European Police brutality

  1. Sharon is just using him for all that he’s worth, his lyrics went from “this is crazy, but awesome” to “please make this stop, I’m suffering”… so I don’t blame him for acting like this.

  2. I am confused. I thought the plural form of AAAAA - AAA - AAAOOO was AAAAA - AAA - AOOOOO. Or am I remembering this rule wrong?

  3. So convenient that they took the time to make up so many words that all translate to ‚ARRRRRGHH‘ in English. Crafty little Germans bastards

  4. Never before have I wanted to willingly pay for awards but holy shit this is getting saved as a screenshot. Thank you.

  5. Lifting someone in the armpits can be uncomfortable and painfull. Their lifting technique could have some improvement and is generally for agressive/dangerous people where you need to immobilize the arms.

  6. I was ready to be overly critical, until I got to the end of the video and realized the lady actually has legs. Optical Illusion that was

  7. Pretty much normal in Germany. Not everybody can become a police officer and they are actually in training for multiple years before becoming one.

  8. You have no idea. Yeah our police may not have guns, but some of them carry whistles which if blown close by can be very unpleasant. And one time a police officer shone a torch directly at my eyes. Sure, he apologised profusely after, but that didn't stop me from seeing coloured spots for two whole minutes afterwards. It was traumatising.

  9. I think these are those guys gluing themselves to streets in Germany to protest climate change. If you wanna wear your tin foil hat for a sec, maybe an oil company is organizing dumb protests to make climate change activists look bad. Kinda like the theory PETA is actually run by the meat industry. No real evidence of either theory but it's a fun idea lol

  10. I am majorly pissed at these people. Just one ir two weeks ago, one of these glue-activists ocked a rescue service that had heavy equipment to cut out a women that was involved of a sever accident. They got her out with other methods severely delayed, and it is currently investigated if she wouldn't have died if there was sufficiently quick help.

  11. Now if the protesters had been French, it would be a very different video lol. Say what you will about the French but they know how to riot!

  12. They should probably stop coaching these people to act like they're suffering as much as possible. It's like every single one of them was a

  13. If your protest includes ripping off Goofys yell at least commit to it! It's: AUUUOO HOOOW WHOOEE!! Not AUOOO.

  14. You know those little kids that throw a tantrum in the middle of a grocery store that just lay down flat screaming at the floor while their mother watches helplessly and embarrassed, with the "if I just let him be he will stop eventually" look on her face. Show her this video and tell her this is what here kid is gonna grow into if she doesn't do something.

  15. Well I know this is funny what isn't funny is it in many European countries it takes 3 years to become a police officer. And when a call goes out for assistance the first responding officers do not have guns. Imagine that, the police actually come out to solve problems rather than create new ones. And in those countries officer fatalities are minimal.

  16. I have so much respect for my local police. My neighbour is epileptic and came into my flat by accident while having an episode because he thought it was his flat. I was totally freaked out. Tried talking to him but he didn't respond because his brain wasn't putting things together properly. And then he locked himself in my bathroom.

  17. Guns. There are guns everywhere in the US. No sane person expects a cop in the US to be unarmed. We expect them to be well-trained and follow the laws. Sadly, not all do that.

  18. Only Britain does that. The rest of Europe got police, similarly equipped to US peace officers. These specific ones are German police officers. They got helmets and MPs or assault rifles in their trunk. And the pistol is always to be carried. Still they don’t use them most of the time. It’s just frowned upon by society and superiors.

  19. What are you talking about? The police here in finland all carry pistols and each patrol has a submachine gun locked inside the car. Many other european countries also have armed police.

  20. You're generalizing way too much. I can think of several countries where police always carry guns in Europe, eg. Finland.

  21. Fuck I really despise those football players. You can easily see that there was no real foul. The other player was touching the ball. He's just exaggerating the whole time

  22. This is a typical activist grasping at straws trying to play it up for the cameras and play the best victim he can.

  23. The real Story is something different. But the germen FOX news and the german GOP teils the Story like this. And lot of idiots shout hang them high.

  24. Thinking these are one of those guys that glue them selves to stuff? Problem is they don’t use enough of it ever to actually do anything and the items they glue them selves to aren’t ideal. Concrete, waxed surfaces etc…

  25. Okay, weird screaming, but you know that there are certain methods to grab and twist peoples arms/hands etc. or use pressure points to hurt them whithout weapons? There was actually a discussion going on about German Police using "Schmerzgriffe" against clinate activists:

  26. These officers are incredibly professional. Wow. This is the right quality, and they are worth every penny to hire.

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