Why is no one talking about this 😂

  1. what the hell is wrong with the person on the left? I'm more afraid of the left than the mad max villain on the right

  2. And that's why we should return back to 1960s treatment of mental illnesses. This is bonkers if this was in public.

  3. CHRISTINA AGUILERA’S HUMONGOUS PRIDE DILDO At last weekend’s L.A. Pride, the singer wore a honkin’ green sparkly dong during her performance

  4. On the right, it's toecutter from first mad Max film who later becomes immortan Joe in mad Max fury road. And the actor died 2 yrs ago.

  5. Remove the shock value (and the strap-on) and you know you've seen objectively worse on billboards, halftime shows, and not bar an eye, because we're accustomed to sexualize and objectify women. She's otherwise significantly more covered than the average professional cheerleader.

  6. How disingenuous of you. There are no cheerleaders outside of porn, that have their breasts exposed, nor are there male penises exposed at sporting events.

  7. That new She-Hulk show is looking weird. Kind of unusual to see Marvel creating a show about a trans superhero.

  8. Lot’s of upset over a sequined penis. Much less over a couple of crotch pistols which just might be loaded and dangerous. The green penis certainly isn’t.

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