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  1. I unfortunately am one of those people who openend one of their 85+ x10, the topic of compensation is weird on that pack. Not everyone got the message saying the promo was delayed, albeit already being in the game or just not getting the notification when starting the game at all, and considering the fact EA has had a loading screen saying specials would be in packs makes me very torn on this subject

  2. Yeah there's literally no promo being advertised rn, when I saw that I instantly checked their twitter and saw that it was delayed. I understand that some people might open packs, but I don't why there's so many people that opened their 85x10 lmao

  3. It shows what promo theres is when u open fifa next to the big rectangle screen in the middle so if theres nothing there u should probably think maybe the promo isnt there

  4. How about the people who did the SS/Captain hero SBC and got gold cards!? I for one think thats pretty BS. Like yeah the promo is over, but should they still get the cards that it advertised?

  5. That’s a guaranteed SS/Hero pack, where it doesn’t matter if they’re in other packs or not. If you got gold cards you 100% deserve a compensation

  6. I probably missed out on some cards but I wanted to get Nunez and Eriksen done for my PL team and I hadn’t played in 2 weeks. Oh well.

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