Yearly flossing schedule

  1. I used to never floss or seldom floss ... like the meme says, week before hygienist visit, floss three times a day. Get to the hygienist who cleans out my teeth after me not taking care of myself for six months .. my mouth starts pouring out blood and I feel like half my teeth want to come out of my mouth ... WHY DID YOU DO THAT? YOU MONSTER! I WAS FINE BEFORE I SAW YOU! NOW LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID !!!!!

  2. I had three stents put in my heart about 12 years ago. My GP told me that if I didn't start flossing regularly the chronic inflammation in my gums would cause inflammation in my heart and take years off my life. I started flossing that evening and have flossed every day since.

  3. I made the mistake of telling my hygienist that my flossing game had been on point for the first time in my life, flossed everyday for 6 god damn months. And to take me down a peg she carved Mount Rushmore into my fucking gumline with the hook tool.

  4. It was my resolution to floss everyday this year after a very seldom flosser and I am still on track. It makes a big difference. Getting started and past the bloody part is key to becoming consistent.

  5. My 2 cents as a dentist. Nothing will keep patients from spending quality time with me more than flossing. I'm a realist though, it doesn't have to be two fists with a string of floss in your mouth. Waterpik, floss picks, whatever. Get something that will remove debris and remove biofilm from between your teeth.

  6. I semi-recently got a waterpik because I wanted to do better and I definitely wasn’t going to be flossing. I still might not do it everyday but a couple times a week minimum and I can tell the difference. I keep telling myself “little steps count too”

  7. Once I got in the habit of flossing (following a massive dental scare) I literally can't not floss. It feels so awful.

  8. I got better at flossing. I don't do it every day, but usually I get every work day night. It's made my dentists appointments so much faster. I spend like 20 minutes every 6 months now.

  9. What people don't get is that flossing is basically brushing the parts of your teeth a toothbrush can't reach.

  10. I had to do extensive dental work two years ago. I'm talking two root canals, crowns, multiple fillings, one tooth removal (far back right tooth upper).

  11. I floss at least once everyday for the past 2 years because I wear invisaligns. I religiously brushed my teeth after every meal, brushed my aligners, and flossed at night or after different kinds of foods like popcorn or meat. Went for my cleaning, which I go to every 3 months, and my periodontist said I had the start of several cavities between my teeth. I now brush with a toothpaste that has more fluoride. It was very disheartening to hear this ):.

  12. I have a cordless waterpik which is great, 50/50, water and mouth wash and do it in the shower. I also manually floss. My dentist and hygienist have both been non confrontational about my dental related stuff because that's what drove me away the first time. Dunno how they did it but now I take care of my teeth to go to them and be like "see my teeth don't suck now"

  13. Someone with problematic teeth here, and I absolutely HAVE to floss the "correct" way, or I feel like brushing my teeth is completely ineffectual. It's the quickest way to literally SEE gunk being removed from your teeth. 10/10 I'll always recommend.

  14. Someone said this to me two weeks ago and I’ve flossed every single day since. I am not a flosser but this has instilled a fear in me I didn’t know held that much power.

  15. Yep, tarter sits under the gumline and eventually you will need a crown or wait longer and get a toothache and then need a root canal AND a crown.

  16. Funny enough there's no studies proving the efficacy of flossing, only a few small studies with weak evidence. The Department of Health and Human Services was forced to take down their recommendation to floss due to lack of compelling evidence. For all we know flossing could be slightly worse for teeth health since it exposes the inner gum line to bacteria.

  17. by sophomore year of college, I got to the point where I would catch a faint smell of rot if I clenched my teeth, breathed through my mouth, or was talking and the wind brought it back my way. It smelled like straight-up sickness and death.

  18. Seconding this - save yourself painful dentist visits by flossing daily. All of my appointments since have been a breeze.

  19. Not to mention after like day 4-5 when the bleeding finally stops…it feels like a massage, and it’s like…you look forward to giving yourself that little massage and it feels so damn relieving, even if nothing is stuck in your teeth etc. just feels good

  20. Yes this. I read it in the dentistry sub and made the mistake of smelling my floss. So nasty. I still probably only do 6 out of 7 nights depending on how exhausted I am after work (I work til 0330) but I can't believe how many years I went without flossing.

  21. Same lol except it was a Steve-O interview where he said the same thing. I also didn’t floss for the longest time because I thought you had to do it twice per day like brushing and I didn’t want to add another thing to my morning routine. But you only have to do it once per day, so I just got into the habit of doing it at night.

  22. I recently started using mouthwash regularly and was proud of myself for figuring out that dental hygiene issues are caused by germs, and mouthwash kills germs, so I decided to brag about that to my hygienist.

  23. No way you need to go to dentist so often. If your teeth have been ok (no cavities, not much gum inflamation), every secound or even third year is fine. This must be something that happens in the US. -Finnish dentist

  24. I have crowded teeth. I flosed every day for like, 2 years and they still kept telling me I needed to floss. Shit sucks.

  25. Last I heard some dental researchers do not recommend regular flossing anymore (basically: try it and keep doing it if you like it, but don't force yourself) because most people don't do it right anyway, and because there is actually little evidence for its effectiveness.

  26. i've thought about getting one. did you ever use those floss picks? i have a bag of those in my car and would floss at stoplights on my commute.

  27. counterpoint: I threw my waterpik away after gradually losing interest. Switched to plastic plackers.

  28. My hygienist told me " Brushing without flossing is like taking a shower but not washing between your toes." The next appointment she asked me if I was any better about flossing. I reluctantly said "No, but my feet have never been cleaner!"

  29. Before or after? I thought you brush to get rid of most junk, then floss to get the niggly bits between the teeth that your brush can't reach?

  30. As a guy w/ braces, flossing takes 6-10 mins depending how lucky I can loop the floss in the back teeth. W/o braces, could be done in like a minute. Y'all not flossing cause it takes too much time, I'm like maaaaaaaan if only you knew struggles of us haha

  31. After I got my braces off they put on a permanent retaining bar inside my lower incisors. Well "permanent" in that it would last a long time and eventually come off.

  32. I used to keep my floss in the drawer under the sink and used it a couple of times a week. Moved it next to my brush and tooth paste, now I use it six out of seven days.

  33. I started flossing every time I brush my teeth because my friend is a dental influencer and made a post saying brushing without flossing is like wiping your butt cheeks but not touching the crack. Put it in perspective for me

  34. Meanwhile, I floss every time I eat. (The habit tends to help you avoid snacking, too, if instead of thinking "yay, snacks/sweets!" you find yourself thinking, "Crap! Now I need to floss and brush my teeth.")

  35. Big Brother has subtly been pushing for those 13 month year calendars to prep us for that Purge day they want so bad

  36. I use a water pik nightly. It gets so much iut that brushing doesnt. But unfortunately string flossing is still necessary and i have a mid life crisis on budgeting my time for self care / social / work. That stresses me out to the point of depression and just not doing it often enough.

  37. Getting plastic braces in 2008 forced me to floss, because of the teeth movement and the tight fit of the braces amplified any feeling, especially of any food stuck in there. I still have to wear the retainer at night, but I've never stopped flossing since out of habit. Also, anytime I do visit a dentist, they always seem to make a comment about noticing I do floss and how they can absolutely tell the difference between those that don't floss regularly.

  38. i’m too comfortable with my dentist and consistently tell him every year that i don’t floss. almost 24 now, been going to the dude since i was 3

  39. A year looks really short looking at this picture, fuck our lives our short, we've got maybe 70 - 80 of these and only 1/2 of that is actually enjoyable

  40. I actually floss every day. It didn't take me long to get into the habit. Now if I ever don't, I don't feel like my teeth are fully clean.

  41. Couldn't agree more. What keeps me going is knowing how much I pull out on a daily basis. The thought of sleeping with all that in there overnight to marinate with bacteria 🤢

  42. I use floss pics and brush twice a day. I had not been to the dentist for a cleaning and check up in well over 20 years. I had some pretty bad doctor anxiety that I’ve gotten much better west- yay for self hypnosis. I’m now getting annual physicals, meds, etc. I have one tooth that needs a root canal, but no other cavities and my gums and teeth are doing quite well. Just told me to switch to a soft tooth brush and use non alcohol mouth wash.

  43. As much as I am happy for you that your teeth are so healthy (toothache is the worst!), this also depends on so many hard / soft your teeth are, how your teeth had been cared for in childhood, illnesses, nutrition, genetics... Some people do everything right and just have to watch their teeth crumble. It's not always fair.

  44. Never flossed in my life, only ever saw my dad do it a few times. Should i? I am afraid of the dentist like a teen girl so if it does significantly reduce the chance of me developing dental probs id defo consider it

  45. Pro-Tip: Floss when you shower. Like, while you're in the shower floss. Maybe get a little suction cut mirror put it on the wall. Maybe even brush too. Just do it all in the shower. Live in the shower.

  46. After my last dentist appointment of a year ago where I had to pay a lot for a surgery, I started taking the habit of flossing at least once a day. And I'm always forcing myself to do it, even if don't want. I feel something has changed in the better

  47. Ah yes. The rare day you eat some stringy meat that just refuses to let go of your teeth no matter how hard you tongue it, and you suddenly remember you have a bag of unused flosspicks collecting dust on your desk.

  48. I could probably feed several children in Africa with the stuff i get out of my teeth when i floss before brushing, so I do it usually 2 times a day

  49. Got Invisalign last year. I always floss now. Don’t want to sleep with the crap between my teeth and the retainers.

  50. My hygienist, who I didn't remember at all from the previous year, was super excited to see me and asked how my job was, wife, clearly remembered me. I felt terrible and I eventually asked, how come you remember me?

  51. As someone who has spent THOUSANDS of dollars at the dentist, I floss my teeth on the regular. Especially after getting a dental bridge implanted. Can't even floss through the teeth, need to thread it through. Cleaning your goddamn teeth should be as often as washing your ass.

  52. This is such a boring charade. Every 6 months I am chastised by the hygienists for not flossing enough as if every fucking mouth isn't the same.

  53. My favorite part is when the hygienist teaches you the proper way to floss every single time, and we pretend we’re learning something insightful every single time.

  54. Flossing is huge, and not doing it will make every future cleaning more uncomfortable for you, and likely result in more cavities. But everyone knows that. I'm not going to sit there and lecture you on it. I may ask you how much you floss, and basically anything you tell me I'm happy with the answer. Even if you tell me never, I'll usually just do some sort of an, "ohhh cmon ya gotta at least lie to me!" And try to get a laugh out of the patient.

  55. I feel like flossing is the one place where the medical professionals are convinced it helps despite actual evidence pointing towards it not really doing anything. True, you do want to remove food from between your teeth. Beyond that, it’s like homeopathy has taken the reigns.

  56. You're welcome to your opinion, but it is objectively incorrect. Many people will keep their teeth even though they barely or never floss. If you were to never brush however, you'd have dental issues before it'd been 2 years, maybe even a single year with how bad some diets are in the west.

  57. A couple appointments ago my dentist, who's a long time family fried, told me "you know these appointments would be faster if you just flossed every day" and I responded "you and I both know that's not gonna happen"

  58. This looks like my flossing schedule too except I have an extra day January second (I'm always late to start my resolutions but early to quit the lol)

  59. I definitely recommend flossing and I’m trying to make it more of a habit, but I find it so funny when dentists and dental hygienists are like “I can tell when you only floss leading up to your appointment” cos before my last one I flossed really well right before the appointment and they were both like “wow you are so good at flossing! Keep it up!”

  60. Come on. Everyone flosses the day after the dentist visit. Start a new trend. Then forgets the next day.

  61. I am kinda the opposite. I will do it a few days before the appointment but I get motivated after the visit and will keep up the habit for a week or so.

  62. Is that one yellow in February a misplaced Valentine's Day, or do you actually have something that merits flossing in the third week of February?

  63. I used to never floss and then someone told me that flossing is more important than brushing. I don't know if it is true or not but it stuck with me and now it's been over 15 years since that day and I can count on my hand the number of times I've missed flossing. I haven't had a cavity since

  64. This seems so weird to me. I floss daily and don't know why you wouldn't. I'm still getting visible gunk with daily flossing, I can't imagine how nasty it would be if I rarely flossed.

  65. Speaking as someone who didn't floss for about 15 years starting in my 20's. You'll really regret not flossing once your gums start receding. They don't grow back and sensitive teeth are no fun. Your mouth also looks janky because of the lack of gum where it should be.

  66. Why do you hate yourself? Flossing is great. People love it! I know because I find those little plastic toothpick/flossers all over the place. I mean in the back country on top of a beautiful ridgeline, there's a goddamned floss pick. Do yourself a favor and learn to love flossing. Just, please, don't litter!

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