[OC] Ever been lost in a cornfield 😂

  1. They are often staggered. But yes. I attempted to reach a leafy tree 25 feet away and when we arrived we noticed it had no leaves.. we found we came to a tree 300 feet away and never founde the close one.

  2. I never go for a walk in the corn fields I'm always afraid there be some weird fucker in there with a beard and glasses in there just waiting.

  3. There was a horror movies based on this, Some couple pull over for a rest near a cornfield, hear a boy crying out, go in to investigate and get lost, When the husband puts his wife on his shoulders, they see the way out, walk for 30 mins that way, and then he puts her on his shoulders again and now they are 5km from the way out, this continues until they cant see the exit anymore, essentially the cornfield has a brain and keeps pushing you back further into it

  4. My man isn’t even lost, if you see the trees when he raises his phone? I’m fairly sure that marks the edge of the field where there is usually a path. It might take a while but all he needs to do is get to the path and walk around the outside

  5. That’s literally why you don’t walk into a corn field without know the exact direction you walked and without leaving indications you’ve been to that spot before

  6. Country kids here and spent many of nights drinking in corn fields or woods somewhere 😂 sometimes you get a little lost but it works out lol

  7. If you have a phone, you have the time of day. Just use the sun to determine which direction is north and go in the direction you need to get to a road.

  8. I’ve been in too many cornfields to know that hiding in one is super easy and no one will ever find you if you don’t want them to.

  9. When this city slicker first moved into the country. It was one of the first things I wanted to do. Until my buddy told me about the rats and endless spiderwebs.

  10. Been here as a kid. I’d have loved to have had a phone that, barring gps communication, often has a compass available, or when camera is held up works as a handy periscope.

  11. I'd be more worried about the time loop and the man hunting you down in order to sacrifice you to the sentient rock in the middle of the field.

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