Workers drywalled the temporary lighting on our job site

  1. I like to ask “ Besides today, how long have you been in construction? Don’t include today in your answer please “

  2. I wouldn't wait for their asses to finish either. Get it, get the job done, and patch any holes the other crews might leave - while also charging for those hours.

  3. Fuck, I’m in retail and even I know you don’t leave shit laying around on drywall day. Work is getting done, zero fucks given to what else is going on.

  4. Was gonna say..this is very common..they will just patch it up when they temp lighting is taken down, it gets cut up and thrown in the trash anyways

  5. This is their own fault. I feel like if drywall is being installed, then all the electrical work should be done (besides finish work) and they should have screwed in some lightbulbs and taken the temporary light down beforehand. Or been using normal work lights that aren’t strung between the studs.

  6. When I was doing it we got paid by the sheet, so you can bet your ass we were doing stimulants and just slapping them shits up and throwing mud around.

  7. Worked 10 years installing drywall with my dad. I've seen him drywall electricians' screwdrivers into the walls because they left them in the frames. When I asked why he wouldn't just move them his response was just "They shouldn't have left them there if they didn't mean for them to go into the wall".

  8. I hammer a giant hole in the wall and pull my lights back through. Drywallers can eat a D. Cut my wires? Hammer time. Box me in? Hammer time. Bury my wire? Hammer time? Stop. Hammer time.

  9. And it doesnt matter if you have paper and blue tape and big neon orange letters over the ceiling saying in all seven languages the drywall crew understands "do not do the ceiling more work must be done"

  10. That piecework incentivizes that kind of behavior. All about get it hung, get it finished and move along to the next area.

  11. I have so many of these coiled up in my garage. I keep telling myself that I’ll splice them all together but the last thing I want to do after doing electrical all day is so electrical at home.

  12. The problem is that the temp lights should have been re directed before the boarders put their boards up, for them to move the lights would be potentially dangerous and you can't expect them to wait for an electrician to come and sort it out

  13. Super common Saw it today on the job site I’m on. I build elevators and the did that to my wires around the door frame

  14. I started a job as a superintendent building houses in Arizona and walked into a house that was basically finished. All the flooring, fixtures were done. Literally just touch up was left. I walked into a bedroom and there was a 2x4 that was used to brace the trusses when they rolled trusses sticking down out of the finished drywall ceiling, diagonally, totally out of place, super obvious.

  15. Otis or Schindler? I beat the drywallers off for the Schindler dudes the other week. My shit was in danger but no one listened until I started talking elevators.

  16. It's permanent now. They have to frame out a chase for wiring and have the drywallers come back all over again for the new work.

  17. Happens all the time. Use your lineman's to cut the cord and drag it through. (Make sure it is unplugged first unless you want your cutters to become strippers)

  18. “Cutters become strippers.” I’m going to use that. I might have a few electrically created strippers laying around.

  19. First time working construction? Lol there are so many dead extension cords in so many buildings that were rocked and never touched again it's insane

  20. Hardly the only thing you find. When I open walls for repairs or replacement I still find vintage soda cans and food wrappers stuffed in there. Construction workers are some of the laziest hard workers you will ever meet!

  21. I'm a journeyman drywaller. We try to work with the electricians as much as possible. We let you guys know we're getting paid to make a wall white way ahead of time, and the builder knows your shit is in there even if it's not wired. I've been paid to board the same wall 3 times because of this. It's shitty job supers thay cause it.

  22. Yeah super should have rerouted the lights through the door first thing the day the bard was going up. 30 seconds to walk over and unplug it. If the lights going through the door caused more issues/interferences, then take 5 more minutes and figure it out. If this was my super I’d be asking what he’s looking at day to day if this was missed.

  23. I'm an acoustical ceiling installer and same thing. If I'm there I'm getting the job done hell or high water. Electricians and hvac guys know I'm coming it's up to them to be ready for it. They always act so surprised when I come to do my job. Every. Job.

  24. If it were my job site I’d have re routed the lights through the door opening the day before drywall went up. Call me crazy but there’s some value in reusing the temp lighting on future projects.

  25. You can’t hang temporary lights like this. It’s code to have them running through the doorway only. And when the door frames come in you take the temp lights down and put them back up afterwards.

  26. I tint windows and am commonly on sites, i remember hearing an argument with a PM and a drywall guy cuz he apparently got the PMs phone stuck behind the area he was doing. Fuckin hilarious, fella was braindead

  27. I’m a super on a large project and we were discussing this Shit in the office yesterday. Apparently they drywalled a cat in the wall at my PM’s last job (it was rescued).

  28. How do I get someone to tint my garage windows? It's a fancy garage with all windows that are probably 36Wx24H. The last tinters I called wouldn't do it as they only do auto.

  29. They never ask, they schedule the drywall without telling the electrician and it's always blamed on the electrician. At least in my area. I'm fucking up that drywall to save my lights, the GC can get fucked and pay the drwallers to do it again.

  30. My brother flips houses, in the one house he had a new toilet he bought unboxed in the living room. The drywallers literally filled the bowl with shit, in the living room. No toilet paper, no water, just a toilet bowl of human shit.

  31. If you ever get an appliance delivered and see a big puddle where the truck was during the delivery, that is urine. With all the water you have to drink to stay hydrated there's just no way you can keep stopping at gas stations. We'd get those huge cups from QT and use them as a bathroom all day.

  32. Drywall contractors: We need you to move your work lights. Other contractors: Not my problem. Drywall contractors: Fine.

  33. Cable would have been routed through the studs before the drywaller was on site. They wouldn’t have been able to easily move it out of the way. Usually these temp lights are cut out anyway so it’s way more efficient to not mess w it and just patch the hole later. Time is money, money = more sweatpants and Mountain Dew.

  34. I’ve been a superintendent and now PM in construction for 18 years. Never have I wasted a strand of lights like this. Fucking unplug the light strand, run it through the door opening and let the drywallers have at it. You get to reuse the lighting again and not need the tapers to come back and patch the hole. What a waste to think this is the way it should be done.

  35. Most likely, cable was freely hung in the beginning and the studs were put up around it when they erected the wall.

  36. Was working a site once and the drywallers kept covering up the oven receptacles. Every. Single. Suite. Only so many times I can go into a suite with a jab saw and cut them out, so I started using my boot. I’d walk up to the suite, find centerish and just kick a hole in the wall and tell the drywallers they need to go back and fix it. Closer to the top floors they finally started cutting a hole for the oven receptacle

  37. id even prefer it. Everyone is saying move it. Wherever you move it, it will need to be moved again. And if its providing great light for finishes, only results in a few small holes, then it makes sense to leave it.

  38. As a new electrician I laugh whenever I see this. But not when I can’t find my cable where I left it. Cutting holes is dumb.

  39. This is normal. Temporary lighting gets left up until the end of the job. Sometimes it’s left there permanently. NOT A BIG DEAL :)

  40. This is totally normal behavior for a drywall crew actually. Prior to their arrival, your project manager should know to leave on place those things that they desire to bedrywall, and remove those things they do not. In an industry that spans multiple languages, there's no need for communication if everyone does their job as expected. I see this as completely normal and expected. Do not expect them to PRESUME anything,vandalizing they don't have time to ask. You cannot expect them to lose time asking you sbout details that your project manager was expected to hash out. Time is money, not their money, YOURS. That's the way it should be and hopefully you've learned to be better prepared before asking for a service you are poorly prepared to receive.

  41. Nah, that's called "GC scheduled the drywall too early and didn't tell the electricians". I'm bustin' holes to get my lights, fuck 'em all.

  42. This happens on most jobs actually. I'll only keep temp lighting installed until I get some raceways up and use perm wiring and boxes for temp lighting.. saves a bunch of trouble with inspections and rerouting temp Romex several times

  43. Put it this way, if you want tapers to come in and do stuff better make sure it’s cleaned and ready because we ain’t about to bust our ass moving your shit, we wanna be in and out and gone

  44. lol. they did that on purpose because they wanted to make a point “Get your shit out of the way so we can do our job”. Dumbasses for running the lighting through a wall you knew was going to be drywalled.

  45. In larger commercial buildings this is typical. You just pull them out and patch when switching over to permanent power.

  46. As an electrician we dont care. This is common practice. Costs more to move it than to just cut it out later when no longer needed.

  47. "Not my job" for the drywallers, or "Not my job" for whoever was supposed to have the site ready for the drywallers.

  48. If it's a rated wall it needs to be finished before inspection. Simple patch when the time comes. See it all the time.

  49. When they're done they can cut the extension cord near the end, haul it through and put a new end on it very easily and quickly.

  50. I’ve never not seen them do this, if you think this is funny you must never stop laughing.

  51. This is more or less intentional right? Cheaper to abandon those lights then have some guy reroute it for the sheet rockers.

  52. When we had our basement finished, the drywallers sealed the cord and plug to my internet modem behind the wall and mudded it in. I called the contractor and he didn't sound that surprised 😂

  53. Id wager $10 that they asked someone if they could move the light and were told no just do the damn drywall

  54. I used to do MEP engineering for high-rise buildings. I was told by one of the engineers about a job site where the mechanical drawings showed the cold water piping and HVAC duct crossing over. They installed the duct first, and then the plumber just ran the water pipe straight through the duct.

  55. Carpenter here. That’s 100% how it’s done. Would have tried to put the wire higher if possible but it’s fine… more worried about they rocked the doorway with no doorbuck

  56. Ha ha ha! At least they cut out the switch box. That's dedication to stupidity though, with the drywallers sheeting around it and the taper mudding it! Amazing!!!

  57. A point was being made here. There's probably 100 feet of temp wire and lights, running through a dozen walls. That shit has to be down before they show up with their sheetrock crew, which they will remember next time, lol.

  58. I had to run a water line in a hospital and they put up the ceiling tiles before I had the pipe up. People in construction learn not to give a shit.

  59. How did they run the cable through there? Did they put the plasterboard up first, drill a hole and disconnect the cable somewhere and run it through? Or did they somehow put boards around the cable and sealed around it?

  60. Hell I was doing a bathroom remodel and the framers boxed in the plumbers 14ft ladder lol. Had to cut it up to get it out.

  61. Yup. When the job's ending, the lights get turned off, cut up and thrown out; any lights left in the walls/ceilings are there to stay. Mudders fill the holes.

  62. Pro tip the GC should make sure all obstructions are clear before bringing in a sub like drywallers who get paid by the sheet and gotta knock that shit out in a day to make any money

  63. It’s temp lighting. You snip the cord when it’s ready to be taken down and call it a day. It’s all built into the price lol

  64. Well If I did drywalling I certainly would not be playing with 110. Either someone else disconnects that or I work around it.

  65. This is done on purpose, otherwise the wire would be in the way of the door frame.... literally happens every job....

  66. This is what we do to have light to work before ceiling grid is up and lights are dropped. The finishers fix the hole later. Super funny post though.

  67. This is the culmination of multiple trades not giving a fuck about anything. Should know better too. When the crack pipes and sweat pants crew roll up on site you’re rough in better be done cuz everything’s getting covered.

  68. Drywallers are the worst. They covered all of the electrical receptacle boxes on our job one time. Its nice and convenient that they're at kicking height. So we kicked holes all around until we found them all and made them patch them up.

  69. I worked in a tire place that had been built in the early 80s in around 2010. In the back, up in the rafters way up high was an old string of work lights just like those that had been cut off at both ends. I thought it was kind of neat, like an old relic, that had been up there longer than I was alive. I wonder where the person who said "fuck it" and cut the lights free is today and if they ever think about if they're still up there.... forgotten.

  70. This is what you get with cheap non English speaking crews. Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. Same guys plastered a power strip cord into my moms basement wall. Idiots.

  71. I used to be a project .anger for a drywall company. Don't call us until your site is 100% ready. Your crews will drywall everything. If there's a small child playing around, they will get entombed in the walls.

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