Biggest anxieties during a massage

  1. Had a friend who was a masseuse. She told me they are taught in massage therapy school how to make it go down. It involved an elbow at a specific pressure point if I remember correctly

  2. My dad took me for a massage in Indonesia when I was 15. The lady I had was pretty and in her 20s. It was my first and last professional massage of my life. Starting face down I spent the whole time, which felt like an eternity, thinking of nothing else but trying mentally will my 15 year old rager back in its cage before the inevitable flip to face up.

  3. My husband who is a massage therapist said most North Americans smell like sour milk or cream when they get a massage.

  4. I had a massage where she used a LOT of pressure (like, I was legit wondering how much pressure it takes to break ribs), but I decided to roll with it and see how things went. The next day, I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. The day after that, I felt better than I ever have in my adult life before or since, omfg.

  5. When I got my last massage, she asked how hard she should go on me. I told her I wanted her to treat it like a prize fight. Those hard deep massages are tough at first, but once your muscles are jello its worth it

  6. Oh, immediately. Tell us what you're experiencing and what you don't like. You should be experiencing intensity, where the body wants you to pay attention because things are being shifted around, but it is an overall positive sensation. Pain is the body telling you tissue damage is occurring and make it stop as soon as possible. Of your massage therapist is going so deep they're causing tissue damage or are going over some area of the anatomy that is particularly sensitive speak up!

  7. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. It is a perfectly natural response and does not need to be addressed. It will pass and nothing needs to be said. We are taught to just ignore it.

  8. Honestly I don't even care about the other ones. This is my biggest concern. Especially if you have a hot masseuse which has only happened a few times and I was flexing my toes the entire time trying to keep it down because I remember reading online that it's supposed to work.

  9. This was me not a massage but a hot doctor examining my balls, it was covered in Jelly stuff as she used a device to scan through my balls and moved it frequently to reach for different angles.

  10. I fell asleep during my massage a couple of months ago. I woke up after a while and immediately began stressing over whether being asleep is perceived as rude or as a compliment.

  11. Last two times I got a regular massage, I fell asleep. Both times it was couples massages for my wife and I, I wasn’t necessarily tired going in, but just passed out.

  12. This would be a great one for my boyfriend. I can't imagine how it would feel if the oils or whatever used was too thin and you left with bald patches.

  13. Yeah, that was my thought too. Especially for the last point "Is it almost over". I'm usually disappointed because I slept through half of the massage, never mind waiting for it to end haha

  14. Have you ever had your inner tights massaged? That's where it gets tricky for me. I had few close encounters from that area alone.

  15. There also needs to be an option for "I said I wanted a deep massage but I'm almost in tears, should I say something"

  16. I'm incredibly uncomfortable with strangers touching me, is getting a massage a common thing for you people? Everyone here seems to be speaking from experience

  17. See this is why I don't go to massage places....I'm always afraid it's going to be the wrong sort of place, and I'll be like, "I'd like a massage...." And the police burst in and say, "THIS IS A RAID!" And then there's people running all over, and now I'm lying flat on my face getting handcuffed, saying, "I just wanted a backrub!"

  18. In most states a massage therapist needs to be licensed. You can look up a massage therapists license on your state’s medical board’s website. Just search “license lookup” in your state.

  19. I mean… I start massage therapy next week for a car accident I was in. My biggest anxiety is it being some hairy fat guy (because when I set up my appointment that’s about all I saw.) or that it simply won’t work as needed.

  20. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist. While I can't promise you your therapist won't be a big hairy fella, I can tell you, from my experience, that with any professional, trained therapist, your nervousness should ease considerably within a few minutes. We are trained to help you relax. Hope it goes well and you get some therapeutic relief from your massages!

  21. I struggle to breathe when in close proximity to people I don't know (some weird kind of anxiety that kicked in a year or two ago) so a massage would be an absolute nightmare.

  22. I don't know if this would work for you with your anxiety but from experience on both sides of the table it might be of benefit to you to focus on breathing, 4 seconds in, 4 seconds out. A lot of my clients had similar issues, sometimes they wouldn't even notice that they had stopped breathing, just a reminder and a little tutorial would be enough to promote the relaxation response.

  23. Definitely making enough noise. Face down bring your knee up... KNUCKLE to the kidney. YELP!! fold your arm like this WHILE I ELBOW DROP YOUR SHOULDER! I look up and she's SNAPPING INTO A SLIM JIM!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

  24. as a former massage therapist, we do not care what you look like or if you get fully naked, just get comfy and enjoy ^

  25. I’ve had countless massages, and I still think most of these things at some point through. Just the way some of our brains work.

  26. Ive always wondered if getting naked is mandatory or you can opt to get the massage with your clothes on.

  27. I wouldn't know. My main... i wouldn't call it anxiety rather confusion, is "I don't like my wife stroking my body, why would I ever pay a stranger to put me through the experience of being touched?"

  28. I am saving this to share with anyone who ever questions why I don't like getting massages (save for from someone I'm intimate with).

  29. thé first time i went to get a massage the guy who was supposed to massage me made a comment about my weight beforehand. i wasn’t able to relax after that i was so embarrassed. i made a complaint years after when i realised what he did was so unprofessional but he had left at that moment and nothing was to be done about it. speak up if it happens to you!

  30. Thai massages are the best ones, at least until they get to the part where they try to bend you backwards. No matter how much they try I simply don't bend that way.

  31. Trying to not get a boner when they're massaging your upper/inner thighs. It's not a sexual thing, more like it's increasing blood flow in that area

  32. I just want them not to talk to me but I also they might find that rude so I dont ask lol. I want to pretend no one is seeing me naked and touching me and its just a good thing that is happening that no one else is involved in.

  33. I think the "am I making enough noise?" Part deserves more because I'm always afraid they think I may have fallen asleep

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