competitor, breaks after 2 years, and is artisanally hand crafted by slave labor.

  43. Already with the advertising and calling it "game changing" so people think ita the beat available. No thanks, I'm not I to locked devices that only work with other apple products.

  44. Color me sceptical. The only headset I would ever buy would have to be compatible with PC. Anyone thinking people will buy four different headsets and ten different streaming services is eating braised farts for breakfast.

  45. Game changing because you will have to change every game you play as nothing of worth will be playable on it just like every other mac…

  46. Dosent matter. They will cost too much, break, have a shit charging system, be obnoxious in several ways, probably have an on off switch that is in your anus and you'll only get to use your apps if you suck the ghosts of Steve jobs nipples for ghost milk.

  47. I don’t understand the purpose of VR headsets. Why the hell wouldn’t I just play on my normal Computer rather than putting this on my head and becoming disoriented?

  48. Its apple its going to be double the competitors price and has no new unique features apart from being baked into iOs

  49. Who cares if it doesn’t work for Steam on PC I don’t Want it. Already have oculas quest. Apple does even have a game hub

  50. Cool, can’t wait to have it die in an hour and a half, the charging cable break after two uses, and have it start working poorly once the new model comes out. All for the low low price of $2,000 and my soul. Yeah hard pass for me

  51. Will it change the game by being an adequate piece of hardware at twice the price and with ecosystem lockin? Like all the other "game-changing" Apple releases?

  52. As someone with a VR setup, and enjoys VR, this thing is DOA if I can't side load content. I don't care how "awesome" it is, if Apple creates another walled garden of only their in house, or 3rd party approved apps; I'm not touching it with a fucking 100ft stick.

  53. Who gives a shit. Not like anyone will be able to afford it and the charging cable that is sold separately

  54. It's going to do exactly what every other VR headset did two years ago at 150% of the price but people will think you're cool and creative when you carry it around in public

  55. I can just see it now. Apps n games locked to the App Store, complete incompatibility with current industry trends/standards. If you expect to play Half Life Alyx on this keep dreaming.

  56. I can’t wait for these to come out so we can move on. VR is a niche gimmick, and it’s not likely to catch on. My younger self would definitely want this to be the future, but having used VR, it’s not a really compelling experience to use frequently or for long periods of time.

  57. This isn’t “game changing” at all. It’s just apple yet again getting in late on something that’s already been done better.

  58. This is the first really game-changing category of devices Apple is entering into since after Steve Jobs died. I wonder if they will still be able to really revolutionise the mainstream in a way that is mind-blowing to most people like they did with the Mac and then iPhone? Or will it just be a super premium headset that is more polished than most, some kind of cross between the usability of an Oculus Quest 2 and the capability of super high-end PCXR, that doesn't make things that different to how they were before? Facebook/Meta has already done a lot of work into making their HMD really seemless and I do not know of such a competitor that was so polished when the first Apple GUI and when the iPhone came out (anyone with more historical context, please correct me if I am wrong about this).

  59. Has apple arcade gotten any better? I'm sure the headset will have quality to it but they'll need to throw money at the software side. I'd imagine apple will try a coffee garden too.

  60. I can imagine Apple baking it into their ecosystem. For example, Apple TV+: It wouldn’t surprise me if they were shooting all of their originals in 360°, only to make it available at launch of their headset.

  61. I expect the price to be very affordable, however, doing things with it will cost a premium(In app purchases, unlocking features, accessories, etc...), you know, good ole apple

  62. So many contrary rumors though this is what I was thinking recently would be likely. Early 2023. I just want it to be announced already

  63. The only thing that will be “game-changing” to me at this point is solving the movement/play-area issue, which I doubt this will do or we would have heard about it by now.

  64. As long as it doesn’t force me to make a Facebook it’ll be at the top of my short list for good VR headsets

  65. Something overpriced and built to break after a year. No way to fix or maintain it, and only works on Mac and iphone. Maybe a subscription to turn it on?

  66. I am greatly looking forward to Apple being humbled and having no choice but to produce some meaningful innovations after they inevitably ruin this entire product launch. 2022 Apple - Tim Apple’s Apple is not the Apple you want introducing a new product category

  67. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but please Apple finish destroying Facebook/Meta. Love what you did with blocking their data collection from my phone. These jerks couldn’t get this data from me as I did not have the Facebook app, if possible, or never logged in. Yet they could still get my data by paying from other apps.

  68. Let me guess. "Next generation experience" or some other corporate bullshit to rinse money from us, spoken by someone dressed to look like one of us, on a stage.

  69. As Apple is known for their products to just work nearly perfectly, I bet this will be game changing. You’ll be able to put it on, and instantly be in VR. No need to mess around with WindowsMR and Steam and Oculus, no wires, or if there is, only one. I hope you’ll be able to hook it up to a PC..

  70. This will be a hammer to Oculus. I’m sure the design/form/function will be seamless and the developer community and all store integration will be pretty strong. The only problem here is mass adoption. We are headed into a recession and people aren’t going to want to spend extra money on a hobby like this right now… price point will be really key to this launch.

  71. I would honestly but this just because I’ve hated every laptop except my M1 Mac. But my Oculus S doesn’t work on Mac. It wound nice to have a mobile VR that doesn’t require a Facebook account.

  72. Game changing? It's their first fucking VR headset. So many others have been on this for years and they think they'll just walk in with 'game-changing' tech? Fuck people are gullible.

  73. why does everyone think this has anything to do with gaming, lmao. That clearly will not be Apple's focus with this device, if and when it comes out. Very shortsighted to only attribute VR to gaming

  74. It will be a game changer. So will the car. Plenty of Apple haters out there but design killer shit that works well.

  75. I didn’t see anything about price, but it won’t be a game changer unless it competes and does things better than the Quest 2. It has to be in the same price range ,($300 ish) and 100% stand-alone. Otherwise it’s just another niche product.

  76. The only way vr will be come revolutionary is if you're not strapping a fucking brick to your face. Once the tech is like Google glasses and you can see through it and have ar over it and developers come up with cool games for them that will be revolutionary. Until then it's still an expensive brick that very few people buy and only play beatsabre on it

  77. So what makes it game changing? I didn't see anything overly exciting in the article...other than them saying it was going to be a game changer several times

  78. It absolutely will not be game changing, will have horrible software support and the tiniest library of shitty games lol

  79. Apple’s products went to crap years ago. Why would I buy this hunk of junk, knowing everything they design now has some future of planned obsolescence?

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