Complaining I did in Europe

  1. Maybe it's not them who dress well, but maybe it's us who probably let ourselves go going around with crocs with socks, baggy cargo shorts, and some ill fitting sports tshirt.

  2. There are parts of Europe where everyone hits their head 6 times a day and parts where only the largest of lads hit their head every once in a while

  3. A lot depends on how old the building is and the social standing of who ever built the build, I'm 6 foot tall, when my sister lived in a cottage built in the sixteen hundreds I had trouble finding somewhere to stand up straight, i go into a manor house from the same period and I have no trouble

  4. I work at a Ramen shop. These guys came in and were dressed so nicely that I broke my rule of not complimenting customers to ask where they got their jumpers. Some knit cowl neck jumper with fleece/sherpa lining and cute wooden toggles to fasten.

  5. I know an uncountable amount of people who go to Sonic for just ice every day of the year. Winter won't change the ice complaint.

  6. Assuming you’re American, right? I remember my first visit to the US, standing in wonder looking at the ice machines on every floor of the hotel. Why so much ice?!

  7. And if you want it the way its done in the US, you'll have to specifically tell them to fill the entire glass with ice instead of just a few pieces.

  8. I am German and was on a short vacation in Hamburg this weekend and we were in an open end bar. The drink costs 8€ and was like 50% ice.

  9. Seriously, why do you need your drink so cold? Hurts your teeth and makes it harder for your body to absorb.

  10. One of the complains he had was hitting the head against things so the chances are high he went to tomato part of Europe instead of the potato part.

  11. I live in Europe, and sometimes I'll visit another part of Europe, and I tell you, it's like a different country.

  12. American in Europe: I was in Paris, Amsterdam and Prague insided one week. Took the train, had kid size coffee and cheap beers. Bought a scarf and developped interest in soccer.

  13. Gotta pay a fee to take a shit in some bathrooms…. Not a nice surprise for the American fumbling with euro coins in Germany while my snapper turtle was peeking out ready to blow

  14. In restaurants the toilets are always free as long as you order something. They charge about 50cents if you haven't ordered anything which also helps keep the bathrooms cleaner. Other places charge you 50cents but give you a voucher for the same amount to spend at one of their participating stores.

  15. What is this "not enough ice" thing I am too European to understand? What ice does it refer to? Like in.. drinks?

  16. Americans find ice in their drinks super important. Every drink you get will have a shit ton of ice in it. Every hotel has an ice machine on every floor. You can stay in the cheapest, shittiest motel, have no shower and your room is not cleaned, but it'll have an ice machine. They really like their ice cubes.

  17. Many cold drinks are served in cups with a significant amount of ice in the US. Glasses are often filled to the brim with ice before adding water or soda.

  18. Americans are used to drinks having tons of ice in them, by default. When you order a soda or water, they come in a big glass with at least a cup of ice.

  19. I used to be 220 before going to the US for a year and came back to europe with 280 :( now I'm trying to get rid of the fat again. You just don't really notice it really when you're in the US

  20. I had to convert that to metric to understand what that meant, and uh - there's commonly bigger people in the US? Like you're pretty big, mate, no offence.

  21. Not about Europe but I remember feeling this way when I went to a resort occupied by mostly Puerto Rican tourists. All the women there had natural bodies like Jennifer Lopez with beautiful hair and faces walking around In their bikinis. I usually feel good in my home country but that place made me feel so frumpy!

  22. Yes, fellow American woman who tends to wear more makeup checking in lol - my husband and I both were astonished at how effortlessly beautiful the French people were when we stayed in Paris. The clothes were all simple but well tailored, and the makeup was very minimal. If I tried the same thing, I would look haggard and exhausted! I wonder if it's the food we eat or something, I have no idea.

  23. Didn't find French women all that attractive compared to American women but I would say French women and men are VERY put together and stylish.

  24. Had the same experience in Norway. I felt like the ugliest mf on earth. But everyone was so nice and helpful! For everyone who likes small mountains and awesome nature: Bergen, Norway!

  25. Ah, well, I went to America as a kid, and I remember at a restaurant getting pancakes which had what looked like a scoop of ice cream on top. I scooped the whole thing into my mouth only to discover it was whipped butter. Nearly puked! I don’t think I’ve come across whipped butter before or since. Anyway, there are weird things in every country.

  26. Meanwhile when I go to the US in summer I always complain because I have to carry a jacket around in 40°C heat because your buildings are cooled down to Antarctica levels. How do y’all not constantly have colds from that??

  27. The AC not working properly is a real thing tho. Went to Italy, stayed in 3 hotels and the AC wasn’t working properly.

  28. Idk if this will be controversial, but when I traveled to Spain I was shocked by how much I didn't enjoy the food. I don't eat pork or shellfish and I know those are big parts of the cuisine, but I was still able to eat good when I lived in Italy and when I visited Paris. I know England gets a bad rap for food but after not vibing with the Spanish food, I can't wait to go to the UK and see for myself.

  29. Just got back from Switzerland, and the food was the worst part haha. But we went expecting it to be that way.

  30. Americans when their veins arent instantly clogged by 25 pounds of cheddar and 5 gallons of oil straight from the deepfryer.

  31. Where in Europe did you go? You obviously didn't go to France otherwise there would be a very big bar for complaining about the french

  32. I went to Paris for the first time recently, and I really don't understand the stereotype. People were fine, no worse than any other big city I've been to.

  33. As an American that keeps trying to show up to town hall meetings to fight for urbanism in my city to no avail it infuriates me lol

  34. First time seeing a European topic on reddit? The amount of sensitivity they have towards anything that might possibly be considered criticism (no matter how mild) is hilarious, and of course they do it in the way that suggests everyone should behave as they do, and if you don't you are not just wrong but stupid and offensive. Which is of course another hilarious aspect because another thing they like to complain about is that Americans are too rigid towards accepting the quirks of other cultures while traveling.

  35. I am from England and I can’t recall a time I’ve had AC here. When I went to France (Nice) last summer I had the AC on in my hotel room and was freezing even though it was 30°. I was shocked with how effective it was.

  36. Tell that to my Airbnb guests- they complain if they can't get the rooms cold enough to sleep under a blanket and duvet in 35C weather. I've taken to hiding the blankets and duvets during the summer.

  37. I live in the country of europe and can confirm this. I also happen to work in a mattress factory, we don't even make soft beds anymore since nobody buys them. The softest model is now called medium, which is very strange and unintuitive but nobody has noticed yet.

  38. 20 years ago I went to an Italian restaurant in London and ordered a coke with my meal. The waiter brought me a glass of warm soda with no ice, so I politely asked the waiter if they had any. This dude came back with ONE ice cube in my drink, which had clearly been cracked out of a regular ice tray. I laughed and was like “what’s that supposed to do?” And without missing a beat he deadpanned, “I don’t know, I didn’t order it,” and just walked off. Absolute legend.

  39. Underrated point. As an American who was hopping around a handful of countries before settling to attend a multi-cultural wedding, the cigarette consumption was a bit of a culture shock. People still smoke in the States, but it's a lot more stigmatized and seemingly less common/blatant. E-cigarettes are also a lot more prevalent (in the US)

  40. I had one week split between Venice and Paris. I'm super sensitive to 2nd hand smoke. By the time I got to Paris I had bronchitis and couldn't do anything other than ride around on a tour bus while struggling to breath. Man I forgot what it was like when smoking was allowed in public places in my area. I do not miss it.

  41. This was the first thing I noticed on my ride from heathrow to the airport. I was shocked at how many people I saw smoking on the streets. So it’s unsurprising that I also ended up smoking a ton while I was there

  42. Seriously. I'm reading comments about how unhealthy Americans are, and yeah that's true in general, but geez - you Europeans do know that smoking is bad for you right?

  43. Which part of America do you live? Your experience will vary wildly depending on the city/climate. America is almost as large as all of Europe.

  44. Hahaha yeah... Way too much ice in drinks so everything gets watered down and yes, the AC is way too high. I mean, they keep saying that prices go up and they can't afford higher wages so WHY IS IT SO HIGH?

  45. Just chiming in to say that if cold stuff hurts your teeth that an indication of teeth or gum health issues.

  46. Two narrow twins if you are in UK. For Americans, a UK narrow twin is the same size as a cot or RV bed. Two of them zipped together (yes some of them have zippers on the sides) make a "King" bed. The UK King size is about the size of a US Queen (so slightly larger than a US full.) Wait until you see a 3/4 bed.

  47. ha you could have ask for french bed. The German beds sleeps in single bed as they have planned and authorised fun time. No need for a double bed for this !

  48. I feel like the fact that there is no “Bad Food” complaining brings some justice to certain European foods.

  49. Being colorblind, I looked at the bad food no bar for a good 30 seconds before I gave in and finally trusted my eyes

  50. When I went to Korea, Hit My Head On Things, Sinks Are Really Low, Hard Beds, and Everyone's Dressed Too Nicely would be on my list (though the Dressed Too Nicely isn't a real complaint; my issue is I'm a 5'10" 155lbs woman and couldn't buy any of the super cute Korean clothes T_T).

  51. As an American who studied a few years of German in school and tried to crush Duolingo before going over there, having the local German person switch to English on me was a little disheartening about my abilities to speak it correctly, but understood

  52. Depends heavily on country. In Scandinavian countries practically everyone under the age of 60 speaks english, it's similarly in the Netherlands, Austria and Germany too. It's when you go to Spanish-speaking (and relatives) countries and the balkans that becomes a problem.

  53. The lack of kettles was truly disturbing. I had to make tea in a drip coffee machine once (didn’t bother again as it tasted awful).

  54. What is up with beds and pillows in Europe? Do they not have king sized technology? Why on earth would I, as an adult, want to sleep in a double bed? Why did 100% of the pillows suck? WHY?

  55. The beds…that’s my number one issue. Thin mattress, small blankets. And it’s hit or miss too. Stayed at fancy places and the bedding was terrible, stayed at hostel’s and things were great. What gives?

  56. Firm beds are typically better for your body than mushy beds. Part of the reason your body aches and hurts so much likely has been impacted by non stop super soft beds with no support.

  57. I switch one time my medium toughness mattress (most used in my EU country) to soft one and i don't understand how you can sleep there without getting up with back pain, you sleep twisted, and give too much heat in summer

  58. Every time I asked for ice in Germany/France, they brought it in a separate glass so it really didn't diminish the amount of drink I received.

  59. I don’t get this. When my buddy and I went on a bro trip to Europe, the best treatment we got was in Paris. 2 nights in a row we met locals in bars that took us all around the city. We didn’t even ask, they insisted.

  60. I think you might just have walked past me. I tend to bump into people several times. They often think i’m stalking them

  61. I went in August 2018 during the heatwave - I definitely missed the ice, I definitely missed the a/c, but everything else I was good with. Also, they don't dress "too nice," Americans typically dress like garbage.

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