skating saves lives

  1. Those two girls are going to college tomorrow because of roller skating? They managed to skip like 8 years of schooling. That’s amazing.

  2. This has got to be from Commercial Kings. They had a show a long time ago where they made commercials. 'Nope, Chuck Testa' was them.

  3. LOL We used to get so faded at the Skate Palace, in the early 90's. The guy that rented skates also sold weed and shrooms. "Size 8 1/4 please" Herb was in the skate. Good times.

  4. Yes, he's scaled up his operation. Instead of tricking kids into the van with candy onsie twosies, he figured out how to get their parents to drop them off in a confined, dimly lit space filled with chaotic activity and under his control. He also figured out how to get the parents to pay him for the pleasure. He's a very smart creep.

  5. The skating rink I grew up patronizing was the exclusive hangout for local pedophiles and retired strippers. The candy was good though.

  6. This commercial was made by Rhett and Link (Good Mythical Morning on YouTube). It was for their short lived show where they would find small businesses that didn’t have any commercial advertising and make a cheap commercial for them. They also did Chuck Testa’s Taxidermy, it’s a really popular one.

  7. I live in Reno and can confirm the following: first doses of drugs are free, candy vans on every street corner, gangs spray paint under overpasses and Roller Kingdom is in fact a thing.

  8. BRO This is LITERALLY the Greatest Commercial EVER! OMG SO SO GOOD! Thank you for this, Thank you! Thank You!

  9. Love the message of this commercial: Go roller skating, because it's better than being abducted, molested or murdered! Fun fun fun!

  10. Roller Kingdom keeps kids off the streets because they're too busy at home, recovering from their fractured forearms. (Did I fracture my forearm in the fourth grade at a birthday party at this very Roller Kingdom in Reno, Nevada? Maybe.)

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