Saw this on the way to work today. I live in Australia.

  1. I like Ohio. Lived there for 5 years. Don’t live there now. But I could go back, given the proper conditions. I have lots of friends in Ohio and it’s actually kind of a nice place. Just cold in the winter.

  2. I hate it mostly because of the weather and infrastructure. Ohio is on the rise though, but it’s been pretty much the worst state for the past 30 years. Dayton and Cleveland were in the top ten worst cities to live in for like 20 years. We have terrible weather. Ohio has broken records for heroin OD’s several times, in several different cities. The weather here sucks. While Columbus isn’t bad, Cleveland is usually what Ohio is known for, which is terrible. We lit a lake on fire… several times. Our weather is ass. When you go to Cleveland, you’re in the bad part of town no matter where you (except the flats, that part is nice but still dangerous). We have a crazy amount of people killed by drunk drivers. Oh, and we have really bad weather.

  3. Ohio would be easy to love from that distance. Unfortunately, I live in Michigan. That's way too close.

  4. I have this exact same car, in this exact same colour, and there's a place I drive by often that looks suspiciously like this. I was like "wtf did someone post a photo of my car? I've never even been to ohio"

  5. If it wasn’t for the State of Ohio the world would have half the shit that keeps us going for example Planes, traffic lights, gas mask and also other shit. Ppl be hating on a place they never get to see the true beauty of or know they’re history. Bitch I’m From Cleveland

  6. Sure it’s got history and we’ve made lots of cool stuff but it hasn’t been a good place to live for the past 30 years… make that 40

  7. We have a love/hate relationship in Ohio. There's plenty to do, but winter kinda sucks. We try to make the best of it though.

  8. Weird seeing a cruze with a holden emblem on it. But then again I live in ohio and drive a holden with a stupid pontiac front bumper on it

  9. As an Ohio resident, I’d like to point out that we have a vanishingly small number of insects, plants, and animals that will kill you. Pretty much the polar opposite of Australia in that respect. I figure they are just pining for the safety from venomous death that we have to offer!

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