And this is why you check the size of the rice cooker before hitting the Amazon buy button (banana for scale)

  1. I remember as I child I was sent to a Christian based summer camp. And one day for lunch they served us just a cup of rice, and told us about how in many parts of the world children my age may not get to eat anything else for weeks.

  2. Or if you live alone at college. A quick pot of rice and some sauce or seasoning is a solid option if you’re very busy (or depressed; I had quite a few bowls of just buttered rice in college because I lacked the energy to make anything more complex, but it fills the belly at least and tastes okay).

  3. I live alone, and I actually have that EXACT ricecooker! At max capacity it makes for 1.5-2 portions, depending on how large you want your portion. I'm very happy with it, especially considering it only cost me like 25 bucks and takes up minimal space in my shoebox kitchen!

  4. Who are you lunatics who buy stuff online without researching the product way too much and stressing over wether or not it’s the best thing?

  5. Yeah literally just read the item description. If it doesn’t tell you the capacity then that’s a red flag, and you should move on to one that does

  6. Yeah, it’s weird. I don’t think I’m even physically capable of buying a thing without reading at least 3 best X under $y articles.

  7. Right? I spent 4 evenings narrowing down 3 kayaks to the one I decided I wanted to buy 6 months ago. Then on the 2 hr trip to pick it up I had my gf look up at least 5 different specs and compare them to be absolutely sure.

  8. Don't defend Amazon. Amazon killed all the competitors by making an excellent product. Can't be surprised when people assume the quality hasn't changed.

  9. I bought one years ago. Make sure it’s nonstick. Saved me a lot of trouble. I make turmeric rice for my burritos in it and cleans up perfectly.

  10. All good until you decide to cook for a date and realize you need to make two batches of rice.

  11. ...Pretty much any appliance can make a "portion of one" you just have to not be stupid and use the correct amount of food. What the fuck. "UH my grill can only make 5 hamburgers, why isn't there a grill that can only make one" see how fucking stupid that sounds. Just use the right amount of rice in a cheap 15 euro rice cooker, it aint hard, it aint rocket science, its just fucking portion size.

  12. Ditto. It works fine with 2 cups (and 2.5 cups of water). This is plenty as a side dish for 2 adults and 2 children.

  13. This is the one I THOUGHT I was buying. I ordered the smallest they had on amazon, guessing they didn't stock this size at the time, now I can cook enough rice for 3 fecking villages.

  14. Judging by the wear on the rim of the no-stick pan, OP is full of it. ..or I guess decided to make this post after a year of using the item?

  15. It depends, if you're single, it's ok. Better do the rice on small quantities. Dry rice from the fridge is meh.

  16. When you reheat from fridge, just put it in a container, add a tiny bit of water, cover loosely, and the rice will be perfect for eating when done.

  17. That looks exactly like the Black and Decker one I have. The instructions say it will cook up to 5.3 cups of white rice or 4.5 of brown rice, with 3 or 2 of their 6oz measuring cups. I regularly make 3.5 cups of white. It works just fine.

  18. That's about the size of mine and it's perfect for making one serving! I'm a single guy so cooking for one can actually be kinda challenging. But for rice I do a 1/4 cup of parboiled and 1/2 cup water.

  19. The banana looks like it's leaning on the rice cooker showing it off to his fruit friends like, "Y'all see what I got? Yeahhh, bought this bad boy on Amazon.."

  20. I tried to look up this product on Amazon to see how it was described, and there are no Russell Hobbs rice cookers available on Amazon.

  21. I would actually love that rice cooker. It looks like it holds exactly how much rice I’d want as one person, like a half a cup or so

  22. That looks like a pretty average size, dunno what you talking about. Some would even say its really big.

  23. I brought one item from China and it came ultra small. Nope never buying from Chinese companies, I go far as to look at where the company is based.

  24. Call me old fashioned, but I think shit like this should be illegal. Selling fake items is basically just another scam.

  25. I once bought a folding pocket knife on Amazon that I didn't realize until it arrived had like a 7 inch blade. It was only like 20 bucks too. Thing weighed a couple pounds. Baby machete would probably be a more accurate description than pocket knife. I think it's in a drawer somewhere still but the idea of carrying the thing was ludicrous.

  26. My girlfriend and I have a full sized rice cooker and we totally don't need it. We generally make 1 cup of uncooked rice for the two of us. I think that's pretty normal. That's 2 cups cooked. The rice cooker in your photo makes 1.5 cups uncooked, so a total of 3 cups cooked. It's smaller so it saves space and cooks more efficiently. This seems totally normal for a single person or a couple.

  27. That'd be nice didn't know they made smaller ones.. I'm diabetic and I'd like SOME rice but not really allowed it. I suppose in that case I could look into those microwavable cups..

  28. I have a small one like that and it’s perfect. I can make up to 6 cups of rice but I only eat 1 at a time with dinner.

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