I just really wanna talk about this ridiculous AD picture.

  1. The picture is the least crazy thing.. The product title is akin to "WHACKING WAVING ARM FLAILING INFATABLE TUBE MAN"

  2. These things are the biggest scam. You might sweat in that area. True. If it’s too tight you may constrict your breathing and overheat/pass out. They also are dirty as fuck. I got a rash from mine because it was hot and full of bacteria. Unless you want to wash it every single time. Even then it won’t be clean. In the end you won’t lose any more weight or lose fat in that area than you would just straight up working out normal and hard and consistently. These things are gimmicks.

  3. Isn't that the perfect movie cast? Female, male, black, white, Asian maybe transgender as well. Just add this one person to your movie and you cover them all.

  4. Some times I wonder if graphic designers get board, and want to see just how much they can get away with before they get called out.

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