Halloween night as a kid

  1. You have to notice that the status goes below 0. So there is a vacuum inside the stomach which just sucks all candys in reach in automatically.

  2. POV: your sugar rush hit you 60 minutes after your parents went to bed and you know where they hid your stash, but you know they know how much was left.

  3. I kinda feel like "fear of scary dogs/etc" and "fear of talking to adults..." would decrease over the course of the night. Candy is a hell of a motivator.

  4. Yeah that doesn’t make any sense. It also bugs me that there’s more candy in the stomach than candy collected.

  5. The risk is higher if you run into a shady character because you have so much candy you could lose, if you get robbed in the beginning no big deal we still got a whole night of trick or treating left

  6. Also why did it always feel like we were trick or treating at like midnight? Totally dark out. Now it seems like kids trick or treat at noon.

  7. I blame fall and winter, where the sun sets in some areas at 11am and doesn’t rise again until the next day at 9am.

  8. I keep wondering where all these free drugs are being handed out on Halloween. I see you have the same problem finding them.

  9. It just doesn’t logically make sense. Someone that has a lot of drugs has them for use or to sell. They’re going to just give them away and draw unwanted attention to their home? Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard if you think about it for a minute.

  10. I am an adult and have so much fun making kids feel uncomfortable when I am like “oh tell me about your costume!!!” Or “you gotta say it!” (Meaning trick or treat).

  11. Doin' my bit by hiding behind my door and opening it to a pitch black hallway as the little moppets are just about to knock.

  12. I'm presuming the combination of strangers and scary dogs drove OP to flee, thereby contributing to the precipitous drop in "amount of candy in stomach" toward the end of the night.

  13. Where is the amount of damage to personal property by vandals and level of candy distribution at home correlation graph

  14. Also collected candy thrown out by parents cause they could be razorblades or drugs due to a tiny crease in the wrapping.

  15. Green line can represent my mood, slowly going up, peaking as I leave a bowl of candy on my porch so I can take my kids trick or treating, and plummeting when I come home to find not only that the candy was all taken (which I expected,) but also the damn bowl.

  16. Not Halloween, but every Christmas when I was small we would go to my mom's best-friend's parent's house (after I'd filled up on candy and snacks and food and stuff). They lived down the block from my grandparents (my mom and their daughter were childhood friends -- still are friends, actually, in their 70s)

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