How a Psychopath does Thanksgiving

  1. I didnt even know a brining bag was a thing 😅.. I use my tamale steamer. It's big enough to fit the bird and brine and lid fits on it.

  2. oh... okay. I had no clue what was going on in this picture... I wasn't sure if someone encased that turkey in gelatin or if it was frozen in a block of ice or something...

  3. This guy doesn’t even know the right way to brine a bird. If you brine it now you are going to ruin the meat when it soaks up all that water, I don’t even see any aromatics besides a few pepper corns and clove. Learn to season your meat.

  4. I mean, I use a five gallon bucket wrapped in insulation, but this honestly works as an option. Sanitize the hell out of it before and after and it’s kind of smart.

  5. Yea it's called a salt rub. Lather the bitch with salt and rosemary and let it sit in the open air of the fridge in it's roasting tray

  6. My grandmother used tale out the fridge drawer to mix her stuffing in, as long as it's cleaned thoroughly before and after I don't see a problem.

  7. Honestly I see no problem here. You gotta brine that bird and you gotta keep it cold and that plastic drawer can be removed and sanitized when you're done. A bit goofy to see but A+ for creativity and ingenuity. 😊

  8. If they follow it up with siphoning out the drawer and manage to not make a mess, I feel it goes from psycho to next level brining.

  9. And to be fair if I am brining a turkey in a big ass ziplock by the time it'd over that drawer is going to need to be cleaned anyways.

  10. My husband brines it in a bucket and leaves it on the back porch for a couple days. It’s cold enough here around thanksgiving that it’s actually colder than the fridge outside.

  11. I was gonna say - bold as fuck. But if for some reason you have enough room in your crisper and not enough room in the fridge to put the bird in a normal container, that might just be one resourceful mf. I certainly prefer to put it in a boiling pot or in a glass bowl, but that may not always be an option. Kudos to inginuiity as needed!

  12. Nope. It’s a catch 22. You have to be batshit crazy to be that dedicated to cooking food that’s good AND pretty at such a high level. At the same time, anyone that crazy would be locked up in either jail or rehab. It’s a miracle that Michelin stars don’t come with a diagnosis.

  13. You are looking at a Turkey being brined directly in the refrigerators clear drawer. A drawer that is almost always nasty as hell unless it's cleaned weekly.

  14. Dry brining is great, especially for steaks. Haven't really found the right amount of salt for chicken yet, comes out too salty for my taste.

  15. Weird? Sure, but i don't really see a problem. It doesn't appear that there's anything else inside the fridge, so maybe it's a spare or outdoor fridge? Soap it up and hose it out when you're don't and you're golden.

  16. Traditionally (in my household anyway) it usually contains vegetables or fruits. It tends to get… nasty down there and requires a bi monthly cleaning to prevent smell from dirt or whatever the produce bring into my fridge.

  17. Brining is honestly a waste of time and resources. Dry bring or just get a quality bird and smother it with a mix of salt, pepp, butter, garlic. Spatchcock or disassemble and cook under high heat (400-450) and you’re good.

  18. Still looks more seasoned/flavorful than the Turkey my white relative seasoned with not even enough salt and pepper for one serving of dinner

  19. My sophomore year of undergrad there were four of us dudes living together, all engineering majors. We made chili A LOT because it was cheap, you could make a lot at once, and it didn’t really matter what you threw in there. It was a catch all.

  20. Yeah honestly not that big of a deal. I would've pulled out the drawer below so there's one less thing to clean but so long as you plan on scrubbing everything at that level and below when you're done it seems fine to me.

  21. It is going to be impossible to remove it from the fridge and to a preparation area without getting horrible turkey brine nasty water everywhere. Why would you fill it so full?!?!

  22. The only thing wrong about that it's that the fridge is on how else will he get that slight rotten taste on it that everyone loves

  23. Barf - so much possibility for cross contamination. There is a reason your local health department (likely) would not allow such storage for public consumption.

  24. I literally need a giant bucket to fit the turkey with brine, one from like fucking home depot. Apparently I also need an empty fridge to accommodate such things. I almost approve of this if it wasn't going to leak and stink up the refrigerator

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