Let us all fondly remember when Farnsworth's and Wernstrom's killbots bonded over their shared disdain for human violence, and went on a paddleboat ride.

  1. A common misconception. Actually, they had both hit their pre-set kill limit, causing them to behave pacifically.

  2. Wernstrom's is clearly better since it at least has a machine gun. Everyone knows ranged weapons are superior. Farnsworth's are all melee weapons and not even good ones at that. I mean come on, you have any idea how long it takes to kill someone with a circular saw? Sure its intimidating but highly inefficient.

  3. Farnsbot looks like it can smash through walls and stuff, including robots. If the Wernsbot runs out of ammo the Farnsbot may have an edge, but by that point no one may be alive

  4. Literally everytime I go into the mall in the US: Growling, "Nordstrom". My wife is very tired of it after all these years.

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