There's definitely room for both of them

  1. It wasn't about how much space was on the door, it was about it's lack of buoyancy. The door wasn't floaty enough to keep their combined weight out of the freezing water. He literally tries to climb up and the door begins to sink under the extra weight, then he backs off and it rises back to the surface.

  2. It tips rather than sinks. Visually speaking g that scene was muddled which is why this misunderstanding persists.

  3. If you really think about it... The movie Titanic is just about an old woman reminiscing about the time her rich family took her on a rich ship, she met a guy, got laid and left him to die.

  4. It was a wall panel. It wouldn't have held them both. It would have if they would have shoved a corpse under one side but clearly they didn't think that one out.

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