Will Smith arrives at the Oscars after party:

  1. Chris Rock is the main character, but Bernie is great in it. It's about Chris rock becoming the first black president. it was obviously made before Obama became president.

  2. "Awww don't be like that ᴵᶠ ᴵ ʰᵃᵈ ᵃ ʳᵒᶜᵏ ᴵ'ᵈ ᵇᵘˢᵗ ʸᵒ ʰᵉᵃᵈ ᵇᶦᵗᶜʰ"

  3. I still can't watch the Bernie Mac Show, arguable the precursor to maybe of today's sitcoms. The pain of losing this gem is still there.

  4. Someone needs to deepfake Will Smith onto this video. Whoever does it has a 10 million view video on their hands.

  5. And a cheap Will Smith .jpg hovering over Bernie's face would already suffice for one million views.

  6. Him winning best actor afterwards was like when dad hits mom but there is a surprise party full of guests in the next room.

  7. That was the craziest part though everyone knew he was going to win, it was his night, something he basically pandered too achieve the last 15 years of his career and then he does that.

  8. The great Bernie Mac 🙏🏽 So glad he go his big roles in the Ocean Eleven flicks, so immensely talented and funny guy

  9. Took a totally forgettable, nothing joke and turned it into something that will be memed into oblivion

  10. Chris Rock will host. During the monolog, he'll poke fun at cast members who are in the audience who will each get up and slap him for his joke.

  11. Will smith was kinda smart when his kid was running around in a bat-suit to weddings. Even said "I was stupid when I was younger, but we didn't have the internet to show everyone, we were idiots in private".

  12. I watched it last Thursday. It's entertaining enough if you've never seen it, but I think it's better to go into it with low expectations. I don't think it aged very well and I'd say the jokes are at best mildly funny.

  13. Chris Rock made a joke about Will's wife (something about her shaving her head due to a medical condition). Will walked up on stage and slapped him in response.

  14. 5 years of "cleaning up the industry". Tirelessly calling out the misdeeds of perpetrators, even if they occurred many years ago. Fast forward to 2022, and one of the most powerful men in town, on their absolute night of nights, literally assaults somebody on stage in front of their community and nobody calls him out. He just parties on. The hypocrisy is unfathomable. I just cannot believe this.

  15. I'm standing there I'm thinking, "This n***a really has lost his f***ing mind." First of all, you don't slap a man. Ok. I mean, even when slapping was fashionable, ya know, they did it in Paris, some guy would come up, "I challenge you to a duel." They would have a gunfight after that, somebody had to go!

  16. Will seemed to genuinely laugh at the joke, then noticed Jada's displeasure, and immediately went on a potentially career-ending slap mission on live TV with the spotlight on him.

  17. Somebody pls make a gif of that one dude slapping everyone from a bbq with Will Smith and Chris Rocks faces! I think it was a show or movie from the UK!

  18. I've never seen this before and I don't know what it's from but I KNEW that was Bernie Mac before the camera panned.

  19. Slap the shit outta that upvote button and we will get it there faster than the rate at which Jada's hair is falling out.

  20. Smacked a comedian making jokes off his wife, but he could not smack the artist that was banging his wife at thier home lol.

  21. Damn this made me spit oat meal all over the breakroom table.. luckily no one around! Bernie killed every scene he was ever apart.. I was so sad when his show ended... and I definitely remember this movie being one of my favorites at 14

  22. How much privilege does it take to be able to slap a world famous celebrity on live television in a room full of the most powerful people in entertainment?

  23. Can you imagine a woman instead of Chris up there, making that joke? Will's career would've been over but we all know he wouldn't have done it.

  24. Was just telling someone if Bernie Mac was alive and he said the same thing, Will Smith wouldn't have assaulted him. Lol

  25. Will Smith assaults someone on live tv over a light joke and all he gets is a fucking oscar? What a complete joke and embarrassment. He should be in jail for setting a disgusting precedent. And all those fucking incel, degenerate morons that were supporting, clapping, and crying for him couldn’t understand what privilege is if it slapped them across the face

  26. Women on the internet: "Masculinity is inherently aggressive and toxic. Women aren't property and possessive men are dangerous and abusive."

  27. the only celebrity I want to see speaking about Chris VS Will is Kanye West I don’t know how he hasn’t spoken yet hahaha

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