Kitty Farts

  1. Poor motion tracking gives it away in slo-mo. Also, the scale of the fart plume isn’t quite right. Looks like an After Effects job.

  2. Funny thing about infrared: If something isn't visible with natural light, it usually isn't visible in infrared either. This is why hot air doesn't completely block out infrared imaging - air is invisible in both wavelengths.

  3. What is the mentality of the people who point out that this isn't real? It's like going to watch a play and shouting THESE ARE OBVIOUSLY ACTORS ON A STAGE except worse cos at least they're trying to suspend reality while this is just four cats not giving a shit.

  4. if you want to see a fart that bad, just fart in sunlight and take a picture of the shadow, you should be able to see light difraction from the gas.

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