Ordered Dominos with BBQ base not metal 🤨

  1. Same here, except I'd come in to pick it up (or have it delivered to the car when I got to the parking lot, it was during lockdown and that was their pick-up policy) and I don't know if they figured out specifically it was my pizzas that had their pizza pan or whether they called everybody from a certain period of time that my order fell into... but I brought it back in and they gave me a bunch of free pizza codes for ordering. Ended up giving them to friends, so worked out great.

  2. That's kind of nuts on the stores part. Was it a huge chain store? I worked at Papa John's during the pandemic and we had hundreds of those. I can understand if it's a small business, but those are cheap.

  3. Man, I hired this one kid in my manager days at Pizza Hut. He literally sent out 40 of these things one Saturday night. I was like "Where the fuck is all the screens!?" He was like "Oh, my bad I've been putting them in the box". I was like "Have you ever ordered pizza before? LOL Have you ever seen one of those in the boxes??" I blamed myself for poor training but I would suspect it was just high ignorance! LMAO

  4. Nah man, unless they made it clear they knew literally 0 about pizza then it's not your fault.

  5. I don't know where OP is from. It's a normal pizza topping in Europe. Hell it's a topping at Subway too

  6. Yeah it’s great, little bit of freshness and sweetness, I always get corn, usually with spicy beef and ham

  7. oh that's a serious bonus those metal grats are awesome for cooking your own homemade pizza get a nice crispy crust

  8. You got a well seasoned pizza screen for free? Nice. Keep that shit and use it to make your own pies.

  9. I’m concerned about the lack of toppings on the left side only going half-way to the edge.

  10. I worked for dominos years ago. Can confirm the franchisee will have wanted this back. Dominos want you to buy everything from them, and fuck you over if you don't. They over charge the store for everything by a huge amount, it's crazy. You want a new mop for the shop? You need to buy Domino's approved mop for £40. You want a new heated bag? £250 please. It's mad. Wouldn't be surprised if these racks cost the store £30 each or something.

  11. Dude, keep it, they're great for oven pizzas from the supermarket. Free kitchen utensil man 👌🏼

  12. Yeah, that's supposed to be gone after they're done in the oven. The screen is actually the old version, new ones are solid metal. I used to work there if you're wondering

  13. Those are so good for making and warming up pizza. We got one on accident over ten years ago and still use it regularly.

  14. Be kinda cool if there was a program where you could order a pizza with the tray to keep the pizza warmer longer, and the next driver picks up the old one when he drops off pizza next time.

  15. I'm not sure what happened with the new dominos. It was ok for awhile but then my last pizza was not good and the center was in the top left corner of the pizza.

  16. What’s more, that looks like an almost brand new one. So many I’ve seen are so dirty more of the holes are gone.

  17. This is missing the Garlic Butter crap they put on the crust but there's also corn on this. What country is this?

  18. Wow. This day and age, these "Entitled" Young ones! Back in my day, If I ordered a Pizza, I expected the Pizza Tray to come along with it! I had to hike up three mountains, down two mountains, I wore down two pairs of shoes. The Goats I brought along to carry my food and water would headbutt me and push me along this hard trail I walked along. I picked up my Pizza and took the trek back home. My Shoes had perished, My socks had holes but I kept on going. I got home and two weeks later, ate my pizza. Ham and Pineapple. It was great. I attached the Pizza tray above my mantle piece. To remind me of this perilous journey.

  19. At least it is somewhat clean. I once got from dominos a filthy piece of shit. Called em up, whooped their asses go my money back and then some.

  20. Finally someone else that likes Sweetcorn on pizza, my one friend hates it but won't even try it :((

  21. At least it’s clean! I remember a post similar to this a few years back and it looked like a giant brick of charcoal, the person then spent the next few days trying to clean it!

  22. Weird, I ordered almost that same thing. I got the carryout special and the two toppings were chicken and sausage. It looked better than that, though. Then I went home and put on green onions, pineapple, more chicken and barbeque sauce, diced tomatoes, bacon and a bit more cheese. So, it turned out pretty damn good.

  23. At least it was one of the clean ones. those can get so crusted with built up corn meal, you cant see through the screen.

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